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Chapter 78 - I Am The Celestial Lord!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 78: I Am The Celestial Lord!

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    “Bull shit, you say?”

    Hearing Chen Fan repeating the unforgiving remark; Master Huang finally showed some annoyance.

    After all, he was the master of the Lin Nan area, one of the very few masters that was still active in China. He had become famous twenty years ago, and by then, he had become a frequent honorable guest at the banquets of the most powerful man in China. If not for the invitation from the Dong Du City Government, he wouldn’t even think about being interested in the case.

    He had given the boy some face and asked him polite questions, but he had gotten insults in return.

    “Young man, who is your teacher? Haven’t he told you to respect your elders?” Master Huang furrowed his brows.

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and said, “Maybe I should be your elder.”

    “Humph!” Master Huang could no longer hold back the anger inside of him. He snorted and said coldly: “Is that right? Let me tell you something; there are not a lot of people who dare call themselves an elder in front of me, Huang Wenze. All of those who could are well over a hundred years old. I wonder which one of those masters is your teacher?”

    “Huang Wenze? The Huang Wenze of Lin Nan?” Master Wu’s face paled.

    “Is he famous?” Chen Fan asked casually.

    Master Wu felt the hot glare from everyone around him, he hurried to reply: “Master Chen, he was one of the top five people in the field of Feng Shui. His fame was on par with that of Zhou Daoji from Hong Kong.”

    “Huang Wenze was quite a big deal; many consider him the leader of the field. ”

    Before Chen Fan spoke up again, Master Huang cracked a cynical smile and said: “If you haven’t even heard of my name, I will scarcely consider you a professional.”

    He shook his head patronizingly as he spoke.

    “I have mistaken you for a talented disciple of a renowned sect, but turns out that you are just an amateur. I think I have overestimated you in thinking that you might have some genuinely constructive input. But I doubt that you even know what a Yang Qi Locking Ground is.”

    “You are right; I am not a practitioner of Feng Shui. And indeed that I have no idea what a Yang Qi Locking Ground.”

    Chen Fan nodded readily. His candidness took Master Huang by surprise.


    Many people around Chen Fan burst out laughing.

    For someone who admitted to be an amateur in the field of Feng Shui, Chen Fan was rather generous in his criticism. The irony in it was rich.

    Mu Shouqiong furrowed his brows as the teenage boy’s arrogant attitude didn’t sit well with him.

    He was the man of science; a firm believer in that there was no more shameful act than pretending to know what one does not.

    He could have looked past Chen Fan’s young age if he was really worth his salt. However, if Chen Fan didn’t even know what he was talking about, his interruption and rude remarks would only make a fool out of himself.

    “Mr. Chen, what are you doing?”

    Sir Jiang Junior was shocked by the development.

    He had been convinced that Master Chen was a god-like existence and therefore he expected him to know everything, let it be astronomy, geology or history. However, it seemed that he was wrong.

    To save his son’s face, Sir Jiang had tolerated Chen Fan’s existence, however, by then, whatever patience he had was gone. As fire sprout from his heart, he was ready to call the police and kick the rude imbecile out of his property.

    Then, he heard Chen Fan speak again.

    “Although I don’t know anything about Feng Shui, I know one thing for sure.

    “You are wrong.”

    Chen Fan shot a glare at Master Huang and announced firmly, “You have been wrong from the very beginning. The Yang Qi Locking Ground was not the cause of the disease, and neither was the timing. If you set up your so-called Feng Shui Array, these Peonies will only die even faster.”

    “Shut up!” Master Huang could no longer maintain his forbearance. He shouted at the top of his lungs.

    “Have you studied I-ching?

    “Can you interpolate trigrams?

    “Have you read the House-Ching?

    “Are you versed in the theories of the Roaring Dragon Ching and the Mystic Dragon Ching?

    “Do you know what the meaning of the Shooting Stars of the Nine Palace?”

    Master Huang took a step forward after each question.

