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Chapter 105 - Friends Of Past Life

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 105: Friends Of Past Life

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    Chen Fan sat quietly as he studied his friends.

    “In my past life, Yan Xiaobai brought a girl home after graduating from university. Together, he and that girl took over his father’s business.

    “Lin Weiwei was able to get into The Institute of Aviation in Jinlin City. She always wanted to be a pilot; however, her training eventually led her to become an air stewardess. Later, she married a successful officer in the military.

    “Xu Haoxuan was able to get into the Qinhua University. After graduation, he became an executive director of a foreign-investment company and married a rich-white-beautiful girl.

    “Wu Jun Jie quit his university only a few years after he was admitted. After a decade of rough tumbles, he was able to strike it rich and eventually became a tycoon that owned over a few hundred million in assets.

    “Yu Wenjin on the other hand…”

    Chen Fan regarded the girl’s alluring yet distant face as he fell deep into thought.

    He scrapped the memory of his past life, but he could not find any traces of Yu Wenjin. Any information about this girl ceased to exist after this new year gathering. He only vaguely recalled that she and her grandmother left the county in a hurry without leaving any contact information.

    After taking a deep dive into memory lane, Chen Fan recalled that a few years later, Wu Junjie told Chen Fan his version of the story with tears in his eyes.

    He revealed to Chen Fan that a few days before Yu Wenjin left the county, he had asked Yu Wenjin out, but he was rejected. To rub salt in the wound, Yu Wenjin left the boy with a cold remark. “We are not from the same world.”

    “In my past life, I thought she was looking down on Wu Junjie. However, it seemed that I might be wrong, and she was telling the truth.”

    Chen Fan shook his head.

    He noticed that Yu Wenjin had the cast of a cultivator about her. Chen Fan wagered that she had not yet reached the entry-level or the so-called Dao-Reaching Level based on the categorization of spellcasters on earth, but neither was she very far from it.

    “However, her energy seemed… strange. It’s not only ancient and primordial, but also uncanny and ghastly, yet it was different than the ghostly Yin Qi of Wu Shanhe. Her Yin Qi was much more imposing in nature and extremely powerful compared to that of other cultivars on earth.

    “Her physical condition was very peculiar as well; a natural affinity with the Yin energy, no doubt. Such natural affinity was rare even among the immortal cultivators, much less the cultivators on earth. Such inborn affinity not only would help with her cultivation, but it will also unlock some Heretical Art for her. Nonetheless, the particular variant of the Yin Qi she possessed seemed only to strengthen her existing power but did not affect progressing through the levels of cultivation. Otherwise, she should have already reached the Dao-Reaching Level.”

    Chen Fan thought to himself.

    Yu Wenjin’s power and abilities were fully exposed to Chen Fan under his Immortal Will.

    In the realm of cultivation, there were many arts that leveraged natural affinities such as the method of Tripod Cauldron, Human Elixirs, Grand Pills, Soul Honoring, and many more.

    “I hope I am wrong.”

    Chen Fan shook his head.

    Suddenly, Wu Junjie patted his shoulder and said: “Join me for a smoke.”

    “Sure thing.”

    Chen Fan said quietly.

    They left the VIP section and walked to the smoking area on the balcony.

    Wu Junjie leaned against a rail and looked down at the crowd in the streets below him. He asked abruptly: “I lied, Xiao Fan. I lied to all of you.”

    “About what?” Chen Fan asked calmly.

    “I told you that I went to Jinlin City and met with the Young Lord Wei. That part is true.” Wu Jun Jie took a drag on the cigarette and said: “But I didn’t tell you that he had slapped me and told me that I am not worthy of being his friend.

    “When I saw his slap coming for my face, I wanted to dodge, but I was so afraid… I… I couldn’t even stand up for myself.” Tears welled in Wu Jun Jie’s swollen eyes. “If I dodged or Fought back, even my father would be in trouble.

    “Xiao Fan, you are the only person I could talk to. I can’t let them know.” Wu Jun Jie said under his breath.

    “Haoxuan only cares about his studies. You know him, he doesn’t really want to hang out with us anyways, because we are a bunch of losers.

