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Chapter 59 - Hail To You, Master Chen

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 59: Hail To You, Master Chen

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    Chen Fan stood indifferently on the stage, while his audience was stunned by the development.

    To the audience, Lin Hu was an illustrious martial arts tycoon that had glorious titles. He was the Alaskan Tiger, the disciple of the Hong Sect’s Grand Master, and he was also revered as an expert in Internal Force.

    However, Chen Fan had defeated him like squashing a bug.

    Lin Hu was right about Chen Fan’s technique; it does not belong to mortals.

    The True Martial Thirty-Six Forms was a fighting technique used by the True Martial Sect’s disciples when they were in the Qi Refinement stage. This fighting technique was more powerful than any other martial arts technique in the mortal’s world.

    After Chen Fan had achieved Jade Bone, he was able to use seven out of the thirty-six form; enough even to deal with Lei Qianjue.

    Once a cultivator of Qi Refinement level had mastered all thirty-six from, he or she was able to defeat a grand cultivator at Connate Spirit level easily. However, Chen Fan was only at the mid-stage of the Foundation Establishment, and in order to master all thirty-six form, he would need to be at least the level of Divine Sea.

    That being said, the first three forms had already stunned the mortals watching his fight, particularly the last form, the Void Dimension Shockwave.

    Chen Fan scanned the crowd and noticed that all the businessmen, except for Xin Zhong on the platform had lowered their heads and didn’t dare to hold his gaze. Xin Zhong’s face was pale, he gave Chen Fan an ugly grin and said:

    “Master Chen, would you let me go?

    “What do you think?” Chen Fan linked his arms behind his back and took a step forward. In a blink, Chen Fan had flown himself to the edge of the platform.

    He walked slowly toward Xin Zhong and then said, “I have given you a chance during our last run in at the Chu Zhou City. But you had to spit on my goodwill and had invited Lin Hu to seek revenge on me. Now, why don’t you tell me what I should do with you?”

    Xin Zhong’s body trembled as Chen Fan inched closer toward him. Finally, he pulled out a gun and pointed it at Chen Fan’s head.

    “Don’t come any closer! I will shoot you!”

    “Do it.” Chen Fan didn’t stop.

    “I am going to shoot you! I will!” Xin Zhong’s hands were shaking, and so was his voice.

    Fourth Uncle shook his head and gloated at Xing Zhong’s impending doom. The gun would be a threat to anyone but Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan was not just any normal martial artist; he was a Transcendent Master!

    Even if he had not reached the Transcendent State, the power in his last move was not any less than that of a real one. What would a gun do to a Transcendent Master?

    Suddenly, Chen Fan shouted at Xing Zhong.

    “DO IT!”

    Xin Zhong was startled and he accidentally pulled the trigger.

    Surprised by the turn of events, everyone looked to Chen Fan to see if he was harmed.

    Most of them had never heard of anyone who could dodge a bullet.

    However, they would never forget the scene they saw next as if it was tattooed into their mind.

    They saw Chen Fan was covered with a faint golden glow, and even though the bullet hit the layer of golden energy, it was unable to penetrate the barrier. Instead, the elastic energy in the bullet caused a ripple on the energy shield.

    “Not even the gun can hurt him?” Those who still had a sliver of hope that they could defeat Chen Fan using modern weapons finally gave up.

    Fourth Uncle announced slowly, “Release the Internal Force, Fortify the Internal Strength! Such was the way of a Transcendent Master!

    “A Transcendent Master fears no guns.”

    Chen Fan brushed away the bullet that lodged into the barrier and said lightly:

    “How dare you?

    “I was going to let you live, but not anymore.”

    “No, NO… it was an accident!” Xin Zhong’s face was contorted by fear as he begged Chen Fan for his life.

    Chen Fan’s shot out one of his arms and threw the bullet back at Xin Zhong. The bullet landed squarely at the Xin Zhong’s head, like hammer delivering a death blow to a cattle.

    Master Wu could no longer hold back his fear. He dropped both knees in front of Chen Fan and implored:

    “Please, Master Chen. Spare me!”

    Chen Fan didn’t even grace him with a glance. He scanned the businessmen at the table again.

    Knowing they could no longer avoid acknowledging Chen Fan’s power, they reluctantly held Chen Fan’s gaze.

    Finally, Xu Ao broke the silence. He stood up and saluted to Chen Fan, “Thank you so much, Master Chen.”

    “From this day on, the gentlemen in the Jiang Bei Region will be at your service.”

    After Xu Ao had finished his words, Baldy Liu spoke up, “Hail to you, Master Chen.”

    “Master Chen, Master Chen!”

    One after another, the magnates at the table stood up and joined the chant.

    Some of them had reserved their respect for Chen Fan, thinking that modern weapons could easily kill the boy. However, after they had watched Chen Fan blocked a bullet, they couldn’t help but admire Chen Fan’s power.