    In five wide strides, Master Huang arrived at the center of the courtyard. He shouted at Chen Fan, “I doubt you can tell me the names of the eight trigrams. How dare you question me?

    “I, Huang Wenze had learned under Master Xuankong from the Southern Sect ever since I was seven. I have stayed with my master for twenty years during which time I learned everything about Feng Shui. When I finally enter the world as a practitioner, I have helped countless innocent people adjusting and neutralized the chaotic elements around their houses.”

    “In 1987, it was I who find out the cause of death for seven owners of an apartment in Yang Dong City. I have lured the murderous Yin Ghost out of the apartment and banished it.

    “In 1991, I had solved the series of mysterious car crashes on number sixteen highway. I have rearranged the Feng Shui on that segment of the road and finally harmonized the Qi. ”

    “In 1995, when a massive landslide in the Mei Lin City suddenly occurred and claimed the lives of thirty-two people in its wake. I had gone to the disastrous area and cast an Array to make sure such a tragedy will never happen again.

    “In 1997, when the entire Ling Xi province was hit by a drought, threatening the lives of millions. I rallied my fellow Feng Shui masters and spent a month to cast a costly array and successfully challenged the Water Qi into the drought area.

    “I have been a Feng Shui master for over forty years, and I dare say that never once have I made a mistake. Who are you to question my credentials?”

    Master Huang was seething with anger and indignation, and his list of illustrious achievements had earned him many respectful regards from the people around him.

    His past achievements were a testament to his ability and power. No wonder he had garnered such a high reputation in Lin Nan area.

    “Master Huang is such a badass!”

    Mu Qinqin exclaimed. Her eyes were filled with admiration.

    Anyone who was able to become the cream of the crop in his profession deserved proper respect.

    By then, only Master Wu and A’Xiu were still on Chen Fan’s side, since even Sir Jiang Junior had begun to have second thoughts.

    “Maybe Master Chen was only good at fighting, but not an expert in the art of curing and healing.”

    Sir Jiang Junior lamented.

    He regretted bringing Chen Fan to his father; not only Chen Fan had made a fool of himself, but he had lost the approval of his father.

    “Well said, but what you have achieved in the past is irrelevant.” Chen Fan said with a pair of half-closed eyes as if he was contemplating the secret of the universe.

    “Bull shit!”

    Master Huang shouted as fire pour out from his mouth.

    He had never seen anyone so sunburned and arrogant.

    “Fine, I will show you what I can do other than words.” Master Huang said with a sneer. “Let’s see what else you have to say after I teach you a lesson.”

    So saying, he nipped a peony off its stem and started a spell.

    Holding the flower in one hand, he started to form a few hand signs with the other hand.

    Chen Fan was the only person who could feel the wave of energy conjured up by Master Huang at his fingertips.

    “Void Array! This is the secret finger technique of the Southern Sect.” Master Wu exclaimed.

    “What the hell is a finger technique?” Chen Fan asked light-heartedly.

    In his eyes, Master Huang’s spell array was merely a child’s play.

    At his current level, he didn’t even need to channel his Dharmatic Art. With only a little bit of Immortal Will, Chen Fan could summon much more powerful energy wave than Master Huang could ever imagine.

    “The practice of Feng Shui could be divided into two main branches: the Northern and the Southern. The Southern Sect is well known for its use of fingers to conjure up a Dharma Array that was perfectly contained in the small space of the palm.”

    “On the other hand, the Northern Sect is well known for their ability to spot exceptional administrative and military talents based on the flow of natural energy. Due to their ability to spot a diamond in the rough, they were among the most trusted advisors of kings and generals.

    “Therefore, the Southern Sect had always served the rich businessmen while the Northern Sect’s clients were often beside powerful lords.”

    Master Wu paused and smiled wryly. “Huang Wenze is the grand master of the Southern Sect. His should be one of the most powerful Feng Shui masters in China. ”

    Before Master Wu had finished his sentence, Master Huang had already finished the Array.

