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Chapter 86 - Master Chen, Are You Back?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 86: Master Chen, Are You Back?

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    “Don’t mind her; she was just pulling your leg. Go home now; it’s dark outside.” Auntie Tang finally broke the awkward silent spell.

    Zhang Yumeng sneered at Chen Fan and didn’t press on.

    Even as everyone thought that the matter was over, they heard Chen Fan’s voice: “Auntie Tang, I had planned to show you the mansion anyway, why don’t we do it tonight with everyone else?”

    Everyone was shocked after hearing his words.

    Jiang Churan gave Chen Fan an accusatory glare that read, “Are you crazy? My mother had resolved the crisis for you; why do you persist on making a fool out of yourself?”

    Xu Rongfei had just heaved a sigh of relief; however, Chen Fan’s invitation had made her heart jump up to her throat once again.

    Li Yichen shook his head and lamented Chen Fan’s foolishness.

    He was too stubborn and too full of himself. What was the point in bluffing when everyone had seen through him?

    Auntie Tang stood awkwardly between the two boys and was not sure what to say.

    Zhang Yumeng’s eyes lit up and shouted: “Awesome! Auntie Tang, he had already invited us, let’s hurry!”

    She got hold of Auntie Tang’s hand, and half drag and half pushed her toward the door. Auntie Tang was at a loss, and before she knew it, he was already through the door. Jiang Churan followed her mother out of the room, and when she passed Chen Fan, she gave him a hot glare.

    Li Yichen wore a smile on his face and nodded at Chen Fan before he left. Contempt and gloating were written all over his face.

    “The kids nowadays are stubborn as a goat and as stupid as a cow!” Jiang Haishan shook his head and murmured as he walked past Chen Fan without even sparing a glance at the boy.

    “Brother Chen Fan?” Xu Rongfei came over to Chen Fan and asked softly.

    “Don’t worry; I will show you my new home.”Chen Fan cut her short with a warm and reassuring smile.

    Seeing Chen Fan’s calm expression, Xu Rongfei felt slightly relieved. Suddenly, she remembered a conversation she had with her father a couple of months ago.

    Xu Ao seemed to have changed his mind and no longer opposed Chen Fan seeing his daughter.

    The only thing she remembered now of the conversation was the last few words her father had spoken. He said that “Chen Fan was not an ordinary person.”

    “Could it be that my dad knew something about Chen Fan that none of us do?” Xu Rongfei thought as she sneaked a peek at the boy walking beside her.

    Chen Fan didn’t change much compared to three months ago. However, upon closer look, she noticed that his skin was paler than it used to be. Some sections of his skin looked nearly translucent, and it created a visual illusion that made her think that she could see through his skin and peer directly at his bones and veins.

    As a girl who was proud herself on skin care, Xu Rongfei felt jealous of Chen Fan’s sublime skin conditions.

    Chen Fan and Xu Rongfei traveled together, and when they reached the mansion at the top of the mountain, Jiang Haishan and the other guests had already been waiting outside.

    “Hey, big guy, open the door, please. Show us what it looks like inside.” Zhang Yumeng siad gloatingly.

    “This mansion was built on the top of the Yun Wu Mountain. From here, you can see the entire Chu Zhou City’s landscape. It is the best of the best in terms of both location and structural design.” Li Yichen didn’t pay any attention to Chen Fan; instead, he started to introduce the mansion to everyone as if he owned it.

    “Only a very few people who could afford this house, such as The Third Lord of Wei, Sheng Ronghua and Old Man Zheng.

    “Sheng Ronghua had transferred most of his assets to Jinlin City. I have heard rumors that he owned a few mansions at the most expensive developments.” Jiang Haishan said lightly, hands linked behind his back.

    “Mr. Sheng didn’t think Chu Zhou City is good enough for him.”Li Yichen joked with a smirk.

    “Indeed, and rightfully so. He is too big of a fish for Chu Zhou City. ” Jiang Haishan shook his head as he bemoaned.

    “Wan Rong Group was the top three wealthiest companies in our province. Just this year alone, Wan Rong Group had acquired over five hundred thousand spare meters of land. I bet the number is going to increase next year. Wan Rong Group’s ambition meant they have to expand out of our small city. ”

    An average living space a community was about fifty to sixty thousand square meters. Therefore, Wang Rong Group had practically created ten residential developments in a year, and that was just the residential side of their business. There was simply not enough land in the Chu Zhou City for the Wan Rong Group to develop.

    Jiang Churan, Yang Chao, and Zhang Yumeng stood aside and listened to the two’s conversation.

    Although they couldn’t fully understand the content of the conversation, they couldn’t help but be impressed with Li Yicheng’s knowledge and Jiang Hiadhan’s wisdom.

    “Li Yichen was just a high school student, yet he is able to converse with Uncle Jiang on such complicated issues. My daily concern mainly involved with shopping and dining really couldn’t compare.”