    The world was big, but they doubted that they could find a second person who could do what Chen Fan had just done.

    They had no qualms with Xu Ao’s proposal of letting Chen Fan be their leader.

    Seeing all the powerful tycoons bowed to a young man, the audience beneath the platform was convinced that they would never forget what happened today for the rest of their lives.

    “He is a real man!”

    Many people heard the same voice in their mind.

    They knew that from now on, there would be only one dominant figure in the Jiang Bei region, and his name was Chen Fan.

    After the tournament was over, the tycoons and the audience left the stage for home. Accompanied by Yang Li and her friends, A’Xiu walked toward the village.

    Their hearts were filled with strong yet contradicting emotions.

    They were amazed by Chen Fan’s power, but they also feared Chen Fan’s revenge.

    Fear was particularly strong in Brother Zhang. He hated Xiao Wang for dragging him into this mess.

    Without Xiao Wang’s foolish encouragement, he would never have made a move on A’Xiu.

    However, it turned out that A’Xiu’s boyfriend was not just a no account; he was Master Chen, who was able to bend the will of powerful tycoons such as Xin Zhong. It would be as easy as squashing a worm for Chen Fan to deal with Brother Zhang: a lowly provincial Sanshou fighter.

    The promise of Chen Fan’s revenge hangs over Xiao Wang’s head like a sharp knife. He trembled from time to time and looked at his girlfriend with shifty eyes.

    His only hope in saving himself was the connection between Yang Li and Chen Fan’s cousin. He would have to beg his girlfriend, who he often sneered at for her uselessness, to save his life.

    Yang Li was taken aback by the development and started to take a long hard look at her boy friend’s motivation. It wasn’t long before she saw through Xiao Wang’s ruse. He was trying to set up Brother Zhang and Chen Fan’s girlfriend all along! What a fool! If Chen Fan was just an ordinary high school student, the worst harm he could do was a fall out in a relationship with Chen Fan.

    However, he was revealed to be the all mighty Master Chen, and he wouldn’t react too kindly to Xiao Wang and Brother Zhang’s scheme.

    Suddenly, a body of black suits stopped them, one of them said with a stoic face: “Master Chen wants to see you.”

    Struck by fear, Xiao Wang and Brother Zhang nearly collapsed to the ground.

    Yang Li managed to keep calm and replied, “Take us to him, please.”

    They met Chen Fan in a small courtyard.

    He sat in a chair and was fidgeting with a grey crystal between his fingers. He looked relaxed, and one would be hard pressed to see a mighty master in this teenage boy.

    Around him were the bosses from Jiang Bei. They all held a solemn cast on their faces and listened to Chen Fan’s airy remarks with a great measure of respect.

    Yang Li and her friends walked into the courtyard quietly, scarcely daring to breathe.

    Chen Fan said lightly.

    “Although A’Xiu was not my girlfriend, you had made a move on her nonetheless. What do you think I should do with you?”

    Xiao Wang and Brother Zhang quivered. Without much thought, they both dropped their knees and started begging for their lives.

    Yang Li also put in, “It’s all our fault, but please let them live for Yang Li’s sake!”

    “Let them live?” Chen Fan smiled. “Sure. But you are not allowed to tell my cousin what had happened today.

    “If you break your promise, I will see to it that you and your family will suffer. Do you understand? ”

    “Yes.” Yang Li answered. She knew that the lives of her entire family were at stake. Xiao Wang and Brother Zhang looked to Yang Li appreciatively.

    “Fine, you can leave now.” Chen Fan waved a dismiss. Everyone hurried out of the courtyard except for A’Xiu.

    “Master Chen, you are just going to let them leave?” Xu Ao asked incredulously.

    “I don’t want to waste my time on them. It isn’t worth it.” Chen Fan said lightly.

    After all, he didn’t care all that much about A’Xiu either.

    If it were Xiao Qiong whom they were scheming against, he would not let them leave alive.

    Afterward, He looked at another person kneeling on the ground in front of him.

    “Master Wu, how do I know you have told me the truth?”

    “My lord, if I had told you one single lie, I will be hit by a bus as soon as I walk out of here. Oh.. and so will my teacher and his teacher.” Master Wu swore, and then he continued, “It’s true that The Yin Dragon Pond in my sect produces Yin Crystals. However, due to its powerful Yin spirit, these crystals are only suitable for Ghost Reining and nothing else.”

    “Fine, I will let you live in exchange for this piece of information.” Chen Fan looked at the grey crystal in between his fingers and smiled. “I was worried that I would never be able to complete the Misty Mountain Array. But look what I found! Haha.”

    “Well, it looks like I will have to leave Chu Zhou City for a while.”

    He looked into the distance with glinting eyes. The meaning of his words escaped everyone around him.