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Chapter 96 - Your Dad Is Calling

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 96: Your Dad Is Calling

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    Xu Rongfei’s face turned into an ice block as soon she heard Wei Zipin’s remark.

    “Wei Zipin stop your nonsense right now!”

    Wei Zipin smirked and kept his silence.

    He had learned about Xu Rongfei’s father was Xu Ao, someone who even Third Lord Wei dared not to coss, much less him. Although Wei Zipin was a schmuck, he was not an idiot.

    Mostly he only picked on those who were weaker than him.

    “Humph! When I finally get to know Master Chen and become his friend, I don’t care if you are Xu Ao’s daughter or not.”

    Wei Zipin thought indignantly.

    His father had summoned him back from Jin City to introduce him to Master Chen. Although he had disappointed his father many times, Third Lord Wei wanted to give his son as many advantages as possible.

    Filled with indignation, Wei Zipin decided to turn down a bit. He turned to Chen Fan and said: “I have heard that you know my sister and she had given you our family mansion at the top of the mountain. My grandfather is such a fool!”

    “Really? I thought that the house belongs to The Third Lord Wei!” Zhang Yumeng exclaimed.

    “You guys haven’t heard of it yet? My dad gave that house to the old man on the second day he got it.” Wei Zipin shook his head and said, “I thought my sister would beg the old man to give her the house, but never had I thought that they would give it away to an outsider.”

    Wei Zipin lamented.

    That mansion was the most luxurious house of Chu Zhou City, and he had been eyeing on it for a while. However, since the house had belonged to his grandfather, he never dared to mention it to his dad.

    “Wei Ziqin must have got the key to the house from the Old man and give it to someone outside of the family. This is wrong! I will have to tell grandfather about it.”

    He thought to himself.

    Knowing that Chen Fan was not related to The Third Lord Wei, Li Yichen and other teenagers face softened a little as they felt the threat was eased slightly.

    Wei Ziqin was just a girl in her twenties, as a backer she was not nearly as powerful as The Third Lord Wei would be.

    “Hehe, since you are under my sister’s protection, I will leave you alone for now. However, I look forward to hearing her excuses when she had to explain herself to the old man.” Wei Zipin cracked an ugly grin at Chen Fan.

    Zhang Yumeng and the other teenagers also laughed at Chen Fan in their minds gloatingly.

    That house was worth over a hundred million, yet Wei Ziqin had given it away to someone outside of the family. What’s worse, the beneficiary was a male. Wei Ziqin would have a lot to explain in front of the family leaders.

    Han Yun shook her head quietly.

    She had seen The Third Lord Wei’s toady smile while he spoke to Chen Fan, however, his son was so out of the loop that he even bragged about his petty power in front of Chen Fan.

    “Be careful idiot; if you piss of Master Chen, even your daddy won’t be able to save you.” She thought to herself.

    Chen Fan said lightly: “Even your dad dares not to speak with me like that, who do you think you are?”

    Chen Fan’s words shocked everyone around him.

    Zhang Yumeng gasped and glared at Chen Fan with a gaping mouth.

    Did he know the person before him was the most infamous spoiled brat of the Chu Zhou City? He wouldn’t hesitate to break Chen Fan’s pretty face as he did many times before to other fools who annoyed him.

    Jiang Churan’s new found relief was gone in less than ten seconds. It appeared that Chen Fan and The Third Lord Wei definitely wouldn’t have a close relationship after Chen Fan provoked The Third Lord Wei’s son.

    Her heart caught in her throat, and she wished that she could stuff Chen Fan’s mouth with a rag.

    “Can you shut up just for a second? You are digging a hole for yourself.”

    Li Yichen cracked a smile and glanced at Che Fan gloatingly.

    He knew that as soon as he brought Wei Zipin to Chen Fan, the two would act like tinder and burst into a confrontation like a spark that met a tinder.

    Wei Zipin’s face paled as he held Chen Fan’s gaze with a pair of cold eyes.

    “How dare you talk to me like that?”

    “Don’t test me; I will make you pay. My sister won’t be able to save you.”

    “I can crush you right now, right here before my sister can even get to save your sorry ass.”

    “Really? Try me.” Chen Fan managed a smile, and then he shrugged.

    Wei Zipin’s face was contorted by anger. Of all the years he had spent in Chu Zhou City, no one dared to provoke him like this.

    He gave Chen Fan an ugly grin and then said: “As you wish!”

    “I have only left Chu Zhou City for less than two years; people here seemed to have already forgotten who I am.”

    Jiang Churan’s face paled at the promise of a fight.

    “Young Lord Wei, this is neither the time nor place to cause trouble for your father. Your father would lose face if the meeting didn’t go smoothly.” Li Yichen hurried to mediate.

    Wei Zipin was a stubborn and reckless man; if he let go of himself to rain his wrath upon Chen Fan, he was bound to cause a racket in the wake of his anger.

