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Chapter 91 - Cang Dragon Uni

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 91: Cang Dragon Unit

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    Everyone regrouped at the school on Saturday morning,

    It wasn’t just Chen Fan, Jiang Churan, and Xu Rongfei, but there were also Zhang Yumeng, Yang Chao, Jiang Tanqiu, Xiao Qian, Li Yichen, Lou Xiaoxiao, and Mo Hill. Chu Minhui was the last one that showed up driving a green Jeep.

    “You know so many rich friends.” Xiao Qian said under her breath as she leaned against Jiang Tanqiu. Her eyes held a greedy luster.

    Li Yichen, Yang Chao and Chu Minhui were all the most popular boys in school, and the same went for the two girls: Jiang Churan and Xu Rongfei.

    Although Xiao Qian was not from the Ivy League High School, she had heard of the names of Li Yichen and Chu Minhui.

    Those two were the real playboys of the Chu Zhou City, Brother Qi and Jiang Tanqiu simply couldn’t compare.

    “Indeed. I didn’t even know he knew that many popular kids.” Jiang Tanqiu suddenly felt stressed.

    “Everyone is here; let’s get moving.” Chu Minhui said with a cold voice.

    It had been three months since the last time Chen Fan saw him, and in the three months, Chu Minhui seemed to have been through a lot and was no longer as edgy and impatient as he used to be.

    “Is everything ready?” Li Yichen asked.

    “I have contacted a friend who knew the owner of the Thousand Lake Resort.” Chu Minhui replied.

    “Perfect then.”

    After going over their itinerary, they separated the group of eleven into three vehicles.

    Li Yichen got onto Chu Minhui’s jeep, and let Mo Hill drive his Audi so that he could have a private conversation with Chu Minhui away from Chen Fan.

    “It seemed that I had underestimated Chen Fan.” Li Yichen heaved a sigh.

    “What’s going on?” Chu Minhui asked lightly.

    He had been focusing on the road ahead of him, and therefore Chen Fan’s name didn’t click immediately.

    “His relationship with the Wei Family is closer than we had thought.” Li Yichen said with a solemn face. “The Third Lord Wei had offered that mansion at the top of the mountain to him for free.”

    “Oh?” Surprise flashed across Chu Minhui’s face. “You are talking about the Number One Mansion?”

    “That’s the one. I have done some digging into his background and found out that his father was just an unremarkable government worker at Si Shui County. His mother had moved to Zhong Hai a while ago and ran a real estate company. However, that’s all I can find, nothing else.” Li Yichen said as he knocked frustratingly on the dashboard.

    “If we had missed anything, it will have come from his mother’s side of the family. I wager that she was the business partner of The Third Lord Wei. Nonetheless, this jerk had been concealing his power all the while.”

    “So what?” Chu Minhui asked nonchalantly.

    “Family background can only help so much, the thing really mattered is his personal ability.”

    “I agree.” Li Yichen pondered for a while and then smiled broadly. “His below average talent and lackluster skills are his downfalls.”

    Li Yichen looked to Chu Minhui and asked, “I have heard that you are drafted into the Cang Dragon?”

    “News spread faster than I thought.” Chu Minhui’s hard face finally softened a little.

    “Hehe.” Li Yichen cracked a smile to mask his jealousy.

    “He had been drafted to the Cang Dragon but what about me?”

    They had been frenemies ever since they were little, yet, Chu Minhui was always a half step ahead of Li Yichen. That being said, without the backing of his personal capabilities, he would not be able to keep his calm before a powerful rival such as Chen Fan.

    In about two hours, the three vehicles drove past the border of the city of Clear Water.

    Soon, they pulled over into a small street where a large fleet of luxurious cars was parked in a parking lot.

    “Look, look! That’s Lamborghini, Maserati, BMW730. OMG! These people are all loaded.” Xiao Qian exclaimed as she perched over the car window, gaping at the splendid display of wealth.

    She was from a middle-class family; a BMW would have impressed her, much less these ultra luxurious man-toys.

    The impressive sight had nearly winded Jiang Tanqiu. The owners of the vehicles were all the sons and daughters of the top dogs in the city of Clear Water.

    As soon as Chu Minhui got off the car, the leader of his host, beaming from side to side, strode over to him and pounded a fist on his chest. “Hey asshole, I thought you were dead in your training. Haha!”

    “I’m not dead yet.” Chu Minhui said with a cold-hard face.

    “Haha!” The young man didn’t mind Chu Minhui’s lack of expression. He gave Chu Minhui a bear hug and then announced to the crowd behind him:” This is my Bro, Chu Minhui, he had just been drafted into the Cang Dragon!”

    “For real?”

    “How old is he? How could he be drafted into a Cang Dragon already?”

