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Chapter 99 - The Most Powerful Man of Jiang Bei

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 99: The Most Powerful Man of Jiang Bei

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    After Chen Fan had finished the toast, he returned to his seat with Xu Ao and the other VIP magnates. Those who accompanied Chen Fan were the very few most powerful businessmen in Jiang Bei. Only a couple of those were from Chu Zhou City.

    The other tycoons were not ruffled by not being selected to accompany Master Chen, after all, those who did were way out of their league.

    Most of the guests started to enjoy the banquet while praising Master Chen’s achievement at such a young age.

    Jiang Churan’s table had been quiet ever since Chen Fan’s identity was revealed. After a while, Zhang Yumeng finally gathered herself, and shouted: “That’s Chen Fan! How could it be?”

    “I totally didn’t see that in him. I mean, for god’s sake, we have been staying in the same school with him for three months!”

    Indeed, if she only looked on the surface, she would never make the connection between Chen Fan and Master Chen Fan. Compared to the stereotypical tycoon such as Zhou Tianhao or Xu Ao, Chen Fan seemed like a meek and helpless lamb.

    He always sat in the corner and was quickly forgotten by the people around him. When he walked down the street, he blended in so well that even his classmates might not notice him.

    “A wise head makes a closed mouth.” Yang Chao heaved a sigh and smiled wryly.

    He felt fortunate that ever since the minor run-in with Chen Fan at the KTV, he hadn’t had any more bad blood with the boy. Otherwise, his father would have beat him up to quell Master Chen’s anger.

    “Ran-Ran, say something.” Zhang Yumeng gave Jiang Churan a worried look.

    Of all the teenagers, she was hit the hardest by the reality.

    Everyone looked to Jiang Churan, waiting for her response. Some of them glared at Jiang Churan gloatingly.

    They had watched as Jiang Churan scoffed at Chen Fan with contempt. However, little did she know that she was loading a gun aimed at her own feet.

    Jiang Churan pulled a taut face and kept her silence.

    Han Yun lifted a cup of win and sipped on it. She lamented in her mind, “Ship had sailed, Ran-Ran.”

    .. …

    Wei Zipin wasn’t able to breathe normally until both Chen Fan, and The Third Lord Wei were gone. Afterward, he finally heaved a big sigh of relief and grunted: “Fuck. The joke is on me!”

    He felt anger and fear mixed in his mind. He was surprised by the turn of the events but regretted that he might never be able to avenge today’s humiliation.

    “Humph! I will let you have your victory for now. But remember where you come from. Without my family, you would never achieve a fraction of what you have achieved so far.” Wei Zipin uttered bitterly. Although Chen Fan was younger than him, he had become much more popular and reputable than he could ever be.

    No one at the table said a thing.

    Wei Zipin was protected by his mighty family, and therefore he had the audacity to curse at Master Chen behind his back. But not everyone had the same level of backing as Wei Zipin had.

    Suddenly, Uncle Lin came up to Wei Zipin and said: “Young Master, Third Lord wants you to accompany him.”

    Wei Zipin’s face paled.

    He had thought the crisis had been averted, but it seemed that he had ranted too early. He looked around the table for help, but none of his friends offered to help him.

    “Fuck it! Fine, I will meet him.”

    Wei Zipin cursed under his breath as he stood up to join his father.

    After Wei Zipin was gone, a teenager cracked a relieved smile and said, “Damn, I was scared shitless there. Luckily he only wanted to see Wei Zipin; I hope he will be alright.”

    “I don’t think it’s that simple.” Li Yichen said with a gloomy face. “He is a very revengeful person.”

    Wan Jun nodded in agreement.

    At Chen Fan’s level, he could not dither about the decision. If he said he would punish us, then he will, one way or another.

    Suddenly, Chu Minhui pushed himself up from the chair and stormed out.

    “Where are you going?” Li Yichen asked in surprise.