    “Yanmo is only interested in girls. He is an idiot.

    “Lin Weiwei is not much better, a typical blond, but as for Hottie Yu…”

    Wu JunJie managed a wry smile and then shook his head. “She said we are from two different worlds. She is only interested in rich city boys.

    “Therefore, you are the only person I could talk to.” Wu Jun Jie heaved a sigh.

    Chen Fan listened and didn’t interrupt. He knew that Wu Junjie was only looking for a listener.

    As Chen Fan expected, Wu Junjie continued: “I have since become disillusioned of the bubble I had lived in. If I don’t catch up with you guys, I will fall behind, and no one will take me seriously.”

    Seeing Chen Fan was about to reply, Wu Junjie hurried to cut him short: “Don’t say anything.”

    “Haoxuan is a straight-A student; he is the most likely to become successful among all of us. As for you, we all know how well your mother’s company is doing. You won’t even need to worry about money in the future.”

    “But for me…”

    “My father will retire after another term in office. After that, he will become a nobody even in our small county, much less in the city such as Chu Zhou.

    “Therefore, I can only rely on myself and work twice as hard to pave a path for my future. Damn! I wish I could one day stand before Wei Zipin and return that slap back to him.”

    So saying, Wu Junjie flicked the cigarette but on the ground and pressed it hard under one heel.

    After the boy finished ranting, Chen Fan finally said slowly: “I have already avenged you by breaking one of his legs. Are you happy with that? If not, I can break the other one for you too.”

    “Awesome! Thank you, bro! I feel much better now.” Wu Junjie nodded.

    All the while, he thought Chen Fan said it just to make him feel better.

    Wei Zipin was not an average joe; his father was Third Lord Wei. The thought that Chen Fan really meant what he said had never crossed his mind.

    “There is something I do need to tell you.” Chen Fan furrowed his brows and said: “You should let Yu Wenjin go. You two are too… different.”

    Displeasure flashed across Wu Junjie’s face; he asked: “You think so too? You are just like the others.”

    Chen Fan shook his head and knew he should drop the matter then and there.

    Regardless of what he said to him, Wu Junjue would not completely give up chasing after Yu Wenjin.

    They changed the topic and chatted for a while until Lin Weiwei called them back into the room.

    Even when they arrived at the VIP room, Chen Fan registered that Wu Junjie still couldn’t get over what he said about him and Yun Wenjin. Nonetheless, Chen Fan didn’t mind the slight awkwardness between him and his friend. They had been friends since childhood, and honest words should not damage their bond.

    “Why aren’t you talking with the others?”

    When their food arrived, Yu Wenjin leaned toward Chen Fan and asked quietly.

    Yu Wenjin had always been the quiet one; however, Chen Fan had joined her rank today.

    Chen Fan cracked a smile and then told her that he felt so different than his friends that he couldn’t find anything to talk about with them.

    They loved novels, movies, games, yet, Chen Fan in this lifetime was interested in none of them.

    “Wenjin…” Chen Fan paused a second and then continued: “Are you leaving us soon?”

    “What are you talking about?” Yu Wenjin’s eyes flickered as panic flashed across her mind. “I am doing just fine here. Why would I leave?”

    “Is that right?” Chen Fan looked into her eye and asked gravely: “I just want you to know that no matter what kind of problem you have, I can solve them for you.”

    “Really, there is nothing to worry about.”

    Yu Wenjin plastered on a tired smile and shifted her eyes left and right to avoid Chen Fan’s gaze.

    “Xiao Fan, Hottie Yu, what are you two murmuring about?” Wu Junjie shouted.

    “Nothing, what are you guys talking about?”

    Yu Wenjin replied right off the bat, trying to change the topic.

    Seeing everyone joyfully exchanged lighthearted banter with each other, Chen Fan sat quietly and tapped the table with his finger.

    He might not be able to do anything about his friends being bullied in his past life, but this time around, he had incredible power at his disposal and would not allow anyone to take advantage of his friends.

    “I don’t care if you are a demon or an angel if you harm my friends; I will make you pay.”

    Two golden flames sprouted out in his eyes, burning brighter by the second.