    “Balls! I could never think that I could meet a member of the Cang Dragon in person!”

    The rich boys and girls behind the young boy boiled over at the revelation. Many of them gazed at Chu Minhui with disbelief, while a few attractive rich princesses studied Chu Minhui with a great measure of interest under their heavy mascaras.

    “Xiao Qiu. What is Cang Dragon?” Xiao Qian asked perplexedly.

    Before Jiang Tanqiu said anything, Li Yichen answered the question for him.

    “As you may or may not know, every major military regiment had their own special law enforcement unit. Such a unit could consist of over a thousand members. The Military then drafts out the cream of the crop among them to make up an elite special unit. They are the best of the best and were much more capable fighters than ordinary members of the law enforcement units.

    “The elite unit in the Jin City was called Cang Dragon.”

    “Holy shit!” Xiao Qian covered her mouth to suppress a gasp.

    Even Jiang Churan and Xu Rongfei were impressed by what Chu Minhui had achieved, and a sense of admiration rose inside of them.

    Their admiration was purely from their amazement and had no romantic attachments.

    “Nonetheless, Brother Chen Fan’s achievement was not any less impressive than him. Daddy used to like Chu Minhui a lot, but now he seemed to think Chen Fan is the right one for me. This only proves that Chen Fan was much better than all of them.” Xu Rongfei’s mind raced as she stole a glance at Chen Fan.

    “I am just in its reserve, not an official member yet.” Chu Minhui said with a placid face.

    It appeared that the rigorous drafting process had been an attitude-changer for Chu Minhui as he became much humble and no longer boasted his achievement ostentatiously.

    “That’s still quite a feat!” The young man tightened his embrace and said, “That’s enough talking; let’s go celebrate!”

    “How are things at the resort? Have you taken care of everything?” Chu Minhui pushed the young man’s hands away and asked.

    “You bet! This time I have even asked favor from the cousin of Liu Guodong.” The young man said under his breath.

    The two talked as they passed the visiting teenagers from Chu Zhou City.

    Jiang Churan and others had overheard their conversation. Zhang Yumeng asked with an open mouth, “Who is Liu Guodong?”

    A light flashed across Li Yichen’s eyes, he said: “Liu Guodong, people call him Baldy Liu.”

    “Hey shush!” The young man’s face hardened. “Don’t use that name while you are in the city of Clear Water. Boss Liu hates that name.”

    “Ah! That’s that bald pervert.” Zhang Yumeng gasped.

    Baldy Liu’s reputation had spread far and wide. Rumor had it that he had over a hundred mistress.

    “Are you afraid of Baldy Liu.” Chu Minhui asked with a frown.

    “He is a headache even for my dad.” The young man smiled wryly. “He has deep roots in my city. Word of caution: don’t piss him off.”

    “Liu Teng is his cousin, but since Liu Guodong has no heir of his own, he sees Liu Teng as his own son. The two of them are very close to each other, so be mindful of what you say in front of him.”

    Hearing the young man’s warning, everyone nodded.

    Baldy Liu was as powerful as The Third Lord of Wei if not more, therefore, despite the fact that all the teenagers were from the reputable family in Chu Zhou City, their wealth and influence fell short particularity when they are on Baldy Liu’s turf.

    After everyone was back to their vehicle, the young man gave Chu Minhui a wink and said:

    “Which one of those two hotties are you after?”

    “The tall one.” Chu Minhui said lightly.

    “Damn! She has hotter ass than Angelina Joli! Look at that body and face. Good catch!” The young man slapped his thigh and exclaimed. “I was practically drooling while I first saw her. If you haven’t called dibs on her, I might even make a move.”

    “Hehe, she is the daughter of Xu Ao. Are you sure you want to make a move on her?” Chu Minhui smiled.

    “Which Xu Ao?” The young man pulled a taut face.

    “There is only one Xu Ao.” Chu Minhui replied with a question.

    Having confirmed his guess, the young man curved his lips into a smile of resignation.

    Xu Ao of Hai Dong, he was the richest man in the Jiang Bei region before Master Chen’s rise to power. Even Baldy Liu, the magnate of Clear Water was no match against his wealth and power.

    After a while, the young man cracked a smile and asked: “Who is the dude beside Xu Ao’s daughter? Is that Chen Fan?”


    Chen Fan’s name suddenly alerted Chu Minhui as unpleasant memories flooded his mind.

    Although he tried to pretend that he didn’t care, the intimacy between Chen Fan and Xu Rongxuan didn’t sit well with him.

    “Hehe, courting my bro’s girl is courting death.” The young man said as he pounded his chest. “Clear Water is my turf; I will teach him a lesson!”

    A cold and deadly smile appeared on the face of the young man.