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Chapter 49 - Xu Ao At The Door

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 49: Xu Ao At The Door

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    The remainder of the party was uneventful, and then it eventually ended on a pleasant note. Chu Minhui didn’t provoke Chen Fan even once, as he designed to keep up appearances before Xu Rongfei’s parents.

    Han Yun offered a ride to Chen Fan, which the latter politely refused.

    The next day morning, Chen Fan was walking along the lakeside path to school when a few black jeeps pulled over next to him. A brawny man with a pudgy face wearing a black suit walked over to Chen Fan and said, “Mr. Chen, our boss wants to have a word with you.”

    “Your boss?”

    Chen Fan looked to the direction where the pudgy face was pointed at. He saw a familiar figure standing next to the lake.


    When Chen Fan closed in, He realized that it was Xu Rongfei’s father who he met last night.

    Xu Ao!

    He stood by the lake, hands linked behind his back, and he was looking into the distance where the lake became the sky. Around him were a few bodyguards, including the old man Chen Fan saw last night.

    “You want to see me, Uncle Xu?”

    Chen Fan paused a few paces away from the man and asked calmly.

    Xu Ao face was indifferent and severe. Unlike the scholarly and tender father that he had been last night, he looked more like a powerful boss that ruled the city of Hai Dong.

    “What do you see from here?”

    Xu Ao asked faintly.

    Chen Fan looked into the distance and saw only the vast expanse of the lake. He thought about the answer for a moment and then replied, “I saw the Yan Gui Lake.”

    “Indeed. Misty, vast and makes one feel so small, doesn’t it?” Xu Ao lamented. Suddenly, his voice grew cold and sharp.

    “It might look big, but did you know that it is only the tenth largest lake in Hu Dong Province and was considered a small pond among all the lakes in China.”

    After he said that, he looked to Chen Fan and said: “Just like you. Although you can stand out in Chu Zhou City, you are insignificant on the stage of the Hu Dong Province. Just a tiny drop of water in the vast lake in front of us.”

    Chen Fan remained calm and asked. “Can you be more specific please, Uncle Xu?”

    “You know what I mean.” Xu Ao linked his hands behind his back and said contemptuously, “I need you to leave Fei-Fei alone.”

    “I agree you are an outstanding young lad in the Chu Zhou City, but you couldn’t compare with the brightest minds of the Hu Dong Province. ”

    Chu Minhui said faintly, “Do you think Chu Minhui is up to snuff?”

    “Humph! Even Chu Minhui has to prove that he is worthy of my daughter.” Xu Ao’s lips curved into a smile. “I would consider him only if he could rise to power in five years all by himself. Otherwise, I will not allow him to see my daughter.”

    Xu Ao turned to look at Chen Fan and said, “I know that you despise Chu Minhui and rightfully so.

    “Your father is from the Chen Family of the Jin City, while your mother ran a company at Zhong Hai city that’s worth a few hundred million. Plus, you were able to save Fei-Fei from the clutches of Zhou Tianhao.

    “Therefore, I agree that you are a better choice than Chu Minhui.

    “You have investigated me?” Chen Fan asked.

    Xu Ao laughed out loud and then said, “Why shouldn’t I. Fei-Fei is my only daughter, and I can’t just let her date anyone!

    “I know that you not only have a knack for martial arts but also are a friend of the Princess from Wei Family of the North Bank. In theory, you should have been a rightful candidate to date Fei-Fei.

    “However, things have changed since last night.” Xu Ao said firmly. “Now everyone knows she is MY daughter.

    “That makes you unworthy of her.”

    Xu Ao said the words slowly and firmly. He was convinced that he was right.

    “Oh? So how could I prove myself to you?” Chen Fan looked down and asked.

    “Your family needs to have at least a few billion yuan.” Xu Ao said calmly “As for ability, you can set a small goal first, for example, earn 100 million to start with!

    “But I don’t see that in you.” Xu Ao shook his head.

    “Although you appear to be very modest, deep down, you are arrogant to the extreme. Stubborn, inflexible, and unaccommodating. Your personality means that you are destined to fail when you enter the real world.

    “Now, you tell me, why would I be comfortable letting someone like you have my daughter’s hand?”

    After Xu Ao had finished what he had to say, he gazed at Chen Fan as if he had already seen through the boy.

    Chen Fan burst out laughing and then said, “Mr. Xu, that is all just your wishful thinking.

    “I have always treated Fei-Fei like my own sister, but no more.