    “I am going back to the camp.” Chu Minhui said.

    “I won’t come back until I became an official member of Cang Dragon!”

    Wei Zipin followed Uncle Lin through an elevator which led them to the top floor of the Tian Shen Hotel.

    The Tian Shen hotel was built to the standards of a five-star hotel. It’s top floor was a rotating restaurant that was walled by giant glass panels. From here, one could have a fantastic view of the sprawling city below.

    The rotating restaurant had always been a big draw for dinners; however, there was only a handful of people sitting inside the quiet dining room.

    After Wei Zipin was through the entrance, he saw a group of people sitting on a sofa. Liu Guodong, Zhou Tianhao, Xu Ao and his father were among them. One person stood by the window, hands linked behind him and was looking toward the entrance.

    Wei Zipin gritted his teeth and walked in.

    He glanced at his father and the latter glared back at him with anger burning inside of his eyes.

    “You little shit! How dare you affront Master Chen! Come here and apologize this instant!” The Third Lord Wei stood up and shouted vehemently at his son.

    Wei Zipin’s face flushed red, and he carefully closed in. The Third Lord Wei yanked his arm and gave his unwitting son a backhand slap in front of everyone. Indignation and a grudge flickered in the teenager’s eyes.

    The Third Lord Wei hurried to bow to Master Chen and said, “It is my fault to let my son do whatever he wants. I apologize for his foolishness. He will apologize right way.”

    The Third Lord Wei then gave Wei Zipin a threatening stare. Wei Zipin lowered his head and finally uttered a few words.

    “Chen Fan… Master Chen, I am sorry.”

    He looked down at his feet for a while as he waited for Chen Fan’s forgiveness. After a few silent moments, he braved to look up and heard Chen Fan’s voice. “I asked you if you remember what I said earlier.”

    “What did you say?” Wei Zipin was taken aback and then suddenly, his face was contorted by fear, and he shouted, “I have already apologized, what do you want from me?”

    “I have said if you didn’t kneel; I will break your legs.” Chen Fan reminded him lightly.

    “YOU!” Wei Zipin’s face blackened as he looked to his father for help.

    The Third Lord Wei was made uneasy by the development. He managed a consolatory smile and said, “Master Chen, he is just a foolish child, let him go; he will learn his lesson.”

    “I, Chen Beixuan never make empty promises, nor threats.”

    The Third Lord Wei felt anger sprout out inside of him after hearing Chen Fan’s coldhearted rejection. However, that anger was quickly dulled by helplessness.

    Although he was a member of the Wei Family of the North Bank, even the combined might of the entire Wei Family of the North Bank Family would not compare with a fraction of Chen Fan’s power.

    He looked around and saw only gloating smirks on the faces of other tycoons. The Third Lord swallowed down his pride as well as the last shred of hope in saving his son.

    With that in mind, The Third Lord Wei became quiet.

    Seeing his father’s reticence, Wei Zipin’s heart sank. He shouted, “You asshole, you only rose to power because of my family. You are worthless without my family’s help!”

    “Shut up!”

    The Third Lord Wei’s face turned as pale as a piece of paper.

    Before the third lord’s panicked voice faded, Chen Fan lifted a finger and suddenly, Wei Zipin’s left leg was dealt a heavy blow and made a terrifying crunch before it bent inward.


    Wei Zipin howled painfully. He collapsed to the ground and rolled around while holding his injured leg.


    The Third Lord Wei gasped. He wanted to check on his son, but then he thought better of it.

    “For the sake of your father, I will only break one leg of your son. Do you think it’s fair?”

    The Third Lord Wei clenched his fist and said with his head low: “Yes.”

    When the Third Lord looked at Chen Fan again, he had already turned his back on him and was looking out of the window at the city beneath him.

    However angry and frightened The Third Lord Wei was, he couldn’t help but think one thing.

    “From today on, no one will be able to challenge him ever again.”