    With that thought in mind, Zhang Yumeng became felt even more respect and admiration for Li Yichen.

    Even Auntie Tang was impressed with Li Yichen’s knowledge and started to doubt her first choice for her daughter’s suitor.

    “Could Xiao Fan really compete with Li Yichen? The boy seemed perfect in every aspect!”

    While Auntie Tang was pondering the question, Zhang Yumeng urged Chen Fan to open the door again.

    Jiang Haishan and Li Yichen had also paused the conversation. After realizing that Chen Fan had not yet opened the door, Jiang Haishan shook his head in disappointment.

    “It’s just a waste of time. Let’s just head back now. We still have school tomorrow.”Jiang Churan put in.

    Her voice was calm; however, she looked into the distance while talking, trying to avoid eye contact with Chen Fan.

    Li Yichen cracked a smile and said: “Touche, Zhang Yumeng was just kidding. Don’t mind him, please.”

    His humble words had not only made him look even more like a gentleman but also earned approving glances from Jiang Haishan and Auntie Tang.

    “This is what a future elite looked like. He is good looking, smart and has a great sense of responsibility. Above all, he is humble yet ambitious. He is bound to surpass his father when he grows up.” Jiang Haishan nodded approvingly.

    So thinking, he doubled down his decision to set her daughter up with Li Yichen. Although his daughter was of exceptional talent and appetence, young suitors such as Li Yichen was not easy to find either.

    “In a couple of days, I need to invite Li Yichen’s father out for dinner and put the matter to rest. Once they graduate from high school, they will be engaged with each other while we plan for the wedding. ”

    For most parents, engagement was a remote thing for their teenage children; however, in the upper-class world, it was not uncommon to arrange an engagement before their children graduated from university. Their marriage was never a personal thing but a tool for both families to secure alliances.

    “Brother Chen Fan, why don’t we head back?” Xu Rongfei said quietly.

    Seeing no one wanted to expose Chen Fan’s lie, Zhang Yumeng had to let the matter slide. She gave Chen Fan a cold sneer as she finally gave up.

    Chen Fan cleared his throat and was about to announce something. The door of the mansion cracked open, and a middle age woman emerged from within.

    The woman was shocked by the crowd gathered at the entrance. However, as soon as she saw Chen Fan, she shouted: “Mr. Chen, you are back!”

    “This is… Auntie Liu.” Chen Fan introduced the woman to everyone.

    The middle age woman put on an ingratiating smile and said: “Lord Wei told me to contact him as soon as you are back. I will call him right now.”

    The middle age women hurried to the inside and disappeared as quickly as she had come out.

    Everyone was speechless by the turn of the events.

    Chen Fan glanced at the incredulous expression on Zhang Yumeng’s face as he walked past her and into the mansion. He explained to Xu Rongfei who followed him closely, “Auntie Liu cleans the house for me while I am gone. Let’s go in now. I will show you my new house.”

    He then turned around the waved at Auntie Tang, willing her to catch up.

    Auntie Tang was still dumbfounded by the development. Before she knew it, she was inside of the most expensive house in the Chu Zhou City.

    This mansion was built at the top of the mountain and was twice the size of a regular house. It has three levels, and each level was stylishly decorated. Its furniture had a modern touch to them, yet they were comfortable and practical.

    “Xiao… Xiao Fan, does this house really belong to you?”

    Auntie Tang stammered.

    Meanwhile, all the other guests were so shocked that they could only stare.

    “How is this even possible? This house was listed as the most luxurious property in the entire city. Its market value is well over a hundred million. Whoever owns it should at least be a billionaire. Chen Fan is just an ordinary high school student; how could he afford it?”

    Yang Chao’s mind reeled.

    Even if his dad sold his five-star hotel, he would still not have enough money to buy this house.

    Zhang Yumeng gaped while she looked around the house in utter disbelief.

    Chen Fan? Mr. Chen? A million yuan mansion?

    Was he the same Chen Fan she knew who wore knock-off-brand jeans and T-shirts?

    What had happened to the world?

    Of all the people, only Jiang Haishan and Li Yichen were able to keep their calm and wits about them.

    They had noticed something from the brief conversation between Auntie Liu and Chen Fan.

    “Lord Wei told her to call him?

    “Is that Lord Wei or The Third Lord of Wei?

    “If Chen Fan knew The Third Lord of Wei, then his support was far greater than Wei Ziqin.” Li Yichen drew a deep breath as he suddenly felt threatened.

    “He is a much bigger problem than I thought.”

    He glanced at Jiang Churan, and the impressed expression on her face made Li Yichen feel even more threatened.

    Jiang Haishan’s face was contorted by surprise. He felt someone had just slapped him in the face.

    “This world has gone mad!”

    He murmured to himself.