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Chapter 70 - Kill The Snake

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 70: Kill The Snake

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    “What is he going to do?”

    Old Bone Mu and his fellow sect members were taken aback by Chen Fan’s actions.

    Like everyone else, the pond and the monster were anything but where they wanted to be near. However, that teenage boy didn’t seem to fear the monster as he sauntered toward the giant snake.

    “Master Wu, do you think Master Chen can handle the snake?” A’Xiu asked concernedly. Despite Chen Fan’s god-like abilities, the sight of the snake evoked great fear inside of A’Xiu.

    “… Perhaps.” Master Wu hazarded.

    Although he agreed that Chen Fan was both a powerful spell user and a competent Martial artist, the power of the ancient snake had exceeded his imagination. Take Mr. Shi for example; he was a powerful Transcendent Master; however, he was defenseless before the giant snake.

    By then, Mr. Shi was already forced into a corner.

    He had used his coup de grace four times in a row, and by then, the blood had already run dry in his mouth. All the bodyguards were either slaughtered or had deserted, leaving the old man to his own devices.

    The giant snake revealed its enormous body as it slowly emerged from the water. It slithered forward and wrapped Mr. Shi around with its body.

    The snake had lived over a hundred years, and its cultivation had taught it the pleasure of killing. With its prey in its grip, the snake looked down at Mr. Shi as if it was looking at its plaything.

    Mr. Shi grunted and bemoaned his impending doom.

    “I should have listened to Hunter Zhu!”

    The caution of the old hunter drifted into his mind and filled Mr. Shi with regret. He was blind sighted by the urge of obtaining a Spirit Herb.

    He had gone through the sect record, and none of them had mentioned the snake monster. Mr. Shi wagered that the snake must have been placed here by someone else and it was likely Master Wu and his sect members.

    The Yin Ghost Sect had been settling around the Dong Du City for over a hundred years, and therefore they knew very well what was going on in the pond. The fact that they had kept such a danger secret was a reflection of their ulterior motives.

    So thinking, he turned around and shouted to Zheng Anqi:

    “Miss Zheng, Get out of here, now!

    “Be wary of the Yin Ghost Sect.”

    Before he could let out his last word, the snake monster puffed out a grey mist at him. This mist contained so much Yin Qi that they condensed into dew that would suck the last warm breath out of a human body.

    By then, Mr. Shi had used up all of his energy, and therefore he could not evade the attack.

    Suddenly, he felt his body was dumped into the deep arctic sea and coldness nibbled at his flesh and bones. He gathered whatever Qi that was left in him and channeled them into protecting his internal organs.

    Everyone watched as Mr. Shi was surrounded by a grey mist, and a green light flickered inside of his body, protecting the vital parts of his body. However, even the green glow was waning by the second.

    “Mr. Shi!”

    Zheng Anqi shouted.

    Seeing their last protector, Mr. Shi was about to be frozen to death, the young teens around Miss Zheng turned their heels and ran toward the exist.

    Sir Jiang Junior tugged Zheng Anqi’s elbow, willing her to leave with them, but to no avail.

    He gritted his teeth and let go of the girl. This was a life and death situation; there was no time to be a hero.

    As soon as Mr. Shi had fallen victim to the monster, these spoiled teens quickly revealed their true colors.

    It had been less than five minutes since the Yin Snake emerged, yet it had already killed Li Yu, subdued Mr. Shi and not to mention the half dozen bodyguards who laid lifelessly on the ground.

    Inside the valley, only five people had remained, they were Master Wu, A’Xiu, Zheng Anqi, Zheng Anqi’s personal guard and a half dead Mr. Shi.


    There was another person.

    Even as Mr. Shi fought for his life, he caught a glimpse of a person from the corner of his eyes.

    “Who is that? Why is he still here?”

    The battle prevented Mr. Shi from turning his head and investigate, but he could tell that it was a young man.

    Through his mind’s eye, Mr. Shi matched the vague image of the young man beside him to the boy that accompanied Mr. Wu. He had and still thought that the boy was one of Master Wu’s disciples. He marveled at the young boy’s bravery, a stark contrast with his teacher.

    “However, bravery was useless if it was not back by prowess.”

    “The demonic spirit had fully grown inside of this snake unless he used a modern weapon, the boy would not be able to subdue it.”

    The severity of the situation made Mr. Shi more anxious than before. He didn’t want another life to be wasted.

