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Chapter 83 - The Number One of Chu Zhou City

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
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    Jiang Tanqiu lacked the ambition, vision, and experience of Chen Fan. He was not a cultivator; the only power he could obtain was brute strength. That was only if he hit the gym every day.

    Without any luck, he would never even get near the secrets of Internal Force.

    It wasn’t until the class was almost over, that Chen Fan found out someone was missing.

    “Where is Si Yinxia?”

    Ever since the auction party, Si Yinxia had been focusing all of his attention on his studies, hoping to regain some of his dignity and self-confidence from academic excellence. He had never missed any classes, much less the math class from the Old Scholar Din.

    Jiang Tanqiu’s face darkened as he heard the question. Even as he was about to reply, they both heard a familiar voice at the door.

    “I am sorry, Mr. Din, I am late.”

    It was Si Yinxia.

    He looked completely different than he was three months ago.

    The bouts of defeats had taken a toll on his spirit three months ago. When Chen Fan left the school, Si Yinxia looked downcast and depressed all the time.

    However, Si Yinxia stood confidently at the entrance as light flashed in his eyes.

    Chen Fan’s attention was piqued as he found the glinting confidence in Si Yinxia’s eyes very familiar.

    Chen Fan had seen this kind of confidence in many people’s eyes, and they were all successful men and women who dominated their field.

    “That’s fine; come in now.”

    Old Sholar Din was a retired Math professor from Chu Zhou University. He was rehired by the Chu Zhou City as a math teacher. As one of the strictest teachers of the school, no one could escape his ire if caught by him being late regardless of the student’s family background and grades.

    He was one of the most experienced teachers at the school; therefore, the school, as well as the parents, trusted him.

    However, Old Scholar Din didn’t reprimand Si Yinxia but only regarded the boy with a kind and approving gaze.

    Si Yinxia nodded politely and walked to his desk.

    Chen Fan could sense many eyes were following Si Yinxia’s movements.

    The boys were jealous, but the girls’ stares were filled with fervent infatuation.

    Si Yinxia scanned the classroom as he walked over to his seat, His glance paused on Chen Fan less than a fraction of a second, it was as if Si Yinxia didn’t even notice Chen Fan.

    Once Si Yinxia was seated, Old Scholar Din put down the textbook and announced: “I know some of you are jealous that Si Yinxia is able to be late and not be reprimanded.

    “I want to make it clear.

    “If anyone of you who could become the number one student of the city, I will even let you have a party at the swimming pool if you want. ”

    The old professor’s said with a solemn face.

    Scared by the overbearing voice of the professor, none of the spoiled teenagers dared speak up against him.

    Chen Fan finally knew what had given Si Yinxia that unshaken confidence.

    Soon, the math class was over.

    Ji Xingyu was about to start to fill Chen Fan in on what had happened during the three months; they heard Ji Xingyu’s sharp voice.

    “It’s almost final, boss. What do you think? Can you still take the number one spot?”

    “Why of course!” A girl named Wang Chenchen shouted. “Si Yinxia was the number one of the entire city; he had even beat Zhu Xiaofen from the Chu Zhou City No.1 High School. Those nerds at the No.1 high school will think twice before calling us spoiled brats again.”

    Chang Wen graced Chen Fan with a hooked glance and said lightly: “Si Yinxia had already outclassed anyone in the city.”

    “His real rivals now are the top students from Jin City and Hai Zhou City who had dominated the top ten list in the province. However, in half a year, Si Yinxia should be able to compete with them as equals. ”

    “No kidding! Even if Si Yinxia stop goes to school right now, he is guaranteed to go to the Jin City University.” Wang Chenchen said.

    “I have heard that on the day his marks were revealed, many universities such as the Zhonghai Transportation Institute, Jin City University, and China Technology Institute had been talking to Si Yinxia. However, I bet that Si Yinxia wouldn’t even consider those ones; his eyes are set on Qinhua or Beijing University.”

    The Zhonghai Transportation Institute, Jin City University, and China Technology Institute were on the top ten list of Chinese secondary education institutes.

    However, it seemed that Si Yinxia was determined to go to one of the two best Universities of China: Qinhua and Beijing.

    “I think Qinhua is better.” One of the students put in. “Qinhua University excelled in their science and Engineering department. There will be more opportunities once graduated from there, perhaps he could even continue his education in the US.”

    “You want him to be a traitor? Haven’t you heard what they call Qinhua graduates? American’s dogs! I say Beijing University is much better. Make China Great Again!”

    “I still think Qinhua is better. ”

    “Well, why doesn’t he just study abroad? He can get into the Ivy league Universities for sure.”

    Hearing the debate, other students of the class join in the conversation.

    Although the students of the Ivy League High School were all from rich families, attending the Beijing or the Qinhua University was a distant dream for most of them. Every year, only a few students were able to get in those top schools.

    For those who couldn’t produce high enough mark, only those who were directly related to minister level officials had a chance of getting in.

    For most of the students in Chen Fan’s classroom, they would end up studying abroad if they couldn’t get into a good university.

    However, even those western universities they attended were mostly community universities, and couldn’t compare with Harvard or Yale.

    Only by entering those prestigious universities, could one fundamentally change his or her life and become one of the elite class.

    Jiang Tanqiu smiled wryly and said: “That’s what I wanted to tell you.

    “A few weeks ago, all schools in the city held a mock test, and Si Yinxia had the highest mark, surpassing the number two by a large margin.

    “After the test, all the top universities in our province wanted to recruit him.”

    Chen Fan nodded.

    It seemed that his hard work had paid off. Si Yinxia’s grades had always been around number ten or so in the city.

    Right before the Gaokao*, the schools often hosted three mock tests.

    Of the three mock tests, the first one was the most important as the results were often similar to the real tests during Gaokao.

    Therefore, not only the students cared about the first mock test, but also many university recruiters. Many high school students were admitted to universities right off the bat after the first mock test.

    The second and third one was much less important, as they were designed to let the students get into the mood of intense examinations.

    If Si Yinxia could earn the number one title of the Chu Zhou City, he would more than likely be admitted to the Qinhua or Beijing University, much less the other ones.

    “He had honored his family and made his parents proud.” Chen Fan marveled.

    Once he was able to enter Qinhua University, he would have earned a great measure of prestige for his family. If he lived in a county, the mayor would congratulate him personally.

    Even though he was in a city, to be able to enter Qinhua or Beijing University was still an honorable feat.

    This meant that he would become an important figure in the city.

    In this day and age, nepotism could only go so far. Only raw talent and knowledge were the steps that would lead to success.

    History had taught people that however powerful a family was, their influence would start to wane from the second or third generation onward.

    While his classmates were arguing with each other, Si Yinxia opened a textbook and started to study.

    He had found his path to success, and no longer cared for others opinions, including that of Chen Fan.

    *Chinese National Entrance Exam