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Chapter 89 - Spirit Qi Water

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 89: Spirit Qi Water

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    Chen Fan gave his guests a cue to leave when the discussion was reaching its end.

    Before they left, Chen Fan wanted each one of them to have a cup of drink.

    “What’s happening?” Everyone was confused as to what or why they had to drink. Nonetheless, A’Biao picked up the jug and poured its contents to everyone’s cup.

    Master Guo was a martial artist and had much less to worry about. He downed the contents of the cup in one go, in order to quench his thirst.

    Suddenly, he felt a cold sensation go down his throat all the way to his belly. Then, the coldness turned into heat and swept through his body. When the hot energy reached his old wound, he felt a prickly sensation in the area and then a soothing comfort in its wake.

    “WOW!” Master Guo looked to Chen Fan incredulously.

    Everyone else followed suit, and their expression suggested that they had felt the same miraculous feeling inside of them.

    “OMG. I have never felt lighter before. This is amazing!” A’Biao said with a gaping mouth.

    “No kidding! My joints always acted up during winter, but now I can’t feel a thing!” Zhou Tianhao exclaimed.

    However, of all the people who took the drink, the Third Lord Wei felt the greatest improvement in his body.

    Years of debauchery had slowly wasted away his vitality. If not for the Dharma Artifact Chen Fan made for him, he would have already been in a sick bed,

    After the first cautious sip, his first impression was the freshness and clearness in the water. It was better than any spring water he had sampled in his life.

    When the smooth contents slide down into his belly, it suddenly caught fire and warmed up his body and, charging up his system. He had been working hard under the sheets with two of his mistresses last night, so it was supposed to be resting time right now; however, he felt desire light up again in between his legs.

    “Master Chen, Is this water from heaven?” Third Lord Wei exclaimed.

    “Well, yes and no. You can also say that it was no different than those snake oils sold on the infomercial.” Chen Fan said lightly.

    This pitcher of water had been sitting in the Spirit Gathering Array for a whole day, and by then had soaked up all the Spirit Qi in its surroundings. One sip of this water would amount to a night breathing in the air filled with Spirit Qi.

    After Chen Fan had completed the Spirit Qi Mist, the Misty Mountain mansion had become the Spirit Land for all intents and purposes. The air around the mansion was fused with Spirit Qi Mist thanks to the concentration of Spirit Qi ten times higher than it was outside of the array. Meanwhile, the water absorbed the Spirit Qi Mist and further concentrated the Qi. That was why the contents in the jug had such a strong effect on the drinkers.

    However, this water was just regular water infused with Spirit Qi. Its beneficial effects fell short compared to the tea prepared using the Essence Gathering Pill.

    “Master Chen, can I have another cup?” Zhou Tianhao hazarded.

    “Of course.” Chen Fan said casually. “However, since your old wound is not fully healed yet, I won’t drink too much if I were you.”

    As long as the Spirit Gathering Array was not broken, Chen Fan had an unlimited supply of such water.

    “Yea, Master Guo, you go ahead first. I will have a second cup as well…” Zhou Tianhao said.

    “Thank you, master!” Master Guo bowed deeply to Chen Fan.

    His defeat at the tournament at the hands of Eight-Armed Arhat: Song Tao had left him a stubborn wound. Even after three months of recuperation, the wound had healed only slightly, and any large movement would cause a burning sensation around the wound. Master Guo hoped that the heavenly water would be able to accelerate the healing process.

    After Master Guo took the lead, the other guests joined in to help themselves with the water.

    The five-liter jug was empty in a heartbeat. Suddenly, Third Lord of Wei shouted, “Are you guys crazy? Do you know what this water means?”

    “Means what?” A’Biao was taken aback by his boss’s sudden outburst.

    Third Lord Wei rose from his seat and bowed slightly to Master Chen. “Master Chen, can you produce this heavenly water every day?”

    Chen Fan gave him a knowing glance and said with a half curved lips: “As long as the Spirit Gathering Array was running, I could provide ten jugs of water. Twenty if I try harder.”

    “Ten jugs… that is fifty liters, and twenty jugs is a hundred liters.” Third Lord Wei calculated. He slapped his thigh abruptly as if he had a moment of epiphany. “One hundred liters every day and that will be 200 to 400 cups of water we can sell!”

