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Chapter 97 - Every Dog Has Its Day

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 97: Every Dog Has Its Day

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    “What?” Wei Zipin was taken aback for a second. Thinking that he was being fooled, his face was contorted by anger as plunged his fist into Chen Fan.

    Suddenly, a wave of commotion came up from the entrance.

    “The tycoons are coming?”

    “That’s The Third Lord Wei, that’s Xu Ao, Liu Guodong. Where is Master Chen? Which one is Master Chen?”

    “I don’t see Master Chen. Did he miss this event?”

    The arrival of the Jiang Bei’s Magnates stole everyone’s attention immediately. Compared to the fight among the few teenagers, the magnate’s agenda was the real show of the night.

    Wei Zipin stopped his attack, took a deep breath and gave Chen Fan a deadly glare.

    “Asshole, it’s not over yet. I will settle the score with you later!”

    After he gave his threat, he walked away from Chen Fan.

    Chu Minhui furrowed his brows and caught up with Wei Zipin. Wan Jun smirked at Chu Minhui and said lightheartedly, “You are ballsy to piss off Wei Zipin.”

    “I will pray for you.”

    Then, he turned around and sauntered away.

    The conflict between Chen Fan and Wei Zipin was of trivial matter to Wan Jun, his focus was on the bigger picture, of the future of the Jiang Bei region.

    Li Yichen straightened his eyeglasses and walked away. Although no blood was spilled, he had already achieved his goal.

    After most of the teenage boys were gone, Jiang Churan said coldly: “Master Chen is so powerful. Not even the Wei and the Wan family could do anything to him. I wonder if there is anyone in the Jiang Bei region who could be your equal?”

    “Master Chen? Where is Master Chen?” Zhang Yumeng asked confusedly.

    “He is right here in front of us.” Jiang Churan held her chin up and remarked sarcastically.

    “He had admitted it himself at the Thousand Lake Resort. No wonder he dared to rile up Wei Zipin and Wan Jun.”

    By then, everyone had sensed the sarcasm in Jiang Churan’s words. Zhang Yumeng covered her mouth to hide her sneer; however, her eyes were filled with contempt.

    “If you are Master Chen, I am Sheng Ronghua!”

    Chen Fan shook his head.

    “Haters are gonna hate.” He thought to himself.

    “Chen Fan, who was on the phone? Why did you tell him that it was his dad?” Xu Rongfei asked.

    “It was Third Lord Wei; I didn’t lie to him.” Chen Fan said readily.

    “Haha!” Xu Rongfei burst out laughing. She punched Chen Fan’s shoulder with her soft hand and said, “Chen Fan, stop it.”


    “He is in big trouble right now; it’s not the time to joke around.” Jiang Churan flung at Chen Fan. “You better think about how to deal with Wei Zipin’s anger.”

    “He is not someone you want to mess with. He beat up one dude so badly that his victim was permanently paralyzed from the waist down.”

    “Really?” A cold light flashed across Chen Fan’s eyes.

    “Then he should think about how to deal with my anger.”

    Zhang Yumeng rolled her eyes at Chen Fan.

    Han Yun stood at a corner and watched the incident unfold. She lamented the impending doom of Wei Zipin as she doubted even his father was able to save his hide this time.

    After the magnates entered the meeting hall, the banquet was about to start.

    Employees of the hotel lead each and every one of the guests to their seats. The seats were arranged from the VIP section to the door based on the prestige of the guest. The more important the guest was, the closer he or she was to the VIP section.

    The girls got into the event due to their connection with Yang Chao and therefore they got assigned seats in a corner right next to the door.

    Wei Zipin and his companions were assigned seats at the second row away from the VIP section.

    “Young Lord Wei, without you, we won’t be sitting this close to the top dogs!” Li Yichen said respectfully.

    He was shocked when he noticed that people of his father’s status were sitting right next to him.

    Meanwhile, he was enthralled by Master Chen’s influence as so many powerful figures traveled miles to see him.

    Wei Zipin’s face softened a little after hearing the compliment.

    “That asshole has no idea who he is dealing with. No one talks to Young Lord Wei like that.”

    One of Wei Zipin’s companions said vehemently.

    “Humph!” Wei Ziqin snorted as the anger came back to him. “If not for the occasion, I would have already beaten him up. He had my sister’s protection, but so what?”

    “Your sister seemed to be very protective of him.” Chu Minhui put in.

    “So what? I am not afraid of Wei Ziqin!” Wei Zipin raised his voice as fire sprout from his eyes.

    “Easy, easy. Your dad is going to hear you.” Wan Jun said lightheartedly.

    Wan Jun was not only the oldest of all the boys but also the most influential. He was the de facto leader of the pack. Wei Zipin’s face turned red. He poured some wine into his mouth and swallowed it down with his anger.

