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Chapter 60 - The Glance That Took Five Hundred Years

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 60: The Glance That Took Five Hundred Years

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    Of all the Numinous Treasures, the Yin Crystals were perfect for replacing the deep sea stones and the pine driftwood in the Misty Mountain Array. With these crystals, Chen Fan could finally finish the array and speed up his progress toward the Ethereal Enlightenment stage.

    One might ask, what was the Ethereal Enlightenment? Although its exact nature was convoluted, its effects were clear: unlocking the Immortal Enlightenment.

    Once Chen Fan reached the Ethereal Enlightenment, he should be able to face off against any Transcendent Masters in the world easily. Then and only then, Chen Fan would have the ability to protect his loved ones from harm.

    “Your sect is located in Zhong Zhou Province and Dong Du City?” Chen Fan asked Master Wu.

    “Yes, yes.” Master Wu nodded vigorously.

    Chu Zhou City nodded slightly. There was no time to waste, as soon as he finished up his personal business at Chu Zhou City, he would leave for Zhong Zhou.

    Everyone watched as Chen Fan stood up, and no one dared to ask him where he was going.

    As soon as Chen Fan went through the exit, he was greeted by Miss Lu outfitted with an alluring smile on the other side. Behind her stood a brawny middle-aged man.

    “I am Lu Yanwu from the Lu Family. Nice to meet you, Master Chen.”

    Miss Lu put one leg ahead of the other and curtsied like a well-mannered lady from the antiquity period.

    Chen Fan nodded a reply and walked past her. His mind was preoccupied with the Yin Crystals and had no time to talk. Having been given the cold-shoulder by Chen Fan, Lu Yanwu stood speechless as shame and embarrassment crept onto her face. Never once had she been ignored by anyone.

    Even those high born ladies and lords would have to greet her back, because of her illustrious family’s ancestors.

    Plus, with her attractiveness, she didn’t even need her family’s influence to catch the young men’s attention.

    The Fourth Uncle comforted the girl, “My lady, please don’t mind him.

    “Master Chen had reached an impossible height in his career at such a young age; we would expect him to be a bit difficult to work with.”

    Lu Yanwu pondered a moment and then sighed.

    Since she was from a martial arts family, she knew better than anyone else the power of a Transcendent Master.

    Ye Nantian was a perfect example of a Transcendent Master and what they are capable of. He was able to dominate the entire Northern China during his prime. However, Chen Fan’s power was not any less than that of Ye Nantian.

    Unbeknownst to Chen Fan, his audience had mistaken his Diamond Art as the signature protective energy of the Four True Righteousness used by the Transcendent Masters.

    Although Chen Fan was not a real Transcendent Master, he was able to hold his ground against one.

    Chu Zhou City, Yun Wu Mountain…

    Jiang Churan walked toward Chen Fan while the latter stood by a cliff drop with his hands linked behind his back. He looked into the distance where the clouds sprawled across the vista.

    She paused a second and then asked, “Why do you want to see me?”

    “I want you to know that I am going to leave the Chu Zhou City for a while, I need you to deliver a message to Auntie Tang.” Chen Fan said lightly.

    “You are… leaving?” Jiang Churan was taken aback. She hurried a question, “Where, for how long?”

    “I am going to Zhong Zhou Province, Dong Du City. I could be as long as four months.” Chen Fan said.

    Jiang Churan felt fire burst inside of her.

    “Dong Du City? What are you doing there? So you won’t be back until the Chinese new year?”

    Jiang Churan continued with a sharp voice, “Your mother had sent you here to study and look what you have been doing? Working in the bar, and taking vacations for days on end!

    “And what is this now? Leave for four months? What about your study?”

    There was a sharp edge in her voice. “If you don’t put yourself together, you will never be good enough for Fei-Fei! You won’t even get into a university, much less keep on providing for Fei-Fei. Are you planning to mooch off Miss Wei for the rest of your life?”

    Then, her face softened a little, and so did her voice. “Don’t go, Chen Fan. Don’t be stupid.”

    Chen Fan shook his head and replied, “I have to. I have my reasons. ”

    Afterward, he handed a key to Jiang Churan.

    “This is the key to the mansion at the top of the mountain.

    “I knew Auntie Tang always dreamed of living in that mansion. It will be hers for the time I am gone. I said I would get her one of these mansions, and I always keep my word.”

    Chen Fan turned around and started off.

    “Chen Fan?

    “Come back, you!”

    Jiang Churan shouted at Chen Fan. Seeing Chen Fan had outright ignored her, she stomped the ground in frustration.

    She looked at the key and then cursed.

    “Are you still trying to fool me, loser?”

    However, she paused with the key in her hand for a while, hesitating.

    Reason told her that Chen Fan was just bluffing. However, she heard another voice from deep down, telling her to try to use the key.

    “I guess I could go up there and see for myself.”

    However, after much contemplation, Jiang Churan gave up with a sigh; she put away the key and started down the mountain.

    There were no talking frogs in the real world, and neither was she a princess.

    Magic kisses belong only in fairy tales, and in the real world, there was only one kind of magic: hard work. So far, she didn’t even see a tad bit of effort from Chen Fan to change his future for the better.

    Once Chen Fan reached the end of the mountain path, he pulled open the door of a black Mercedes and got in.

    Master Wu was already waiting for him inside the car. He asked respectfully,

    “Master Chen, are we going to Dong Du City right now?”

    Chen Fan had already bid farewell with Jiang Tanqiu and Wei Ziqin before he came to talk to Jiang Churan. He had asked Old Man Zhen to call the school and ask for a long vacation on his behalf. Since Old Man Zhen was one of the stakeholders of the school, the teachers gave Chen Fan the green light without raising an eyebrow.

    “No, not now, there is somewhere I need to be before we leave.” Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and said wistfully.

    They arrived at the entrance of the Foreign Language Academy in Jin City.

    Chen Fan got off the car and walked to a large tree beside the entrance. He stood and watched the boys and girls come out of the school.

    They were all his age, energetic and blessed with a bright future. They prattled and laughed with each other as they walked and frolicked out of the school.

    After a while, a graceful and elegant girl walked through the gate. She was no more than sixteen. However, her beauty was already budding.

    She was accompanied by a few attractive boys and girls. They surrounded her as worker bees would to their queen.

    The elegant girl didn’t notice the young boy under the tree; she bid farewell to her classmates and walked away.

    A luxurious race car pulled out of the school gate, and a young boy with a face that was tattooed into the dark side of Chen Fan’s brain emerged from the car. He offered a ride to the girl.

    The girl refused with a graceful smile. After exchanging a few words, they parted ways.

    The handsome young man didn’t seem upset by the girl’s rejection. Under many infatuated gazes of the other teenage girls, he got into the car and revved the engine before he was gone.

    Chen Fan didn’t pay attention to anyone else. He had dedicated this moment to the girl.

    He watched as she walked out of the school, waved goodbye to her friends, and refused the ride with the smile.

    As quietly as he had been so far, he watched as she eventually disappeared among the flood of people in the street.

    “Master, do you want me to catch up with her?”

    After a few cautious moments, Master Wu braved a question.

    “No need. I just wanted to see her face. ”

    Chen Fan shook his head and walked away.

    “Let’s go.”

    “I have waited for over five hundred years for this moment; I can wait a little more.

    “The next time I see you, I will have the power to protect you until the end of the time.”

    — I am back after five hundred years; There you stand with the same smile I loved.