    “You are right about one thing. I am a very proud, if not arrogant person. I not only look down on worldly power but also money.”

    Chen Fan’s face was calm; nothing could have disturbed his inner peace.

    “Really? What made you think so? Your family or your martial arts skill?” Xu Ao asked with a sarcastic smile.

    The real reason that he wanted to meet this young man was to pin him under his thumb so that he could recruit his talent. When the time was right, he would not only give him great responsibilities but also his daughter if he performed well enough.

    However, after talking to Chen Fan, he realized that the boy was even more arrogant than he had expected.

    “My power is beyond your imagination. My father-in-law was the former boss of Chu Minghui’s father.

    “Everyone in Hai Zhou is at my command. When I say jump, everyone shouts how high!

    “Master Gu, for example. He is the old gentleman right next to me. He is a descendant of one of the oldest martial arts family. He could easily defeat ten of you at one time.”

    Xu Ao said slowly.

    “I know you wouldn’t be able to imagine what it is like; after all, you are just a sixteen-year-old boy. What could you have achieved?”

    Xu Ao ended his rant with a cold grunt.

    He was angry at Chen Fan for being unwilling to admit his limitations. Although The boy insisted that he had more tricks up his sleeve, Xu Ao quickly dismissed him with hard facts.

    If he were really more powerful and resourceful than he seemed, he wouldn’t need Wei Ziqin to rescue him when he was embattled at the auction.

    Chen Fan replied calmly, “Mr. Xu, all those things you have mentioned were troubles that I could solve with one single sweep of a blade. ”

    “A sweep of a blade?” A broad smile broke over Xu Ao’s face.

    He shook his head as he gathered himself “Chen Fan, you are not the first teenage boy to dream that you could solve everything using violence. I did too. However, let me tell you something. The world follows the rules and if you don’t follow them, you will very quickly be abandoned and forgotten.

    “Anyways, you still have a long way to go. If you manage to think it through, come talk to me. ”

    Xu Ao waved a dismiss at Chen Fan before he started off.

    None of his bodyguards had moved while they were talking, much less interrupted their conversation. It was evident that Xu Ao’s men were better trained than that of Zhou Tianhao. After all, Xu Ao was the top boss in the entire Jiang Bei region.

    When the old man named Gu walked passed Chen Fan, he shot Chen Fan a glance and then shook his head.

    “What happened to the kids nowadays? Lord Xu was going to offer you an opportunity of a lifetime, but he had ruined it all.

    “If you came under Lord Xu’s protection, it would further your status by at least twenty years.

    “If I had the same opportunity as you did, I would not just be a bodyguard now.”

    Chen Fan replied with an even voice:

    “We are different. His offer might seem like a life-changing opportunity, but to me, it’s worthless.”

    “Humph! How arrogant!”

    The old man’s face hardened and walked away after he let out a snort.

    After everyone was gone, Chen Fan shook his head and looked to the Yan Gui Lake.

    “Your limited vision only makes you see China, and therefore you knew that the Yan Gui Lake was a small pond when compared to all lakes in China.

    “However, I can see far further than you. I can see China, the earth, and the entire universe. Your puny power was less than a grain of sand in my eyes…”

    “You might be rich and talented, but you are a mortal, and in my eyes, a mortal does only one thing: die. But I am different; I will live until the end of time.”

    The old man pulled open the car door and hopped in.

    “Hasn’t he change his mind?” Xu Ao asked calmly.

    “This kid is as stubborn as a mule!” The old man heaved a sigh and shook his head.

    “Never mind then. I have already extended an olive branch, but he had refused it, Fei-Fei should not blame me in the future for objecting to her relationship with him ” Xu Ao pulled a taut face, and then said, “I have heard that Xin Zhong was going to bring a tough fighter to this year’s Martial Arts Tournament, is that true? ”

    “Yes, Lord Xu.” One of the men sitting in the passenger seat replied. “We have confirmed it with our source at Tian He City.”

    “Xin Zhong had invited a champion from overseas. He is fawning over this martial artist as if he was the high lord of the la la land. This fighter has sworn to win all fights during the tournament.”

    “Humph! What an arrogant fool!” Xu Ao sneered in his mind. He looked to the old man and said. Master Gu, I will have to count on you during the tournament. ”

    “Rest assured, Lord Xu. Although I am old, I will teach these youngsters a lesson before I finally kick the bucket.”

    “Thank you, Master Gu.” Xu Ao nodded approvingly.