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Chapter 79 - The Fire Rock

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 79: The Fire Rock

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    “Will Power Array! This is a Will Power Array!” Master Huang murmured to himself.

    “Master Huang, what is Will Power Array?”

    Someone managed to ask the question despite the shock.

    “The Will Power Array is a legendary technique in our field. It was the highest form of the Finger Technique in the Southern Sect.”Master Huang shook his head and said, “It was said that only a grandmaster could have cast a Feng Shui Array using his will alone without anyone noticing it.”

    “Compared to my technique, the Will Power Array didn’t need any complicated hand signs, and the Array could be formed almost instantly. Master Chen was able to command the flowers to bloom on a whim; it was the power of the Immortals!”

    Master Huang’s explanation shed some light on the power of Chen Fan, and everyone was very impressed.

    The power of Feng Shui Array that cured one single flower didn’t deviate people’s common sense too much.

    However, the ability to command a field of flowers to bloom was outright unthinkable. It was as if Chen Fan was the king of flowers if such a thing existed.

    “Miracle! This is a miracle!” People murmured to themselves.

    “I wonder if Sect Brother Zhou could do the same thing?” Master Huang thought to himself.

    Zhou Daoji was the most famous Feng Shui Master of the Southern Sect, and he was also the most powerful.

    Huang Wenze knew that Zhou Daoji had only achieved Seven Word Array, he still had a long way to go from Will Power Array/

    “Hold on! Where is Master Chen?” Suddenly, Mu Shouqiong shouted.

    The question jerked everyone’s attention out of the beautiful scenery. When they looked around for the young boy, they realized that the boy and his companions had disappeared.

    “Huh? Where are they? They were just right here!” The security scratched his head and said confusedly.

    “How could you let them slip away?” Professor Mu shouted hotly.

    “Do you know what this means?”

    He nipped a white and blooming flower off its stem and explained, “This one is called Snow White Peony. It only blooms in April, but we are in the middle of December!

    “And this one, Green Dragon. It normally blooms in May.

    “This one is called Snow Peach; it blooms in January.

    “These flowers were supposed to bloom at different times of the year. But look at them now! Do you know what that means?”

    Everyone was taken aback by Professor Mu’s outburst of anger. They looked at each other and were not sure what the old man was trying to get at.

    Professor Mu was a member of the national research council. He was more influential in the city than even Jiang Jialiang.

    “Grandpa!” Mu Qinqin hurried to steady the trembling old man.

    Professor Mu took a deep breath and said, “If he could revive the peony, should he do the same thing to other plants, including those that had gone extinct?

    “This is going to be a revolutionary change to the field of agriculture. With only very minimal effort, he could have won the Nobel Prize with ease. ”

    Everyone was shocked by his words.

    Other than a few Botanist, most people at the plantation knew nothing about science and biology. However, they had heard of the Nobel Prize Before and knew the weight it carried in the field of science.

    Every Nobel Prize winner was the prize of a nation.

    Jiang Jialiang gathered himself and shouted out a command.

    “Find him, NOW!”


    The security grads were frozen in place as they wondered where to start their search.

    If Chen Fan were really as powerful as an immortal, how could they be able to find him? Plus, even if they were lucky enough to locate him, they still can’t force him to come back against his will.

    They doubted if the guns would even work on someone as powerful as him.

    “Does anyone know him? We can go to him instead.” An old man put in.

    Everyone looked at the same direction.

    In one corner of the courtyard, Sir Jiang Junior felt others’ gazes on his face, and he was not sure what to do.

    When everyone was marveling at the sight of the sea of flowers, Chen Fan, A’Xiu had Master Wu had sneaked out of the plantation without anyone taking notice.

    “Master Chen, do you think it’s a good idea to leave just like this?” Master Wu asked cautiously.

    “Why? Do you still expect me to save their plants?” Chen Fan said with a half smile.

    Master Wu felt sweat hang on his forehead. He knew he was walking a dangerous line by questioning Master Chen’s decision. He managed a smile and then said, “No, no. They are ignorant, and they deserve it!”

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and sauntered on.

    Every step he took would cover well over seven meters. It meant that while he was walking leisurely, the other two had to run in order to catch up with him.

    Chen Fan said, “I have never said that I will not help. Technically, I have already helped them out. The rest is all up to them.”

    “Really?” Both Master Wu and A’Xiu were taken aback by Chen Fan’s remark.

    When did Master Chen save the plants?