    Suddenly, cold wind came up from all directions, and the temperature dropped by a few degrees.

    “Oh! Look!”

    Someone shouted.

    Everyone looked toward where the speaker was pointing. They watched as the wilting flower came back alive and in a blink, it was blooming.

    “It’s blooming! It’s blooming!”

    Everyone shouted at the top of their lungs and joy was written all over Jiang Jialiang’s face.

    The disease had worried him so gravely that half of his healthy black hair turn grey. The floral industry was the pillar of Dong Du City’s economy, and not only the stake holder’s investments were at risk, but also the livelihood of thousands of employees of the industry.

    Master Huang had shown everyone the sign of hope; given time, he could be able to avert the crisis and save the day.

    By then, everyone’s attention was on Master Huang, and barely anyone even noticed Chen Fan’s existence.

    A wave of cheers erupted from the crowd as the local gentries heaped praise onto Master Huang. They wondered when Master Huang could cure all the plants in the plantation.

    The spell had cost half of Master Huang’s energy. Despite the sweat on his forehead, his success and others praise had overcome his exhaustion.

    It had proven that his array worked. His next step would be to rally as many powerful Feng Shui masters as possible to help him complete the array on a larger scale.

    “Master Chen, should we go home?”

    A’Xiu asked bitterly. In her mind, Master Chen should be the center of everyone’s attention. Since Master Huang had stolen the stage spotlight, she felt slightly disappointed.

    “Fine, let’s head out now.” Chen Fan nodded.

    After probing the surrounding with his Immortal Will, Chen Fan had already pinpointed the cause of the disease. However, Three are too many people around right now, so he decided to wait until dark to catch the culprit.

    Sir Jiang Junior felt a mix of emotions and all of them made him want to cry.

    He was supposed to save the day, but now he had become a laughing stock. Not only he had lost his father’s trust, but he had also lost any chance of becoming one of Master Chen’s disciples.

    Even as Chen Fan turned around and was ready to leave the plantation, Master Huang called out to him.

    “Young man, are you convinced now?”

    Chen Fan turned his head around and saw Master Huang’s contemptuous smile. The people around Master Huang also regraded Chen Fan with cold sneers.

    “I have already said it. You are wrong.”

    To everyone’s surprise, Chen Fan insisted on his opinion.

    “You are right about the cure but wrong about the cause of the ailment. Regardless of how big of an array you set up, without rooting out the real culprit, the disease will come back in no time. ”

    “Shut your trap! Security! Where is security? Kick him out of here!” Sir Jiang shouted vehemently.

    A few security guards came into the courtyard. They rolled up their selves and were ready to escort the boy out.


    Sir Jiang Junior pleaded to his father. However, his father’s face’s rock hard face suggested that he was not going to change his mind.

    In the eyes of other people, Chen Fan and finally got what he deserved.

    “Master Chen?”

    Fearing the confrontation, Master Wu looked to Chen Fan worried.

    If they fought back, they would definitely be sent to jail.

    A’Xiu was unfazed by the development. Already, she started to channel out his internal energy and was ready to fight.


    To everyone’s surprise, Chen Fan cracked a smile and then shook his head.

    “When Jiang Haochen asked me for help, I thought to myself that I might be a nice guy for once and help you out.

    “However, not only you disregard my expert opinion, but also want to outright kick me out. Tell you what, I don’t even want to help to from the outset.

    “Before I leave, I will show you who you are messing with!”

    Suddenly, Chen Fan stomped the ground and shouted.


    In a blink, the temperature rose, and the air became moist. It was as if the god of spring had just arrived at the mortal world.

    All the peonies around Chen Fan bloomed simultaneously like there was no tomorrow. The flowers painted the courtyard with vibrant colors and infused the air with intoxicating fragrance.

    “This. This is… unbelievable!” Everyone was stupefied by the sight. Master Huang pointed at Wang Tong with a trembling finger but was unable to form a word in his mouth.

    Among the flowers, he saw that Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and looked at him with a cold sneer.