    He then looked to Chen Fan opportunistically.

    “Master Chen, you said the water could cure any ailment right?”

    “Theoretically, yes. All diseases of the human body came from the weakness in the immune system. Flu, for example, only strikes those who lacked the ability to counter it.” Chen Fan explained.

    “Therefore, those who exercise every day and keep a healthy diet rarely got sick.”

    Master Guo nodded. “Indeed. Internal Force users like myself had never felt any symptoms of a cold nor the flu.”

    “This water was infused with Spirit Qi, and therefore it is beneficial to human’s health. Those who lived close to Spirit Qi never get sick either.”

    “Therefore, you are saying that one cup of this water had the same effect as me wearing the Dharma Artifact for a couple of weeks.”Third Lord Wei said with a trembling voice.

    “Indeed.” Chen Fan nodded.

    After the revelation validated the third lord’s business plan, his gaze became even more ardent.

    He knew the effect of Dharma Artifact at first hand, and therefore he could appreciate the power of the water better than anyone else.

    The Dharma Artifact that Chen Fan gave him had limited use every day. After it had drained its energy, it would shut down automatically to recharge, making it a much inferior device than the Spirit Gathering Array.

    “Hold on…” Zhou Tianhao put in. “Master Chen, what’s the shelf life of the water?”

    Zhou Tianhao’s question quelled Third Lord’s fervent enthusiasm.

    Chen Fan nodded approvingly and said, “The water can last forever inside the array. However, it can only last half a day once it was brought outside.”

    Like water, the Spirit Qi was constantly moving.

    Outside of the Array, the world was a desert that was devoid of Qi. Therefore, the Spirit Qi inside the cup would leak into the air rapidly.

    “Damn…” Third Lord Wei cursed.

    If the water could only last half a day, then by the time it reached customers, most of its effects would be gone already. Even fresh milk could last longer than these Spirit Qi Water.

    “Master Chen, is there any other ways to preserve the effect?” Third Lord implored.

    He had already drafted a business plan in his mind, but it was shredded into pieces by one simple factor.

    “There are ways.” Chen Fan said slowly.

    If the bottles were made out of jade, then the healing effect of the water would last for a week.

    This is because the Jade itself contained a significant amount of Spirit Qi and therefore could slow down the loss of Qi in the water.

    “One week? That enough!” Third Lord Wei slapped his thigh in excitement.

    Once he got in touch with the jade mine owner in the Zhong Zhou City, Jade bottles could be mass produced. The cost of each bottle should be no more than a hundred yuan.

    Even if the bottles would cost more, it was still a profitable investment considering the effect of the water.

    “Lord Wei, are you thinking of selling these heavenly water?” Master Guo asked, “I wager this water would fetch at least a thousand yuan a bottle.”

    “A thousand?” Third Lord Wei snorted. “At least a hundred thousand.”

    “A hundred thousand per bottle?”

    Everyone was shocked by the revelation.

    Chen Fan had just told everyone that he could produce three to four hundred bottles a day, and that would be over ten billion yuan a year of pure profit!

    “This… this is incredible!” Zhou Tianhao could only stare.”I can’t believe it! Who would buy a bottle of water for one hundred thousand yuan?”

    “I bet you that people will buy it even if I jack up the price to a million.” Third Lord Wei said with a smug smirk.

    He knew better than anyone about the ins and outs of the supplement industry. Due to his deteriorating health, he was a frequent customer of the supplement stores. So far, the money he spent on supplements could have bought him a couple of Lamborghinis, yet, he still kept on pouring money into it.

    The Spirit Qi Water’s effect was much stronger than any supplement the had used; there was no doubt in his mind that these water would be highly sought after on the market.

    The more wealth a person has, the more he cared about his health.

    Without a healthy body, even if he has the biggest fortune in the world, he would not be able to enjoy it.

    Chen Fan nodded in agreement.

    Third Lord Wei had the same thought as he did when he sold the Arcane Pills to the Zheng Family.

    However, he had to strike a balance between profit and his customer’s budget. If the asking price were too high, even the Zheng Family would not be able to afford it.

    The thought of the Zheng Family brought his memory back.

    “It seems that the Zhengs is not going to pay their debt.”

    “I will have to go to Hong Kong and have a talk with them.”

    A cold and deadly smile appeared on Chen Fan’s face.