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Chapter 71 - Get Out Of My Face

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 71: Get Out Of My Face

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    Under everyone’s fearful watch, Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and walked down the invisible stairs to the ground.

    The long golden blade had already dispersed into many flying symbols and was sucked back into the Jade Marrow. The spell’s name was “True Martial’s Dharmic Blade.” It took Chen Fan seven days to infuse the Dharmic power within the Jade Marrow Talisman.

    The True Martial’s Dharmic Blade was a basic art that all True Martial Immortal Sect’s followers were required to master.

    The power of the Dharmic Blade was directly proportional to the ability of the wielder.

    The power in Chen Fan’s killing blow was enough to slice a tank in half much less the Yin Snake.

    However, this art was extremely taxing on one’s True Essence. Thanks to the boost from the Essence Gathering Pill he had swallowed before the attack, he was able to maintain a steady output of True Essence throughout the battle.

    “If my teacher Cangqin was here, he would be able to crack open the sun using the exact same move.”

    Chen Fan recalled the power he used to possess as his heart was filled with wistful nostalgia.

    He wondered how long it was going to take him to reach the Tribulation Transcendence in this lifetime.

    Seeing Chen Fan had reached the ground, everyone was finally convinced that the danger was gone. Mr. Shi drew a deep breath and held back the Yin Qi inside of his system. He managed to salute to Chen Fan appreciatively.

    “Thank you for the rescue, your highness. I will forever remember this day and repay my debt in whichever way you want.”

    He spoke sincerely. He thought he was going to die today; however, Chen Fan had shown up and saved the day.

    Chen Fan’s ability to walk on the air and his killing blow were telltale signs that he was a powerful master whose power was beyond the Transcendent masters.

    In the ancient times, Chen Fan would have been revered as either a Perfected Master by the Daoist or a Guru by the Buddhists. Such power was a rare sight in the entirety of China.

    Master Wu and A’Xiu came to Chen Fan and congratulated him on his success.

    A’Xiu then studied the monstrous snake that slumped in its death with an incredulous look on her face. After having soaked in the murderous features of the monster, she looked at Chen Fan with more admiration than ever.

    Such was the power of her teacher. If he was able to kill this malicious snake with ease, what else is he capable of?

    Stunned by the development, Sir Jiang Junior was frozen in place.

    After a while, he finally gathered himself, but the fear inside of him persisted.

    Ever since the search party had embarked its journey, he and his rich friends had constantly made fun of Chen Fan. What’s worse, they had refused to share any food or drinks with them even though they knew that Chen Fan and his companions had nothing to eat.

    Who would have thought that Chen Fan was not just a nobody, instead, he was an “immortal” who seemed to possess otherworldly powers.

    Haven’t he saw that even the mighty Mr. Shi had bowed to Chen Fan respectfully?

    What would come to him if he had intentionally ruffled his feathers?

    Suddenly, he heard a sharp female voice coming from behind.

    “Chen Fan! Why didn’t you act sooner?”

    Zheng Anqi stormed toward Chen Fan with fire in her eyes. When she was close to Chen Fan, she stopped and pointed the finger at the boy.

    “If you acted sooner, Eamon would not have died, neither would my bodyguards! Bodyguards’ Lives Matter!

    “You are responsible for all the deaths!”

    Fire poured out from her mouth, even the fear of being so close to the monstrous snake paled in comparison with her fury.

    “What did you say? Master Chen had saved your life, and you are blaming him for not acting soon enough?”

    A’Xiu flung back at the girl hotly.

    What an ungrateful bee with an itch! Master Chen was not obligated to save any one of you; he only did it out of compassion.

    Mr. Shi was taken aback by the girl’s accusation, and an awkward smile broke over his face.

    “Miss Zheng, we shouldn’t ask for more from Perfected-Master Chen. He had saved our lives.”

    The sense behind Mr. Shi’s words was clear. They were a group of helpless drowning men saved by a rescuer; they had no place to accuse the rescuer of not acted quickly enough to save more of them.

    Chen Fan held a placid expression on his face.

    Such was the true nature of mortals: fearful and ungrateful.

