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Chapter 81 - Return To Chu Zhou City

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 81: Return To Chu Zhou City

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    Three days later, in front of the Ivy League High School…

    Chen Fan leaned against a tree trunk on the opposite side of the school entrance as he watched the boys and girls enter and leave the school.

    It had been three months since he had left for Qin Yang County.

    Although it was only three months which meant a few dozen classes and a few tests to the ordinary students, it meant a lot to Chen Fan’s cultivation. By then he had advanced into the late-stage of Foundation Establishment and his Dharmic powers had increased by three to five times.

    He had created the precious Soul Forming Pills from the Senna plant, upgraded his soul energy into immortal will, and he had also created the Essence Gathering Pills and more Dharma Artifacts. Last but not least, he had attained Immortal Enlightenment after he had stumbled upon the fire rock.

    The moment Chen Fan reached the Immortal Enlightenment Level, he immediately felt relieved of any stress that plagued his body and mind.

    Ever since he was reborn, his mortal body and worldly mind had given in under the primordial need of surviving. He had been the almighty North Mystic Celestial Lord, and when he was first reborn, even an ordinary person with a normal weapon would have killed him.

    In order to survive and prepare himself for the journey ahead, Chen Fan cultivated hard almost every day.

    Once he knew about the Yin Crystals, he left Hu Dong province and went to Zhong Zhou. After the eventful journey, he had finally reached the Immortal Enlightenment and was powerful enough to defend himself against most enemies.

    With the Li Fire Golden Eyes, he would no longer need to worry about the revengeful Hong Sect much less ordinary people in his day to day life.

    With the newly found confidence, Chen Fan straightened his back and walked toward the school entrance.

    Before he even reached the gate, a group of girls walked out of the threshold, and the one walking in the middle was an attractive looking young girl.

    The girl’s eyes paused on Chen Fan’s face for a second and then she exclaimed: “Chen Fan?

    “When did you come back?”

    This girl was Jiang Churan. It had only been three months, but she seemed to have matured a lot, in a good way.

    The girls around Jiang Churan were all from her class. They regarded Chen Fan with curious glances.

    “His name sounded familiar. Is he Ran-Ran’s boyfriend?”

    A girl with elegant features asked curiously.

    “Hum.. maybe a classmate?” A nerdy-looking girl said as she pushed her glasses up.

    “I didn’t know Ran-Ran had other boy friends other than Li Yichen.” A girl with cute eyes covered her mouth to suppress a giggle.

    Chen Fan had been away for too long.

    For the busy high school students, three months was long enough to make them forget about most things in their life that were insignificant.

    Just three month ago, Chen Fan had made a name for himself by defeating Si Yinxia and became Xu Rongfei’s rumored boyfriend.

    However, in the three months that followed, many other boys had become as popular as he did. By then, only a few people who knew him personally would have remembered him.

    While the girls were guessing who the boy was, Jiang Churan walked over to Chen Fan and gazed at Chen Fan with a curious look on her face.

    Three months ago, Jiang Churan had only met Chen Fan a few times, and then Chen Fan disappeared for three months. There had been many things happening in the three months of Chen Fan’s absence.

    “You have been away for too long. Things are different now.”

    She heaved a sigh and then said, “Did you just get back? Does my mom know you are here?”

    Chen Fan’s was still levelheaded as usual. He said calmly, “I have just arrived Chu Zhou City today, and haven’t got a chance to tell her yet.

    “I was just going to ask you to take me to her.”

    “Get ready for some mom talk. She was not very happy with you leaving without a word.” Jiang Churan said as some reservation flashed across her face. “Umm… I have something to do. Maybe you should visit her yourself?”

    “Oh? Why?” Chen Fan asked quietly.

    A black Audi pulled over to the school entrance and from the back seat emerged a familiar face.

    It was Li Yichen!

    Li Yichen was also taken aback by the sight of Chen Fan. After a few seconds of pause, a smirk broke over his face.

    “Ah-Ha! Isn’t it Mr. Chen, the exchange student?”

    He turned around and held the car door open for Jiang Churan.

    “Ran-Ran, let’s go.”

    “The chef is about to start working at the Misty Shore. If we don’t hurry, we might miss it.”

    Jiang Churan nodded and then hurried to enter the car without even saying bye to Chen Fan.

    Li Yichen didn’t spare Chen Fan a glance either. He went back to the car with a smug smile.

