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Chapter 85 - The Mansion on The Top of The Mountain

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 85: The Mansion on The Top of The Mountain

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    The dishes soon arrived on the table. When the dinner began, no one—except for Auntie Tang and Xu Rongfei—had spoken with Chen Fan.

    The group’s conversation quickly arrived at the topic of recent news.

    “Uncle Jiang, have you heard of Master Chen?” Zhang Yumeng asked curiously.

    “Master Chen?” Jiang Haishan put down his chopsticks and asked, “You guys have heard of him as well?”

    “Why of course! His story is well known among people of my dad’s circle. Everyone knows about him,” Zhang Yumeng said.

    “Indeed. He had been kind of a hotshot in Chu Zhou City. However, in the past two months, he had become a household name in the entire Jiang Bei region.” Yang Chao nodded and said, “My dad told me that all the magnates in and outside of Jiang Bei who came to stay at his hotel told him about how incredible Master Chen’s abilities are.

    “Rumor had it that he could tread on water, catch a bullet in the air, and kill a person from ten feet away. It was as if he was from a drama on TV,” Jiang Churan said with a frown.

    “I have heard people talking about him even at school. I think most of them are high tales.”

    “No kidding. Only a few months ago, Master Chen was only a person who knew a little Dharma Spells. It is impossible for him to increase his power so quickly.” Yang Chao put in.

    “As for this topic, I think no one is more qualified to comment on it than Xiao Fei,” Jiang Haishan said with a smile.

    “Me?” Xu Rongfei gapped at everyone and was not sure what to say.

    “Indeed. Your father should know about this Master Chen better than anyone.” Jiang Haishan nodded.

    Seeing the confusion on Xu Rongfei’s face, he continued, “I really have no idea if this Master Chen is the real deal. However, I can confirm that his fame has skyrocketed recently. Nearly all the tycoons and magnates in the Jiang Bei region seemed to be under his spell.”

    He paused and then continued, “Including Zhou Tianhao and Xu Ao.”

    Everyone’s face paled after hearing Jiang Haishan’s revelation.

    Both Zhou Tianhao and Xu Ao were influential people and had significant clout in the city.

    However, those two were not alone among the people who were under Master Chen’s influence. Their rank also included magnates who used to dominate their field in the Jiang Bei region and people who came from prestigious families. Every one of them was a force to be reckoned with.

    If these people were pinned under Master Chen’s thumb, did it mean that from then on, Master Chen was going to be the head honcho of the Jiang Bei Region?

    The talk of power and politics might sound irrelevant to an ordinary person, but they were real for people like Yang Chao and Li Yichen who were born into powerful families. They knew the significance of the development as Master Chen’s army represented more than half of Jiang Bei’s industry and business.

    If he were able to consolidate the power, he would become as influential as the Wei Family of the North Bank.

    “No wonder I have heard people equating Master Chen with Tang Yuanqin of the Hu Dong Province.” Li Yichen said thoughtfully.

    “I have never heard of this Master Chen, but I knew awful a lot about Tang Yuanqin.” Auntie Tang put in.

    “Mom, how did you know Tang Yuanqin?” Jiang Churan asked curiously.

    “Of course I do! We share the same last name.” Auntie Tang said with a smile. “As a matter of fact, I am distantly related to him. When your grandpa was still alive, he used to take me to Jin City and visit his family.”

    “Tang Yuanqin controls a very large corporation.” Li Yichen added. “The Tang Family’s business was all over the Hu Dong Province and Dong Jiang Province. It was said that most of the ship fleets on the Yangtze River belong to the Tang family. As for wealth, I bet even the old man Zhen couldn’t compare with him. The only person who might be richer than him is Sheng Ronghua.”

    “Sheng Ronghua!” Everyone was shocked by the name.

    Sheng Ronghua was the owner of the Wan Rong Group. Rumor had it that he started as an ordinary construction worker, but eventually, he became the richest man in the Jiang Bei Region. His company, the Wan Rong Group, expanded outside of Chu Zhou City and eventually opened up shops across China.

    Although Sheng Ronghus’s headquarters remained in the Chu Zhou City, most of his business nowadays were in Jin City. However, due to his residence status in the city, he was regarded as the richest man in the Chu Zhou City.

    “Sheng Ronghua?”

    The name struck a chord with Chen Fan.

    Why does it sound so familiar?

    He was Shen Junwen’s father, the founder of the Wan Rong Group. In the future, he was going to be the top ten richest man in China. He was also one of Chen Fan’s most hated enemies.

    “People like Master Chen, Tang Yuanqin and Sheng Ronghua were one of a kind.” Yang Chao marveled “I wonder how we could catch up with them.”