    If the snake was still alive, Zheng Anqi would never point her finger at him since she would be too busy hiding behind cover. Knowing that Chen Fan would never harm her, and without the imminent danger of the snake, she acted quicker than anyone else to accuse Chen Fan and blame her own failure on her savior.

    He said calmly: “Miss Zheng, why should I care about you?

    “It is none of your business when I will get myself involved in YOUR mess.”

    Zheng Anqi’s face hardened as she was surprised by the bluntness of Chen Fan’s words.

    She took a few deep breaths and managed to regain her senses.

    After a while, she spoke in a calm and cold voice: “Fine, let’s move on. Since you have killed the snake, would you please move out of our way and let us retrieve the medicine from the lake?”

    “Oh? So you guys are here for the medicine ?” Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and then continued, “Why should I let you get the medicine? Does it have your name on it?”

    Zheng Anqi’s face flushed red, and she glared at Chen Fan with anger.

    “Are you going to stop us?

    “You don’t own this pond. Why wouldn’t you let us have the medicine?”

    Chen Fan ignored the girl, and he shot a glance at the Yin Ghost Sect.

    “From this day on, the Yin Dragon Pond belongs to me. Do you have any problem with that?”

    By then, the members of the Yin Ghost Sect were about to leave the valley; they paused after hearing Chen Fan’s question.

    Chen Fan’s killing the beast had proven his power and level of attainment in his cultivation. The Yin Ghost Sect was at no place to defy him.

    Hearing Chen Fan’s question, Old Bone Mu and Yan Zhengze hurried to reply.

    “We the Yin Ghost Sect will follow the instruction of the Perfected-Master.”

    Chen Fan turned around and held Zheng Anqi’s angry gaze calmly.

    “You see, it is mine now.

    “Could you please excuse yourself? Yin Dragon Pond does not welcome you.”

    Zheng Anqi was stunned by the development. She felt a knot of fire rise from her belly to her throat. She gritted her teeth as her blood boiled in her veins.

    She had never been humiliated by anyone ever since she was born.

    As the daughter of the Zheng Family, and an heir of the British aristocrat, she was the epitome of power and beauty. Wherever she went, she was surrounded by dashing young men who were eager to heap praise on her.

    It had been a while since Zheng Anqi ever heard a “No” from anyone, much less being outright humiliated.

    Zheng Anqi shouted out: “What makes it yours? I don’t care!”

    “Asshole! You think you are so tough because you know a few Dharma Spells? We are in a modern society, and nothing can trump the rule of law.”

    Both A’Xiu and Master Shi’s face paled after hearing the girl’s insult.

    She seemed to have forgotten that she was talking to a perfected-master. Even the combined might of the entire Zheng Family would not measure up to a fraction of Chen Fan’s power.

    For instance, if Chen Fan killed Miss Zheng in a fit of rage, there was nothing the Zheng Family could do.

    Plus, they were deep in the mountain; if she really provoked the ire of Chen Fan, he might slaughter her and everyone who was related to her.

    However, Chen Fan kept calm and said lightly: “Get out of my face.”

    “What did you say?”Zheng Anqi rounded her eyes in disbelief.

    “I said… Get… Out… Of… My … Face…”

    Chen Fan had infused his voice with Dharmic powers so that when the quiet words went into Zheng Anqi’s ear, it sounds like an explosion. The shock stunned the girl; her legs gave in easily and brought her to the ground.

    Mr. Shi kneeled and pleaded for her life.

    “Master Chen, please forgive her. She didn’t know better. Please forgive her, please!

    “We will leave here right away.”

    He shot a glance at the female bodyguard, willing her to carry Miss Zheng out of the valley.

    Sir Jiang Junior and his entourage followed Mr. Shi and left the valley. After some time, there was only Chen Fan and two of his companions standing beside the pond among dead bodies.

    Members of the Yin Ghost Sect still stood by the entrance, but they were also ready to leave.

    Even as Old Bone Mu was about to sneak away under the shadow of trees, he heard a voice calling him out.

    “Have I told you to leave yet?”

    Old Bone Mu and Yan Zhengze turned around and looked toward Chen Fan as a sense of impending doom crept into their minds.

    “Shit, we are in trouble!”