    By then, Chen Fan was already standing right beside the pond, looking up at the snake at close range.

    The snake was over thirty meters in length, and half of its erected body made it as tall as a building in the city.

    “The Yin Snake had cultivated over a hundred years, and therefore his flesh was nearly indestructible.

    “Its body was covered with scales harder than steel. Unless I use high caliber ballistic weapons, I wouldn’t be able to harm it.

    “In addition, its body contained Yin Qi that it had harnessed over a few hundred years. Such a high concentration of Yin Qi would be able to freeze a human body into a popsicle. It was no longer an ordinary monster; it was Ethereal Enlightened.

    “What a shame that you have to face me today.”

    Chen Fan shook his head as he lamented the fate of the rare monster.

    He closed in on the monster and unhitched the Jade Talisman from his belt.

    Suddenly, countless symbols and signs floated out from the talisman, and they emerged in the Void Dimension into a long blade.

    The blade was about three meters long and was covered with ancient glyphs. It hung upside down in the air, projecting otherworldly energy that suggested its god-slaying abilities.

    “What was that?”

    While being dragged toward the exit by her personal guard, Zheng Anqi turned around and caught the disbelieving sight. Impressed and stunned, she gaped at Chen Fan incredulously.

    She watched as Chen Fan started to ascend into the air as he walked on invisible spiral stairs. In a few confident strides, he was standing face to face before the monster.

    “Who is that?”

    Mr. Shi was still restrained by the snake’s body right below Chen Fan, and he could finally get a clear view of the boy.

    What he saw had stunned him: the young boy stood confidently before the monster’s face, and a golden blade floated a few inches in front of the boy’s chest.


    Chen Fan reached out and grabbed the handle of the blade.

    Suddenly, the long blade let out a cascade of light as it grew in size. Inside the Void Dimension, things were even more impressive as the blade’s blade aura was at full display.

    “Sth… Sth…”

    The Yin Snake had finally registered danger, and as it looked toward the blade, the blade had grown so big that its reflection had filled the enormous eye of the monster.

    The monster was startled, and it raised its scales as a dog would its hackles. It channeled a large amount of energy and spat them out at Chen Fan.

    “Get out of the way!”

    Everyone shouted at Chen Fan. Zheng Anqi had covered her eyes to avert the sight of another slaughter.

    Chen Fan calmly swept the blade in the air and uttered three words lightly:

    “Cut! Mountains! Rivers!”

    The Blade aura suddenly surged, and no words were able to describe its power.

    A golden line appeared where Chen Fan’s blade had sliced through the air. The line was so bright that it was as if Chen Fan had sliced open the very fabric of space.

    The golden line sheared off the snakehead as if a hot blade through butter. It’s iron scales and robust mussels simply melted upon contact with the golden thread.


    The Yin Snake let out painful shrieks as its head glided off of its neck smoothly. A violent gush of blood sprouted out from its headless body.


    The snakehead fell a few dozen meters from the sky and thudded heavily at the shore of the pond, splashing water a few meters high.

    The powerful monster was so deadly that it that had killed over a dozen humans. Yet it was killed by Chen Fan with a single sweep of the blade.

    He could trample the heaven in nine steps and kill a dragon with one strike—such was the power of the Celestial Lord.

    “Is he… a human?”

    The people outside of the valley watched everything with their own eyes. Old Bone Mu winced in disbelief.

    “He is not a human; he is an immortal!”

    A smile finally broke over Mr. Shi’s face, and the smile quickly turned into a laugher.

    He hadn’t laughed like this for a long time.

    “Such power!”

    Master Wu marveled.

    “It. It..”

    Sir Jiang Junior and his companions could only stare at Chen Fan. The meek and quiet boy beside Master Wu had killed the terrible monster with one strike!

    Zheng Anqi felt she was on a rollercoaster ride. A second ago she thought she was doomed, but a second later, the crisis was averted.

    Inside of her heard, many strong yet contradicting emotions roiled and mixed with each other.

    Contempt, doubt, surprise, despair, fear, delight and remorse.

    Embattled by these emotions, she stood quietly and studied the boy carefully.

    Finally, all the other emotions subsided, leaving only one: Anger.

    “Why didn’t you act earlier!”

    On November 3, 2007, Yin Snake was killed by Chen Fan at the Yin Dragon Pond.

    R.I.P Yin Snake.