    The black Audi drove away, leaving Chen Fan in a plume of dust.

    The girls who accompanied Jiang Churan watched the event unfold from the beginning to the end. A girl said seriously: “The Misty Shore! That’s the best restaurant in Chu Zhou City. A meal would cost over a few thousand yuan.

    “I have heard that their Chef is from France. She is so lucky to be able to eat authentic French food made by a French chef!”

    “No kidding! If my boyfriend could bring me to those places, I will marry him right now!” The girl with cute eyes said with hearts in her eyes.

    “Dream on!” The other girl rolled her eyes at her. “Li Yichen had been courting Ran-Ran for a while now, and just recently she had agreed to go on dates with him. I bet he can win you over with just a popsicle.”

    The girls laughed and joked with each other as they walked pass Chen Fan. One of the girls didn’t forget to take a jab at Chen Fan.

    “Are you also courting Ran-Ran? Just forget it; that ship has sailed.”

    The girls quickly disappeared, leaving a wave of musical laughter.

    Chen Fan stood still under the tree, reflecting on what had happened.

    “Jiang Churan is finally seeing Li Yichen now?

    “It was just like what had happened in my last life. They are going to go to the same university and live happily ever after.”

    Chen Fan heaved a long sigh.

    “Fate carried such great gravity that without my interference, everything is going to be exactly the same as last lifetime.”

    Chen Fan’s heart was filled with strong emotions. But it wasn’t because of Jiang Churan.

    Jiang Churan was just the girl that he used to like. However, it had been five hundred years ago, and by then, he practically felt nothing for her.

    What made him so emotional was the palpable weight of fate.

    If Jiang Churan’s walked the same path as she did in the last life, what about Xu Rongfei, Xiao Qiong, and his mom? Are they going to retrace their footsteps and walk the same line as they did five hundred years ago?

    “Looks like I need to cause more butterfly effects. ” Chen Fan cracked a smile and left the school.

    It had been five months ever since his rebirth, and three out of five months he had spent outside of the Chu Zhou City. While he was at the Chu Zhou City, he did very little to change the things around him.

    He might have just affected the fate of Old Man Wei, Zhou Tianhao, A’Xiu, and Master Wu.

    Since Jiang Churan was unable to accompany him, he decided to meet Auntie Tang by himself.

    He thought of asking for the key of the mansion back from Jiang Churan, but he thought better of it.

    He should be able to enter any house without using a key anyways.

    Chen Fan walked toward the Lakeside Community as he dialed Auntie Tang’s number.

    Auntie Tang picked up the phone, and despite her scolding, she wasn’t able to hide the excitement in her voice. She went on and on, blaming Chen Fan for leaving without notice, and for cutting off contact with everyone.

    Chen Fan was lighthearted by the overprotective Auntie.

    When Zhen Jiulin called the school to ask for an extended leave for Chen Fan, he had told everyone that Chen Fan was chosen to be sent to the Qingang Middle School as an exchange student. Qingang Middle School was located in a neighboring province and was well known for its quality of education and strict rules. The students were only allowed to leave the school twice a year, and their contact with the outside world was completely cut off.

    Auntie Tang had bought into the made-up excuse, and she had reassured Chen Fan’s mother that her son didn’t simply go missing.

    After agreeing to join Auntie Tang for supper in two days, Chen Fan decided to return to his rental property, the Lakeside Community.

    As soon as he reached the entrance to the community, he felt something was amiss.

    Using the Immortal Will, Chen Fan sensed that there was someone inside of his supposedly empty room.

    “Why is she here?”

    Chen Fan opened the door and saw a girl lay on a sofa. The heating was cranked all the way up, and the room was cozy. The girl was wearing a small tank top and a pair of shorts, revealing her hourglass shape and smooth bare naked skins. She was watching Tv while shoveling a handful of chips into her mouth.


    The girl was startled by Chen Fan; she panicked and fumbled to get up.

    In her stupor, she fell from the sofa and face planted to the carpeted floor.


    The girl rubbed his forehead and shouted.

    Chen Fan had so many questions that he was not sure where to start.

    “Why are you here, Ziqi?”

    The silly girl was his colleague at the Coco bar.

    “Oh! It’s you!”

    Ziqi was confused when he saw Chen Fan. “I live here. Why do you have the key to my house?”

    “You live here?”

    Chen Fan asked incredulously.

    He finally realized that he had underestimated how many things could have changed in three months.