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Chapter 68 - Mighty Mr. Shi

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 68: Mighty Mr. Shi

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    The Yin Dragon Pond was inside a valley surrounded by mountain peaks. Only a small section of the valley was visible from the outside.

    Once Chen Fan entered the valley, he saw two groups of people fighting against each other beside a pond.

    On one side of the pond was Zheng Anqi and her bodyguards and the other group was lead by an old man. As soon as the old man saw Master Wu, he shouted out: “Asshole Wu! How dare you lead these outsiders to our sacred land?”

    Everyone looked toward Master Wu; Zheng Anqi’s glare was laced with displeasure. Embarrassed, Master Wu’s face flushed red and explained: “Master Chen, they are my sect brothers.

    “The tall one is called Mu Hongshen, and the short fat one is called Yan Zhengze. I didn’t expect to see them here at all.”

    Chen Fan looked around at the two old men and noticed an unmistakable cast of Malic Qi about their countenance. It was apparent that they followed the same cultivation method as Master Wu and both of them had reached the mid-stage of the Foundation Establishment.

    Master Wu refuted, “Old-Bone Mu, I didn’t bring them here; they come by themselves.”

    The tall man burst out laughing.

    “Asshole Wu! Stop lying to me. My disciples had spotted you conspiring with this same group of people at the Double Dragon Village. My accusation didn’t come out of thin air.”

    Chen Fan was taken aback for a second, and suddenly realization dawned upon him: Zheng Anqi and her entourage’s conspicuous action shouldn’t have escaped the hears of the Yin Ghost Sect.

    Suddenly, a sharp female voice put in: “I don’t care what’s between you two. Move away!”

    She said as he gave Chen Fan an accusatory glare.

    Mu Hongshen and Yan Zhengze studied the half white and half Asian girl for a while and then furrowed their brows and asked: “Who are you? How do you know Asshole Wu?”

    The aviator sunglasses covered half of Zheng Anqi’s attractive yet distant face. She stood with pride and didn’t care to answer the question as if she was a superstar and the old man a paparazzi. After a few seconds, a rich young man accompanying Miss Zheng hurried to answer for her, “This is Zheng Anqi from the Zheng Family of Hong Kong. She is here on a business trip in Dong Du City.”

    “Zheng Anqi of Hong Kong?” The two old men snorted and then smirked.

    “I don’t care who you are; this is the traditional land of our sect. You are trespassing!”

    Zheng Anqi ‘s eyes lit up with anger.

    As the heir of the prestigious Zheng Family, she could not stomach the humiliation of two old fool from the countryside.

    A group of rich teenagers stood up for her.

    “Miss Zheng said to move away. Didn’t you hear her?”

    Sir Jiang Junior also remarked lightly, “Miss Zheng is here for important matters. If her business plan is spoiled, someone will have to be responsible!

    “My father is Jiang Jialiang of the Dong Du City. I wager you both know of him?”

    The two old men’s face paled slightly; everyone knew Jiang Jialiang and his influence around this neck of the woods.

    After a few cautious moments, they gathered themselves and said: “I don’t care who your father is. I never heard of Jiang Jialiang anyways.”

    “How dare you!”

    Sir Jiang Junior shouted, facing flushing red.

    “Miss Zheng is going to invest in our local economy; It’s an important matter for everyone who lives here. You two are stupid for not seeing this! Get out of the way, old fools!” Another rich teen shouted.

    “Yin Ghost Sect? Sacred Land? Haha. Do they live in a Wuxia Novel? What a wack job!” A young man shouted.

    No one had taken the two old men seriously.

    All these rich teenagers were from reputable families of the Dong Du City. They didn’t think that two old fools would be able to stop their actions.

    However, Zheng Anqi felt something was amiss.

    Everything had gone well before this point, almost too well. She wondered if it was by chance or by design that they happened to meet a capable guide in the Yin Dragon Pond. If it was a setup, the culprit could only be Master Wu and that teenage boy called Chen Fan.

    So thinking, she scanned around her, and the sight of confident and well-armed bodyguards quelled her nerves.

    As one of the richest families in Hong Kong, the Zheng Family went above and beyond to ensure their personal safety. All of her bodyguards carried firearms.

    The two old men laughed out loud in response to the teenagers. They said with a smirk: “Rich men of the Dong Du City, so what?

    “Your power is limited in the city, but out here in the wilderness, the natural elements could not be bought by money and your worldly power.”

    Sir Jiang Junior and his friends were threatened by the old man’s words. Their faces turned pale.