    They watched as Chen Fan produced a black rock in his palm.

    This rock looked ordinary on the surface; however, upon closer look, there was a golden flame at the center of it.

    “What is this?” A’xiu asked.

    “This is the culprit that caused the disease. ” Chen Fan said and squeezed the rock slightly.

    “It looks like there is a flame inside of it. Could something this small effect such a large swath of land?”

    The plantation at Dong Du City was government funded and taken up at least a few hundred thousand acres.

    That was the size of a few dozen football fields. To think that a small rock could have affected such a large area was beyond Master Wu’s apprehension.

    “Don’t be deceived by its size. It contained the essence of fire.”

    Chen Fan had noticed something was amiss while he was probing the area with his immortal will.

    There was no spring underneath the earth, so why was the temperature so high? He channeled his Immortal Will to follow the heat signals, and finally, he found the source. The black rock.

    Realization finally dawned upon Chen Fan: the plantation was built on top of a Fire Essence Aether Rock. After being under the effect of the rock, the peony finally started to wilt.

    The Fire Essence Aether Rock was not hot to the touch; however, it’s energy was mainly in the form of Yang Qi. The plants were constantly being blasted by Yang Qi from the rock, and eventually, overexposure had taken a toll on their vitality.

    The black rock was too big to remove when so many people were around, and therefore he had decided to come back in the evening.

    However, after he was insulted, he outright removed the centerpiece of the black rock in a fit of anger.

    Although the rest of the rock could still retain some Yang Qi residual, the rock without a core should no longer be a threat to the plants.

    “Master Chen, why is not hot?” A’xiu asked curiously.

    “Hehe.” Chen Fan shook his head. “That is because I have coated a layer of Dharmic energy on its surface. Otherwise, both of you have already been reduced to ashes.”

    Although this rock was the most ordinary Aether Rock, its power was already too great for the mortal.

    “Nonetheless, I am very surprised to find such a large Fire Rock.”

    Chen Fan marveled.

    Just like Yin Crystals, the Fire Rock only grew at areas where the fire element was the most abundant, such as the volcano or near the earth’s core. It was evident that someone had buried this rock many years before the plantation was built.

    The effect of the Fire element was cyclic, much like a volcano. It just so happened that this year was the most active period for the fire element in the rock.

    “With this fire rock core, I should be able to do things that I previously couldn’t.”

    So thinking, Chen Fan decided to leave for the yin dragon pond right away.

    After having learned more about Chen Fan from Sir Jiang Junior, Professor Mu and the others were in a hurry to brave the mountain and pay Chen Fan a visit at the Ying Dragon Pond right away.

    Sir Jiang was the only person who kept calm, and he said: “Master Chen had already left, I don’t think we could bring him back any time soon.

    “Our priority right now was to make sure the operation of the plantation. Although we don’t have Chen Fan, we still have Master Huang.

    “Even Master Chen had said Master Huang’s cure was correct. He was only wrong about the causes.”

    With everyone’s encouragement, Mater Huang started working on the Feng Shui Array. He was able to gather enough Feng Shui Master and complete the Array in two weeks. Once the array was completed, he joined Professor Mu and started to plan their trip to the Yin Dragon Pond.

    They took a helicopter and flew toward the Qi Mountain.

    However, when they were close to the valley where the pond was at, a thick mist came up out of nowhere and blocked their path.

    “Professor Mu, should we enter the mist?” The pilot asked.

    Before Professor Mu could reply, Master Huang shook his head.

    “No, no, no. This is not an ordinary mist. It’s too dangerous.”

    He then looked out of the helicopter window at the vast sea of mist. Admiration and shock were written all over his face.

    Although the rest of the passengers thought it was just a natural phenomenon, he knew that this was actually a Dharma Array, a massive one while at it. It could be used to conceal targets and confuse or even attack intruders.

    “I have always thought the Mountain Defensive Array was only a legend. But here it is, right in front of my eyes!”

    Master Huang’s voice was filled with deep respect.

    The endless mist sprawled out on top of the mountain range and denied intruders’ entrance. The only way to get rid of these mist was to bombard the mountain with heat missile.

    “Incredible! This is INCREDIBLE!”

    Master Huang exclaimed.

    By then he was completely enthralled by the power of the young boy. He wondered if Chen Fan’s appearance was only a disguise, and under that young face was an ancient demon who had cultivated Qi for centuries.

    Professor Mu finally decided to give up the search. However, the sight of the misty mountain would haunt him for the rest of his life.