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Chapter 93 - Xiao Qian’s Shock

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 93: Xiao Qian’s Shock

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    “What are you guys talking about?”

    Chen Fan sat down and looked at stupified Liu Teng.

    “Chen Fan, you are finally here!” Xu Rongfei called out to him excitedly. “Brother Baldy is talking about Master Chen, come listen! He said Master Chen was only in his twenties, not that much older than us.”

    “Can you imagine that? He was only in his twenties, yet he is already more powerful than my dad! How did he do that?”

    Chen Fan ruffled the hair on top of her head lovingly and then said:

    “However powerful Master Chen is, he is just an ordinary man. However, Fei-Fei is going to be a superstar in the future.”

    “Oh, you! Stop talking to me like I am a kid.” Xu Rongfei complained kittenishly.

    A friend of Liu Teng overheard Chen Fan’s words; he snorted and said contemptuously: “Master Chen’s’s influence can be felt across Jiang Bei. Just the amount of money at his disposal is over a billion. A meager actress couldn’t compare.”

    He wagged his head as he continued, “Common folks like you could never even try to imagine the power of Master Chen.

    “All the rich and powerful were at his beck and call. If he wanted to make a move into the entertainment industry, all the companies that are already in the field would have to make way for him.

    “Therefore, if you can’t help being stupid, at least you can shut up.”

    This young boy was a companion of Liu Teng, and he had been giving Chen Fan the cold shoulder as soon as he registered that Chen Fan seemed to be at the bottom of the totem pole.

    “You!” Xu Rongfei and Jiang Tanqiu were both angered by the rude remarks. However, even as they were going to refute the speaker, they heard a loud slapping.


    Liu Teng jumped out of his chair and slapped the boy’s face hard.

    “Young Lord Teng?” The slap dumbfounded the teenager; he froze in pace and was not sure why it had happened to him.

    “I have tolerated your insolence for too long. Apologize to Master….Mr. Chen immediately!” Liu Teng shouted.

    Fear rose inside of him as he castigated his companion.

    Chen Fan might not know Liu Teng, but Liu Teng had recognized Chen Fan.

    During the tournament, he was standing right behind Liu Guodong and saw Chen Fan’s heroic act of killing Lin Hu with three mighty punches and sealed the fate of Xin Zhong with one finger.

    The execution was so overpowering and coldhearted that the scene was permanently tattooed in Liu Teng’s mind.

    “Brother Chen, I apologize for his insolence. Please forgive him.”

    After he had punished his companion for speaking rudely, he apologized to Chen Fan immediately.

    Everyone was at a loss as to why Liu Teng suddenly grew so soft.

    Chen Fan was only a no account who tagged along with Chu Minhui, was it necessary to give him so much respect?

    “Could it be that Young Lord Teng valued Brother Chu’s friendship so much that he thinks anyone related to Brother Chu deserves his utmost respect?” Zhao Shen was at a loss and could not think of an explanation for Young Lord Teng’s action.

    Chen Fan gave Liu Teng a half smile, and it scared Liu Teng so much that he felt sweat trickling down his back. Chen Fan nodded and let the matter slide.

    After Liu Teng sat down, his cold attitude was gone; instead, he became much friendlier and was eager to please. His sudden change of attitude took everyone from both cities by surprise. The teenagers from the city of Clear Water had never seen Liu Teng be so ardent and approachable to any guest before.

    Jiang Churan and Li Yichen were quick to register that something was amiss.

    Jiang Churan ate the food quietly, and she glanced at Chen Fan surreptitiously. Her suspicion grew by the second as she became convinced that Chen Fan was the reason that Liu Teng changed his mind.

    “I am so sorry, everyone. I have some other matters to attend to; please enjoy your meal.”

    Liu Teng only finished half of his plate before stress and fear grew so strong that he had to excuse himself.

    A short moment later, Chen Fan also excused himself and left the table. Since he was a no account, no one seemed to care he was leaving except for Jiang Churan. She furrowed her brows and fell into thought.

    Chen Fan walked out of the cafeteria and sauntered into a pavilion. As he had expected, there were people waiting for him already.

    Seeing Chen Fan had arrived, one man in the pavilion hurried to come over to Chen Fan and bowed deeply.

    “Master Chen, why didn’t you give us heads up?”

    “You know me?” Chen Fan asked calmly

    “I was there at the tournament with my uncle, and I have seen you with my own eyes.”

    “Ah, I see.” Chen Fan nodded, and then he cracked a smile. “Since you have recognized me, why didn’t you tell everyone who I am?”

    Sweat hung on Liu Teng’s forehead despite the fact that it was in the middle of winter.

    “I wagered that you didn’t want anyone else to know who you are. Therefore I dared not spill the beans.”

    Liu Teng felt lucky that his brain was quick enough to think twice before he called Chen Fan Master Chen.

    He had carefully observed the power dynamic among the group, and Chen Fan didn’t stand out as the leader. In addition, the fact that neither he nor his uncle knew that Master Chen was coming to the resort meant that Master Chen didn’t want anyone to know he was here.

    What really tipped off Liu Teng was the sight of the lovely Xu Rongfei.

