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Chapter 66 - Heading To Yin Dragon Pond

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 66: Heading To Yin Dragon Pond

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    The next day morning, Chen Fan and the half white girl regrouped.

    During the meeting, Chen Fan learned that the girl’s name was Zheng Anqi, and her English name was Anna.

    Her father was Zheng Haochang, the second son of the famous magnet Zheng Zhongming of Hong Kong. Zheng Anqi was the daughter of Zheng Haochang and a western aristocrat mother. Zheng Anqi was not only the heir apparent of the Zheng dynasty but also the titles from her mother’s side.

    As of now, Zheng Anqi was a famous model and fashion designer. Although not a lot of people had ever heard of her name in mainland China, she was the idol of many teenagers from rich and powerful families.

    Zheng Anqi and her entourage joined Chen Fan and his company, and they drove five SUV’s toward their destination.

    Zheng Anqi looked at Chen Fan and A’Xiu incredulously and then asked Master Wu: “Wu, are you planning to bring these two kids with us?”

    She had spent a few days and investigated the background of Master Wu. She had learned that Master Wu did possess Dharmic powers. However, his abilities were a far cry from that of Mr. Shi.

    On the other hand, she knew nothing about A’Xiu and Chen Fan. They both looked like they were sixteen, and both seemed anything but extraordinary. She even consulted Mr. Shi who had confirmed her suspicion. Therefore, she was convinced that these two useless teenagers would be a hindrance rather than a help.

    However, Master Wu refuted hotly: “Master… Mr. Chen lives near the Yin Dragon Pond, and therefore he knows the land better than anyone. I am not going without him.”

    “Really?” Zheng Anqi flicked a suspicious look at Chen Fan.

    Although she was not from the mainland and was not familiar with the people of mainland China, she was not convinced that Chen Fan lived a secluded life deep inside a mountain.

    “That’s fine, just two more people, it’s not a big deal. Let’s move already.” Mr. Shi announced impatiently.

    As he spoke, he cast a suspicious glance at A’Xiu.

    The girl looked meek and fragile last week, but now she suddenly gained a deft and resilient bearing. Had she consumed that Essence of Thousand Pinewood?

    “What a waste!”

    Mr. Shi shook his head and lamented. However, the promise of obtaining a real Spirit Pill made him quickly forget about the Essence of Thousand Pinewood.

    The fleet drove out and toward the Dong Du City.

    After a few hours, the fleet of SUVs arrived at a toll station, and the cars pulled over to the side of the road.

    On the other side of the toll station was a group of rich teenagers driving expensive vehicles.

    As soon as Zheng Anqi got out of the car, some of those teenagers hurried to greet them.

    “Who are they?”

    “Some rich brats from Dong Du City.” Master Wu replied. “They must be here for Zheng Anqi.”

    Lo and behold, they scuttled past Chen Fan toward Zheng Anqi and surrounded her like a group of flies to a fruit-cake.

    Zheng Anqi crossed her arms and didn’t seem to be impressed by any of the teenagers.

    All the while, she held a cold countenance and offered scanty replies to the boys’ greetings. However, she could shoulder didn’t quell the boy’s enthusiasm.

    In their eyes, the lady of the Zheng Family was a drop-dead gorgeous. Half Asian and half white, she was as exotic as a girl could get. Even her breath which she scarcely wasted, smelled aristocratic and western like.

    Zheng Anqi was already used to the attention of boys.

    In her eyes, these teenagers are nothing but uncouth hillbillies. They were her pawns, cheap and expendable.

    After having exchanged a few words with the boys, she turned around and spoke to Chen Fan.

    “We are in Dong Du City now, can you show me where the Yin Dragon Pond is now?”

    Seeing Anna’s cold face, Chen Fan said unenthusiastically.

    “It’s in Double Dragon Village in Qishan County”

    Chen Fan’s cold attitude didn’t sit well with Zheng Anqi. She snorted hotly and grunted under her breath.

    “Humph! We will see who the last one smiling is.”

    As soon as she turned her head around, a few teenage boys shouted: “You are going to Qishan County? I know that place very well!”

    “I am from Qishan County myself, Miss Anna, let me show you the way.”

    Without waiting for consent, the boys rushed to their cars and started toward the Qishan County with Zheng Family’s fleet in tow.

    As soon as the fleet was off the toll road, the teenage boys called in two jeeps to drive ahead of them and clear the way. Seeing the impressive fleet that comprised solely of expensive vehicles, most drivers swerved to the side of the road to make way for the fleet.

    In less than three hours, they finally arrived at Qishan County.