    “Young Lord Wei, where is Master Chen?” Li Yichen changed the topic.

    “Yea, Young Lord Wei, when are you going to show us, Master Chen?” The other boys chimed in with equal enthusiasm in their eyes.

    Before the banquet, they never took Master Chen seriously; however, after seeing the guests of the event, they knew he was a force to be reckoned with.

    If they could befriend Master Chen, they would instantly gain massive bragging rights in front of their friends.

    “Hehe, my dad told me that he would arrange a private meeting for Master Chen and me.” A smug smile broke over Wei Zipin’s face “I will bring all of you along with me.”

    “Aye! ” Everyone cheered for Wei Zipin and some gave him the thumbs up.

    Wei Zipin’s smile turned into a guffaw.

    A smile also hang on Wan Jun’s face; however, a nagging troubling thought had made his eyes lose focus.

    He wagered that Master Chen had already mustered enough influence to challenge his uncle, Sheng Ronghua’s position.

    “Uncle will need to prepare and be ready sooner than later.”

    So thinking, he watched as The Third Lord Wei walked to the stage where the VIP section was.

    Everyone in the audience section became quiet.

    The Third Lord Wei had never felt more prestige being bestowed on him before. There were at least a few dozen guests whose influence, and power surpassed him, yet he was the center of attention tonight.

    “This was all thanks to Master Chen!”

    With that thought in mind, he doubled down the decision to introduce his son to Master Chen.

    “I know that no came this far to listen to me, and you might be asking yourself, where the heck is Master Chen. I assure you that he is already here. ”

    “So without further redo, let’s welcome Master Chen!”

    A wave of cheers and applause rose from the audiences.

    “Master Chen is here? Where is he?”

    “Old Din, haven’t you been to the tournament? Did you see him?”

    “Oh? Let me see… I … I… I don’t see him.”

    The audiences looked around them as they clapped their hands; they were eager to see what Master Chen looked like.

    Only the top dogs sitting at the first and second row were able to keep their calm and waited patiently.

    “It’s so exciting! We are going to see Master Chen soon!” Zhang Yumeng shouted. “They said he is in his twenties, and I bet that he is a stud!”

    “Maybe.” Xu Rongfei blushed.

    Jiang Churan was able to keep calm as she was still angry with Chen Fan for his foolish act.

    Suddenly, she saw Chen Fan stand up and was about to walk to the stage.

    “What’s wrong with you? Do you really believe in your own lies? They asked for Master Chen, not Chen Fan.”

    “I have already told you many times. I AM Master Chen.”

    Chen Fan pushed his seat back and cracked a smile at the girls before he sauntered toward the stage.

    “Hey, Chen Fan, what are you doing? Come back!”

    Everyone was dumbfounded by the development. Yang Chao whisper shouted at Chen Fan.

    This was not at school. All the rich and powerful men and women are here, and it was perhaps one of the most important events for Yang Chao’s father, owner of the venue. He would not let Yang Chao get away with bringing in such a troublemaker.

    Chen Fan pretended that he didn’t hear anyone as he walked toward the stage.

    “Chen Fan!” Xu Rongfei gasped.

    “Chen Fan!”

    Jiang Churan shouted out at Chen Fan, trying to stop him.

    She thought that her sarcastic remark had triggered Chen Fan to prove her wrong.

    Chen Fan kept on walking. As he got closer to the stage, some people thought that he was a waiter.

    However, most people didn’t notice him at all until he finally arrived at the stage under countless pairs of expectant eyes.

    “Young Lord Wei, look!”

    A teenager shouted out.

    Wei Zipin tuned his head over his shoulder and was shocked by what he saw.

    “What is he doing up there? He is courting death.”

    Li Yichen shook his head and lamented, “What an idiot. This is not a place to crack a joke. The tycoons on the stage are not in the mood of joking around, if they want you dead, you won’t live till tomorrow.”

    By then, the security was ready to pull Chen Fan off the stage.

    Suddenly, a magnate sitting at the VIP section stood up and walked up to Chen Fan.

    “Master Chen!”

    Everyone was taken aback by the turn of events.

    Another tycoon stood up and greeted Chen Fan the same way.”Master Chen!”

    By then, everyone in the VIP section had stood up.

    “Master Chen!”

    “Master Chen!”

    “Master Chen!”

    Wei Zipin was at a loss for words by the development.

    He looked to his father, and saw his father bowed to Chen Fan respectfully and said: “Master Chen!”

    Under the watch of countless audiences in disbelief, Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and walked to his seat.

    Jiang Churan was frozen in place. Despite the clamor around her, she heard nothing of it as she turned her thoughts inward.

    She saw a young boy, walking pass the stage, and up, up until he reached the sky.

    “Master Chen… Master Chen Fan”

    Never in her life had she felt being the fool more than this time.