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Chapter 77 - A Real Master?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 77: A Real Master?

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    “Who are you, who gave you permission to enter?” Those who didn’t know Chen Fan flung back at him hotly.

    Even those who had heard Sir Jiang Junior’s introduction of Chen Fan were not pleased by his brazen interruption.

    Seeing Jiang Jialiang’s cold glare, Brother Cai cursed Chen Fan in his mind.

    “I allowed you to tag along for the sake of Sir Jiang Junior. Why do you have to make a fool of yourself and drag me along with it?

    “Can’t you see who is present? Not only all the rich magnates of the city are here, but the professors and researchers from the university were also there. What would they think about a sixteen-year-old commenting in their opinion?”

    Sir Jiang Junior watched as his father furrowed his brows.

    “Mr. Chen, What do you mean?”

    Brother Cai squeezed his face at Chen Fan, willing him to be quiet. However, Chen Fan didn’t even spare him a glance.

    “I meant what I say. I said that Master Huang’s explanation was bullshit.”

    Everyone was shocked when they heard Chen Fan’s words loud and clear.

    They might have let it slide even if they heard Chen Fan murmuring the nonsense to himself behind everyone’s back, however, there and then, he had repeated his ignorant claim under broad daylight. He was asking for trouble.

    Lo and behold, Sir Jiang Junior’s father pulled a taut face and refuted his son’s friend hotly: “Kids should learn to keep their trap close when the adults are talking!”

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and said, “I am a Feng Shui master invited by Jiang Haochen, why couldn’t I put in my two cents?”

    Jiang Haochen was the name of Sir Jiang Junior.

    Everyone shot an accusatory glare at Sir Jiang Junior. Although he was the son of the richest man in the city, he had never been publicly put on a spot.

    Among those who were displeased with his guest, were at least two whose power was on par with his father. His father also gave him a look that read: “You are dead meat. Somebody is going to hurt real bad when we get home.”

    Despite his confidence in Chen Fan, Sir Jiang Junior started to waver. He looked to Chen Fan for support.

    Chen Fan stood confidently and was unfazed by the accusations and animosity around him.

    Even as Mr. Jiang was about to end the interruption by expelling Chen Fan from the plantation, Master Huang spoke up in a calm voice.

    “It’s Ok. If this young man has something to say, then go ahead.

    “Old age does not amount to knowledge. He might know more than I do. I had been learning Feng Shui for well over four decades, but still, I learn something new every day.”

    Everyone nodded approvingly after they have heard Master Huang’s humble words.

    The Chinese people valued humbleness. It was considered a virtual to cover up one’s strength in front of others and speak humbly about oneself. Master Huang was a renowned Feng Shui Master in the entire Lingnan area, yet he respected the opinion of a teenage boy which made him appeared all that more respectable and wise.

    Jiang Jialiang managed a smile and then said: “Master Huang, you are too humble. We all know you have years of experience behind you, and is one of the best in the field of Feng Shui. This arrogant boy just wants attention; we don’t have to listen to him.”

    He then turned toward Jiang Haochen and said:

    “Take your friend out of here. You are in your twenties, why do you still act like a boy? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?”

    A wave of indignation rose inside of Sir Jiang Junior.

    Beside him was the immortal-like Chen Fan, while on the other side was the ire of his father. What should he do?

    Master Huang cracked a smile and then said:

    “It’s Ok. I believe that there is a reason that your son had invited his friend. Although I am confident in my conclusion, I would like to hear what others had to say.”

    “What a humble master!”

    “This is what a real master looks like. Humble and wise. This young boy has a long way to go.”

    Everyone around Master Huang heaped praise onto Master Huang while they glared at Chen Fan.

    Master Huang had explained the cause of their problem clearly. Not only his logic was indisputable, but he was also able to explain such a convoluted concept clearly to everyone using layman’s terms. When even science had failed to provide an answer, Master Huang and his knowledge in Feng Shui came to save the day.

    However, Master Huang’s conclusion was challenged by a sixteen year old boy.

    “Humpf! He wouldn’t even be qualified as my student.” A professor grunted.

    “You think too highly of him; I doubt he was the material for the university.” Another agriculture expert shook his head and lamented.

    “Grandpa, don’t you think it’s possible that he really is a Feng Shui master?” An attractive looking young girl wearing a ponytail asked the professor.

    Before the white-haired professor could answer, a middle-aged man wearing black-rimmed glasses snorted. “That’s impossible.”

    “We have been staying in university for over ten years, and we still couldn’t find out the cause of the disease. Our teacher was a member of the national research council, and yet he couldn’t find out a cure either. How could a sixteen year old boy know anything more about plant science than us?”

    “That makes sense.” The girl stuck the tip of her tongue out and said.

    The white-haired old man nodded in approval.

    This professor’s name was Mu Shouqiong. He was a member of the national research council, a pioneer researcher in horticulture. He led the science team that investigated the strange peony disease.

    However, after a few days of intense study and testing, the scientist had failed to provide an explanation, much less a cure. Therefore, the businessmen at Dong Du City were forced to look into other cures.

    The middle age man and the girl behind the old man were called Hong Zhengtao and Mu Qinqin. Hong Zhengtao was the old man’s research assistant.

    Professor Mu had taken notice of Hong Zhengtao’s intelligence and diligence when he was an undergraduate student. The old man took him in as one of his graduate students and then his research assistant. By then, Hong Zhengtao had already earned his associate professor designation.

    Mu Qinqin was professor Mu’s granddaughter, a fresh new graduate from China’s Agriculture and Science Institution. She worked closely with her grandfather to learn as much as she could from him.

    The thought of his failure made professor Mu heave a sigh and then he said, “Compared to the knowledge of our ancestors, we are still far behind.”

    “I don’t think so. I bet that Master Huang was a fraud. Science will prevail in the end!” Hong Zhengtao announced.

    The businessmen’s decision of turning to a Feng Shui Master didn’t sit well with Hong Zhengtao. As a man of science, he saw it as the local’s distrust of science and an outright personal affront.

    However, Professor Mu shook his head and disagreed.

    “This is not as simple as you think. Master Huang knows things that we don’t.”

    Suddenly, Professor Mu’s eyes lost focus as he recalled an incident he saw when he was young. “Back in the 90s, there was a famine broke out in Lin Xi province. Hundreds of thousands of people were starving.”

    “The other two researchers and I were called to investigate the cause of the feminine and just like what happened here, we have found no answer. Later, The local gentry asked a Feng Shui Master for help. That Feng Shui master cast some kind of spell on the land and turned the situation around.

    “That had been sensational news back then. Even the federal government was alerted by it.”

    “Really?” Hong Zhengtao was shocked. Mu Qinqin covered her mouth to suppress a gasp.” So… Master Huang was…”

    “Indeed. Master Huang was one of those Feng Shui Master I met decades ago.”

    Both of his students were shocked by the revelation. The gaped at their teacher and asked incredulously:

    “I always thought that so-called Feng Shui was pseudoscience used by swindlers.”

    “There are many things in this world that science can’t explain yet.” Professor Mu heaved a sigh.

    He felt that the more he researched, the less he knew about the world.

    “Master Huang is the real deal. If he couldn’t fix the problem, then Dong Du city is in big trouble.” Professor Mu siad with a deep frown.

    After hearing Professor Mu’s story, Hong Zhengtao and Mu Qinqin looked to Mu Qinqin with newfound respect.

    They watched as Master Huang asked the boy calmly: “My friend, can you point out the mistake in my theory?”

    Everyone looked at Chen Fan. Chen Fan replied slowly: “Everything is wrong. There is nothing right about your theory.

    “That is why I said it was bullshit.”