    “Master Chen is here having a good time with his girlfriend; of course, he wouldn’t want other businesses to spoil the mood. If I had misspoken one word and angered Master Chen, even my uncle wouldn’t be able to save my skin.”

    The more he thought about it, the luckier he felt he was.

    Chen Fan cracked a smile and didn’t say anything.

    He didn’t care if any of those kids discovered his identity; however, his cover saved him the effort of explaining cultivation to a bunch of annoying teenagers.

    “Master Chen, should I tell my Uncle about your visit?” Liu Teng glanced at Chen Fan and then asked carefully under his breath.

    “Liu Guodong?” Chen Fan paused a second and then said, “Sure, tell him to come over.”

    “Yes, Yes!” Liu Teng hurried to bow to Chen Fan. As he was about to turn around and start off to his uncle, he suddenly remembered something. He slapped his bald head and asked ardently, “Master Chen, I am so sorry for the previous accommodations we prepared for you. We didn’t know you were coming.”

    “I will ask them to clean up the number one mansion so you can move in. If my uncle learned that I have you settled in one of our worst rooms, he is going to kill me.”

    “Very well.” Chen Fan nodded and then said, “Clean up another one for my friend Jang Tanqiu.”

    “No problem, no problem at all!” Liu Teng nodded vigorously.

    He would agree even if Chen Fan asked for the entire resort for himself, much less just one room.

    After all, he was the famed Master Chen, and it was his honor to serve him. If they satisfied Master Chen enough, he might teach them a thing for two about Martial Arts and turn them into equals of Lin Hu.

    With that in mind, Liu Teng went on to make the arrangements with new found enthusiasm.

    After Liu Teng was gone, Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and said: “You can come out now.”

    From behind a large pillar of the pavilion emerged a figure, she was Jiang Tanqiu’s girlfriend, Xiao Qian.

    Xiao Qian stared at Chen Fan as many strong emotions mixed inside of her.

    “You are Master Chen?”

    “Haven’t you already heard our conversation?” Chen Fan replied with a stoic expression.

    Xiao Qian was frightened by the coldness in Chen Fan’s cold voice.

    She had been distracted by the ill-treatment at the dining room. The fact that nearly everyone’s accommodations were better than hers really got under her skin. After she saw Liu Teng leave the table, she sneaked out to follow him.

    Xiao Qian welcomed attention if not was pleased by it. When she walked out of the room to follow Liu Teng, she was confident that she could persuade Liu Teng to change his mind and give her a better room.

    Perhaps, she thought, if things went very well, she might even have a fling with one of the most powerful young men in the City of Clear Water.

    However, to her surprise, she had stumbled upon such a shocking revelation.

    The nephew of Liu Guodong, one of the most resourceful young men in the city bowed to Chen Fan like a servant.

    After eavesdropping on the two’s conversation, she finally remembered why the words “Master Chen” sounded so familiar to her.

    “Three months ago, when I ran into Chen Fan at the Coco bar, Zhou Tianhao’s subordinate had called him the same thing!”

    Having made that connection, Xiao Qian’s legs started to tremble uncontrollably.

    Jiang Tanqiu’s deskmate, someone she thought was a loser turned out to be the renowned Master Chen.

    She looked at Chen Fan and was suddenly at a loss for words.

    Chen Fan wore an ordinary T-shirt, his face was well defined but was not handsome by any stretch of the imagination. He was of medium build and height; if not for his above average skin complexion, no one would have noticed him in a crowd.

    Compared to Li Yichen, Yang Chao and Chu Minhui; he fell short in all aspects.

    However, someone of such unremarkable appearance turned out to be the one who had reached the precipice of power, whose prowess and influence was on par with the most powerful men and women in the Hu Dong Province.

    There were less than three people in the entire Chu Zhou City who could have measured up with Chen Fan’s attainment. Even in the Hu Dong Province, Master Chen should be on the list for the top ten most powerful man. Xiao Qian’s couple million worth of family assets couldn’t compare.

    “I am not as young as you think.” Xiao Qian said with a trembling voice.

    “You probably have never thought that Jiang Tanqiu could have such a powerful friend?” Chen Fan asked with a cold smile. The sneer and contempt in his voice forced the girl to lower her head.

    After a long silence, she heard a voice coming down on her from above: “Jiang Tanqiu is one of my only friends. I wish you will not harm him.”

    “Yes!” frightened, Xiao Qian hurried to reply.

    After a few cautious moments, Xiao Qian braved to looked again ahead of her, and she found that Chen Fan was already gone.

    “Chen Fan… Master Chen. You want me to be with Jiang Tanqiu?” Xiao Qian thought to herself.

    She had been seeing Brother Qi on and off for a while. However, after Brother Qi had finally ditched her, she decided to use Jiang Tanqiu for a while to help her get over the break-up.

    However, Xiao Qian had accidentally found a diamond in the rough.

    “Yang Chao and Liu Teng and their friends were nothing but rich brats compared to the real man, Master Chen. As a friend of Master Chen, Jiang Tanqiu shouldn’t be a failure in the future either.”

    With that thought in mind, Xiao Qian’s eyes glinted with determination.