    It was late in the day when they arrived, and therefore they had decided to stay in Qishan County for the night. The son of the richest man in the country was called “Sir Jiang Junior,” and he had booked the best hotel and ordered a banquet to be set up.

    Hearing about the arrival of Zheng Anqi, even the adults flocked to the restaurant to pay their respects and lobby for closer business ties.

    The desire for investments at the small counties was beyond anyone’s expectations.

    Zheng Anqi sat at the main seat with Sir Jiang Junior and the other magnates from Qishan County on her sides. Her blond hair and tall stature attracted the attention of all that were present at the table.

    Chen Fan and his company sat quietly in a corner and watched as the show unfold.

    “That’s the Zheng Family for you. Hoity-toity!”

    Master Wu said bitterly.

    Although he was a respected person in the Dong Du City, his prestige couldn’t compare with that of the Zheng Family.

    “Just eat your food.” Chen Fan said. He didn’t even lift his chopsticks once, as he only drank tea and ate nothing else.

    One of the Essence Gathering Pills would provide him enough sustenance to go for ten days.

    Suddenly, they saw that Zheng Anqi walked over toward them with a wine cup in her hand.

    A smile broke over her delicate face as she said in a musical voice: “Mr. Chen played a critical role in our mission. You have contributed directly to our success in establishing a bottle water plant here. And for that, I toast to your health!”

    After that, she poured the contents of the cup down her throat.

    Suddenly, everyone started to notice Chen Fan who had been sitting quietly in the corner so far.

    The princess of the Zheng family had barely smiled at any one of them, much less raising a cup in their names. Why would she suddenly cozy up to someone who was so insignificant?

    Chen Fan was amused by the development.

    The Zheng Family had masked their real intention by claiming that they were looking for a spring that was suitable for establishing a bottled water plant.

    Little did she know that there was so much Yin Qi inside of the water of the Yin Dragon Pond, an ordinary person would have got ill from the coldness once so much as a droplet touched their mortal lips.

    Seeing Zheng Anqi had initiated the toast, the rest of the businessmen hurried to follow suit.

    Drinking was an old tradition in the Zhong Zhou Province, and almost everyone could hold their liquor well. Therefore, they quickly ran out of liquor.

    Chen Fan gave Zheng Anqi a look and then shook his head: “I don’t drink.”

    Everyone was shocked, more so because who he had said it to than the fact that he didn’t drink.

    After a few awkward moments, Sir Jiang Junior walked over the Chen Fan and announced with a broad smile. “That’s ok; I can drink it for you. ”

    Sir Jiang Junior’s voice was laced with contempt thinking he was doing a no account a favor.

    However, Chen Fan sat still and announced calmly: “I said, no drinking.”

    The silence fell into the room again; this time it was more awkward than the last.

    The smile froze over on Sir Jiang Junior’s face; his eyes twitched with anger.

    Seeing that the boy had refused Sir Jiang Junior’s help, the rest of the guests shook their heads disapprovingly.

    This kid was too arrogant! Did he really think that the Zheng Family cared about him? He was just a pawn, a very expendable one while at it!

    Seeing the anger in Sir Jiang Junior’s eyes, a businessman called Liang hurried to break the silence.

    “Come on, Let’s toast for Sir Jiang Junior’s health! I will drink up first!”

    The businessman emptied his cup and willed Sir Jiang Junior to do the same.

    After Sir Jiang Junior had finished his drink, he slammed the cup on the table and stormed out of the room, leaving a gust of angry wind.

    Everyone looked toward Chen Fan sympathetically; they knew that Sir Jiang Junior wouldn’t let him off the hook easily.

    Even Zheng Anqi was taken aback by Chen Fan’s audacity. She wondered what had given the boy such unwavering confidence.

    “Maybe it’s the valor of ignorance.” She shook her head and decided to let the matter rest.

    She lived in a different world than Chen Fan, and therefore there was no need for her to waste her time thinking about Chen Fan’s trouble. After this mission, she would never see Chen Fan again.

    Once Sir Jiang Junior left the room, Master Wu said gravely: “Are you sure we need to do that?”

    Master Wu was from Dong Du City, and he knew at first hand the power of Jiang Family. If the Jiang Family wanted to, they could have kicked him out of the city there and then.

    “It’s fine. Don’t worry.” Chen Fan didn’t seem to be bothered at all.

    As a Celestial Lord who was regaining his power, he could not fear a mortal family, however powerful they were.

    After the banquet was over, they went to bed. The next day, they started toward Double Dragon Village, with Sir Jiang Junior in tow.