    Even if his father’s hotel gained the five-star status, his family influence could still not compare with any one of those real magnates.

    His family assets were worth only a few hundred million, but every one of those top dogs owned well over tens of billions. In addition, no businessman could measure up to their influence and political clout.

    “Xiao Chao, if the hotel got handed down to you, you can open up branches all over China. When your hotel was in every major city of China, you should be able to compete with them.” Jiang Haishan said.

    He then turned toward Li Yichen and said, “Yichen, I have heard that you were on the top fifty list after the first mock test. Your grades should be enough to help you enter Jin City University. Once you are in college, make sure you join the student union and work hard to get that chairman position. With your talents and experience like that, you should be able to secure a higher position than me in the government in less than fifteen years.”

    A hollow smile broke over Li Yichen’s face.

    “I am no match with Uncle Jiang. My father always told me that if you could have half of his luck, you could have been his boss now.”

    Jiang Haishan laughed joyfully. “Really? Your father thinks too highly of me!”

    Li Yichen looked across the table at Jiang Churan, and then he asked with a smile. “Compared to the Jin City University; I’d rather go to the Zhong Hai University.”

    “Oh?” Jiang Churan glanced at the boy and then at his daughter knowingly. “Zhong Hai University is Ran Ran’s dream university. You need to work harder then.”

    Li Yicheng knew Jiang Haishan meant more than what he said.

    Li Yichen nodded.

    “I will try my best!”

    “Dad!” Jiang Churan shouted. Her eyes shifted toward Chen Fan without herself knowing it.

    She saw Chen Fan was sipping on his water with his head low. The light in her eyes dimmed.

    “Haha!” Jiang Haishan laughed as he shook his head. “As for Fei-Fei, I worry about you. The entertainment industry is deep water. Be careful.

    “But who am I? Haha. With your father’s protection, you shouldn’t need to worry about anything in ten years.”

    “Thank you! Uncle Jiang” Xu Rongfei replied with an innocent smile.

    Finally, Jiang Haishan looked to Chen Fan. He shook his head slightly and decided to keep his silence.

    Li Yichen and Yang Chao were amused by the development. It appears that Jiang Haishan didn’t even think Chen Fan was worthy of his comment. At best, he would be admitted into a mediocre second tier university and get a mediocre job with a mediocre wage.

    After the supper, the guests started to leave one after another.

    Before Chen Fan left the house, he asked Jiang Churan for the key to the mansion.

    Jiang Churan paused a second and then run upstairs to fetch the key.

    “What key?” Zhang Yumeng asked curiously.

    “The key to the mansion?” Auntie Tang asked as embarrassment flashed across her face. “Xiao Fan gave it to Ran-Ran to keep it while he was gone.”

    Jiang Churan had told her about the key a few months ago, and she thought it was a joke. She remembered her husband had even sneered at Chen Fan’s buffoonery called him a helpless brat.

    “The mansion the mountain top? Is it the mansion number one developed by Wan Rong Group?” Li Yichen was taken aback.

    “Yes, that’s it.” Auntie Tang nodded, face flushed red.

    “I have heard that the construction cost of the mansion was over tens of millions; I bet the sale price would double that.” Li Yichen gave Chen Fan a contemptuous sidelong glance. “After the mansion was complete, it was given to The Third Lord of Wei as a gift. I wonder how did you get it?”

    Auntie Tang stood awkwardly between the two boys and was not sure what to say.

    Jiang Haishan shook his head with a cold smirk while the other guests watched Chen Fan gloatingly.

    Ever since Yang Chao knew his family hotel had secured the five-star status, he no longer feared Chen Fan. His girlfriend had also insistently poured words of poison into his ears which made him loath Chen Fan even more than before.

    Chen Fan said lightly: “He gave it to me.”

    “Gave it to you?” Li Yichen asked. There was more disdain than disbelief in his voice.

    The mansion worth over ten million and was bound to increase its value. There was no way that The Third Lord of Wei would give it away so easily.

    That was rich!

    However, Li Yichen didn’t design to expose Chen Fan’s lie in front of everyone. Chen Fan was not even worthy of his attention.

    Jiang Churan walked down the stairs and gave the key to Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan took the key and was about to leave. Suddenly, he heard Zhang Yumeng ask: “Chen Fan, why don’t you take us to your mansion? We are all curious about what it looks like inside.”

    Silence suddenly fell into the room.

    Chen Fan looked back and saw Zhang Yumeng had plastered on a fake smile. Around her were gloating faces that watched him as a laughing stock.