    Zheng Anqi shouted at Chen Fan hotly: “Did you set it up? Are you trying to screw me?

    “I have already promised to pay you for your labor. My family owns over tens of billions of assets; I won’t short your reward.”

    Chen Fan shook his head slowly, rendering Zheng Anqi at a lose.

    The old men were right; they were in a very tight spot. Unlike in the city where she could readily summon help, they were on their own in the unforgiving wilderness.

    Suddenly, Mu Hongshen shouted out in a booming voice: “Stop wasting time. Since you are here, you should stay and repent for your sins!”

    After he said that, he produced a Talisman from his pocket and pointed a finger in the air.

    Suddenly, a cloud of dark smoke rose from the talisman as the temperature dropped rapidly. The naturally chilly air around the pond was exacerbated by the effect of the spell. In a blink of an eye, the city folk felt they were in the middle of winter.

    “What is going on?”

    Sir Jiang Junior and his friends stared at the old men, frightened.

    The bodyguards were also taken by surprise, and none of them knew what to do.

    “Could it be that the old man really knows Dharma Spells?” A rich teen stammered.

    Everyone’s heart sank after hearing the teen’s remark.

    Many teenagers were shaken by the development. They thought they were on a field trip but never had they expected to encounter such a dangerous situation.

    Even Sir Jiang Junior started to tremble. He was still young, and he didn’t want to live the rest of his life in the middle of nowhere.

    Zheng Anqi’s face paled at the sudden turn of events.

    She knew of the Dharma Spells, Mr. Shi, for example, was well known for his Dharma Spells. However, she had always thought that the spells were nothing but a visual trick instead of the terrifying abilities on full display before her.

    She turned around and looked to Mr. Shi for help.

    “That’s enough!”

    Mr. Shi shouted and took a step forward. A green shimmer appeared in his eyes.

    He spoke in a stately voice, “Disciples of the Yin Ghost Sect, move away; otherwise I will rain death upon ye!”

    Old-bone Mu smirked and then put in, “My, my… one of our own kind.”

    Before he finished his words, he started the Dharmatic Art and spurred the dark smoke to plunge at Mr. Shi.


    Zheng Anqi shouted in fear. The teenagers around her were stunned by the frightening scene and froze in place.

    Mr. Shi shook his head and said calmly: “I have heard of your sect while I was in Hong Kong. I was told that your sect knew only some small tricks that can frighten ordinary people. After today’s encounter, It appears that the rumor was true. The small amount of Yin Qi you possess is laughable.”

    Even as he spoke, a green shimmer appeared around his body. Right before the dark smoke came into contact with its target, the green glow brightened tenfold and smothered the dark smoke. Mr. Shi immediately followed with more Dharmatic spells and shot a ray of pale green light at the old man.

    The ray of light traveling at incredible speed, and in the blink of an eye, it was right in front of Old-Bone Mu.

    Before Old-Bone Mu could react, he was hit with a deadly blow which paralized him instantly.

    It wasn’t until a few seconds later, the onlookers noticed that it wasn’t a green light at all, but a green vine. The vine had wrapped around the old man, restricting his movements.

    Yan Zhengze’s face hardened at the sudden turn of events. It was evident that Mr. Shi was a much more powerful cultivator than him; the thought of retreat crept into his mind.

    Mr. Shi walked past the crowd and came over to Chen Fan and Master Wu. He said calmly: “Master Wu, I had figured out your background a while ago. Since you are also from the Yin Ghost Sect, I wager you already knew quite a bit about the pond.

    “To be frank, the reason we are here is to retrieve an herb for the old man of the Zheng Family.

    “We will leave this place as soon as we obtained the herb. I promise! I hope you and your sect brothers could cooperate with us. It’s easier for both of us if you do.”

    Mr. Shi linked his arms behind his back and letting his stately announcement set in. No one dared to speak a word while Master Wu contemplated his options.

    Yan Zhengze looked to his senior Master Wu and saw the latter wore a wry smile as he looked to Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan kept his silence while gazing at the placid surface of the pond. No one knew what he was thinking while waiting for his decision.

    After a while, Mr. Shi’s patience was wearing thin. He asked hotly, “So, what’s the word?”

    Zheng Anqi gathered herself and shouted: “Mr. Shi, don’t let them off the hook so easily.”

    “They are all in this to set us up! Make them pay!”

    Both Old-Bone Mu and Yan Zhengze’s face darkened after hearing the girl’s words. Even as Mr. Shi was about to speak out again, a gush of water shot out from the pond as a dark shadow jumped out from the center of the waterspout.