    The disturbances would definitely harm the prestige of his father since he was one of the organizers of the meeting. If the Third Lord found out what happened, he would not let his son get away with it.

    Li Yichen continued: “Chen Fan, you fool! You shouldn’t have talked to Wei Ziqin like that. You are disrespecting the third lord!”

    “Apologize, now!”

    “No kidding, Chen Fan, apologize already.” Jiang Churan urged.

    Regardless of how close Chen Fan was to Wei Ziqin, Wei Zipin was her brother, and the blood was always thicker than water.

    “Kid, let me give you one more chance. Apologize to me right now, and I will let it rest.”

    Wei Zipin glared at Chen Fan with a sharp stare as a few words tumbled out from his clenched jaws.

    Chen Fan was unflinching before the angry young lord. He said calmly: “Very well. I will give you one last chance as well.”

    “Kneel and apologize. Otherwise, I will break your legs.”

    Hearing the words, Wei Zipin felt fire sprout out from his eyes.

    Chen Fan’s daring words sent everyone into a panic mode. Zhang Yumeng and Yang Chao covered their mouths in disbelief.

    Xu Rongfei was also in a great deal of distress.

    “Brother Chen Fan, why do you have to be so stubborn?”

    Jiang Churan was the only one who had kept calm; nonetheless, disappointment gleamed in her eyes.

    “Chen Fan, you fool! You will never grow up. One day you will have to pay a dear price for your pride.”

    “Even the most powerful man knows the limits of his powers.”

    Suddenly, the conversation she had with Chen Fan at the resort came back to her.

    Chen Fan intended to believe that he was Master Chen despite the clear evidence that he wasn’t.

    Regardless of how irrational and stupid it sounded, Chen Fan insisted nonetheless.

    Even as Wei Zipin was about to throw himself at Chen Fan, Chu Minhui held him back and urged him: “Not now, Brother Wei. Let him be.”

    “Your dad is not going to let you get away with it if you cause him trouble now.”

    So saying, he gave Chen Fan a cold glance.

    “Asshole, show me what you got!”

    “Check me outside how bout dat! I will smash your head, man!”

    As a member of the Cang Dragon, Chu Minhui was very confident in his physical strength and fighting skills

    “You? Humph!” Chen Fan snorted. “Not in a million years.”

    “And me.” Li Yichen could no longer hold back his anger, so he offered to join Chu Minghui.

    “Still not enough.”

    “Hehe, and ME!” Wei Zipin announced.

    “Too weak.” Chen Fan shook his head in disapproval.

    Everyone was getting more and more annoyed by Chen Fan’s arrogance and felt unease for what it was leading up to.

    “Oh? How about me?” A voice came up from behind,

    Everyone turned around and saw a group of young men stormed into the room; the leader was a teenager in his early twenties.

    “Wan Jun? Why is he here?”

    An onlooker exclaimed with surprise.

    “Who is that?”

    The commotion at this corner had attracted a group of onlookers, many of them were not from Chu Zhou City.

    “The son of the Wan Family. His grandfather used to run the city, and his dad still held a key post in the government. His uncle is the richest man in Jiang Bei, Sheng Ronghua.” An onlooker answered under his breath.

    “Wan Rong Group was the Wan Family’s namesake.”

    “So he is Sheng Ronghua’s nephew?” Everyone was shocked by the revelation.

    In Jiang Bei, Sheng Ronghua was a household name.

    He was the richest man of the Jiang Bei region, top ten, if not top five richest businessmen in Hu Dong Province.

    Standing before many opponents at one time, Chen Fan was still unfazed.

    “Still not enough for me.”

    Everyone finally gave up their hope in the boy after hearing his most outrageous claim he had made.

    He had ruffled the feather of Li Yichen, Chu Minhui, Wei Zipin, and Wan Jun, that was all the most powerful young lords in the city. Many onlookers doubted that Chen Fan would be able to walk out of the hotel alive.

    “Haha, Li Yichen was right about you; you are an arrogant prick!” Wang Jun burst into laughter.

    He looked at Chen Fan as if he was a stubborn simpleton.

    Although he approved Chen Fan for having a backbone and for standing up for himself, he knew that the boy was of marginal intelligence for not seeing how things would end for him.

    Jiang Churan closed her eyes as she gave up the thought of helping Chen Fan. Xu Rongfei stood next to Jiang Churan anxiously and was going to find her father to help Chen Fan out.

    Wei Zipin’s gaze grew colder by the second; he was about to attack at any moment.

    Suddenly, Chen Fan’s cell phone rang, and he fished the phone out of his pocket.

    “Hey asshole, you want to call some help? “Wei Zipin asked vehemently. “Make sure to tell your friend to bring a body bag for you!”

    Chen Fan looked at the caller ID and looked back at Wei Zipin and said: “It’s your dad.”