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Chapter 42 - Over Sea Hong Sec

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 42: Over Sea Hong Sect

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    "Brother Xi, why are you…" Brother Dong's face turned black. Brother Xi was an influential assistant serving under The Third Lord of Wei.

    "Mr. Chen is The Third Lord's guest. Why? Have you offended Mr. Chen?" Brother Xi asked with a big frown.

    Brother Dong lowered his head and murmured, "Er…"

    Compared to The Third Lord of Wei; Brother Dong was so low on the totem pole that The Third Lord of Wei wouldn't even grace him with an audience. If Chen Fan really was The Third Lord's guest, Brother Dong was in big trouble.

    "I am sorry Mr. Chen. I am so ignorant that I didn't even recognize Mountain Tai."

    "Remember, if I hear anything unpleasant happening in the Coco bar, I will come to find you." Chen Fan said thinly.

    "Yes, yes. I got it!" Brother Dong felt icy sweat slid down on his back as he cursed his luck in his mind.

    However, at this point in time, he scarcely dared to breathe much less protest against Chen Fan.

    Seeing Brother Dong had shriveled like a worm, Sister Ding-Ding and Boss Yang were so scared that their legs started to tremble. They didn't speak a word, fearing to catch Chen Fan's attention.

    Little did they know that Chen Fan didn't want to waste any more time on these petty grievances. He nodded to Sister Yin and then was through the exist under many incredulous stares.

    As soon As Chen Fan left the bar, the crowd boiled over.

    "OMG! What did I see? Brother Dong apologized to a high school student?"

    "That guy is so bad-ass! I saw him many times working here as a waiter; I never thought that he would have such powerful connections here in the city."

    "No kidding! I had been his coworker for nearly a month now; never did I see that in him."

    Customers and the employees of the bar exchanged their opinion excitedly. They had just witnessed a rare and exhilarating sight of the weak overcoming the strong. A moment ago, Brother Dong was swollen with pride, and a moment later, he was on his knees and pleading for his life.

    Brother Dong's face flushed red as embarrassment and anger roiled inside of him. He gave both Boss Yang and Sister Ding-Ding an accusatory look before he was through the door.

    Chen Yin was going to call out to Brother Dong and offer some solace, but she thought better of it. She realized that the power dynamic between the two of them had changed. If Chen Fan really was The Third Lord of Wei's friend, then she doubted that Brother Dong would ever come to her bar again.

    "Xiao Qian, are you sure that is your friend?" Xiao Qian glanced at Jiang Tanqiu suspiciously.

    Jiang Tanqiu was taken aback by the development as well.

    Sitting beside the two, Senior Qi pulled a taut face as his mind raced.

    Being an honored guest of the Third Lord Wei was not a small feat for someone seemingly so ordinary.

    So thinking, he glanced at Xiao Qian and Jiang Tanqiu with knotted brows. Senior Qi knew Jiang Tanqiu was also interested in Xiao Qian. However, he had never taken the fledgling seriously.

    However, he felt a sense of threat after learning that Jiang Tanqiu had such a powerful friend.

    Chen Fan was led into a black Benz, and a few minutes later, they arrived at the Hidden Dragon Villa.

    He found a group of people were already there waiting for him at the entrance, among them were the Third Lord of Wei.

    He was in a cab the last time he came to his villa, and no one was at the front gate to receive him. However, this time, not only he was in an expensive vehicle, but his host had also rolled out the red carpet for him.

    "Master Chen, you are finally here!"

    As soon as Chen Fan emerged from the car, he was greeted by the Third Lord of Wei's ingratiating smile. Another familiar face was behind the Third Lord of Wei: Guo Wei from the Wei Shen Martial Arts School.

    Chen Fan greeted them with a warm smile.

    The two were flattered by Chen Fan's friendliness, and their fake smiles softened into that of a sincere welcome.

    "Master Chen, please come in."

    Even as Chen Fan walked over the threshold, he asked curiously, "Why is Mr. Guo with the Third Lord?"

    Guo Wei bowed slightly and then replied, "I am here to learn the update on Brother Hao's research on Linbao's background. Well, the Third Lord just happen to be here. We brief the Third Lord about what had happened at the Lake Heart Island. He was mad at us for not informing him about it as soon as possible, and he insisted on including you in today's meeting. "

    The Third Lord of Wei chimed in. "No kidding, I blame Xiao Hao! If he had told me about you as soon as possible, I would have met you much earlier."

    "It's my bad, sorry everyone. I will buy everyone a drink !" Brother Hao confessed.

    Greetings over, everyone walked to the banquet table and sat down. Chen Fan looked to Guo Wei and asked.

    "Mr. Guo, what's the update on Linbao?"

    Guo Wei nodded, and then said, "Ever since Brother Hao asked me to investigate Linbao, I had to pull some strings from inside of the Xin Yi Sect. In the end, I finally learned something valuable from a sect member who used to run a sect branch overseas.

    "Linbao was a lay disciple of the grand master Lei Qianjue from the Oversea Hong Sect."

    "The Oversea Hong Sect, Lei Qianjue?" Chen Fan furrowed his brows.

    "I thought the Hong Sect had been disbanded a long time ago?"

    "They have disappeared in China, but they are still the number one underground organization overseas." Guo Wei lamented.

    "The friend I was talking to also practiced the Hong Fist. He wanted to open a Martial Arts School overseas, and he learned that he would need the permission of the Hong Sect. Not only that, he later found out that nearly all-powerful leaders in the overseas Chinese community are members of the Hong Sect."

    "Really?" Chen Fan exclaimed incredulously.

    "Indeed! My overseas connection also told me that back in the early days, Chinese immigrants were discriminated against by their host country, and therefore, they needed a powerful protector. Hong Sect happened to be the most powerful organization at the time, and everyone sought protection under its wings." The Third Lord of Wei said as he nodded.

    "What is the rank of Lei Qianjue within the Hong Sect?" The Third Lord asked.

    Guo Wei smiled wryly and then said, "This is where things get complicated. Lei Qianjue is well respected overseas and was considered one of the very few grandmasters outside of China. I have heard that even the Chairman of the Hong Sect would have to address him as ‘Brother Lei' respectfully. "

    Everyone's face darkened once they have heard Guo Wei's words.