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Chapter 41 - The Third Lord’s Invitation

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 41: The Third Lord’s Invitation

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    The girl who called Chen Fan out was the star of the bar: Sister Ding-Ding

    Chen Yin stood right beside Ding-Ding. Her face was overwrought when she saw the trouble Chen Fan was in.

    Having watched the development from the beginning to the end, Xiao Qian exclaimed incredulously: “Xiao Qiu, your friend is so… boorish. I have never seen an employee beat up a manager before.”

    Jiang Tanqiu smiled smugly and said: “You bet. This friend of mine was good at nothing but fighting. He had defeated a Taekwondo black belt at school.”

    When Senior Qi saw the man on the second floor, he pulled a taut face and shook his head. “Things are about to get more complicated. Did you see that man on the second floor?”

    “Yeah?” Jiang Tanqiu paused for a second and then replied.

    The man was behind the two girls. However, he stood right in the middle of the two. It was evident that the man was the one calling the shots. He wrapped one arm around Ding-Ding’s waist and looked down at the commotion with an angered face.

    “That is Brother Dong.” Senior Qi said under his breath.

    Jiang Tanqiu and Xiao Qian were taken aback by the revelation. They had just spoken of the devil, now there he was.

    “Good, that rude brute will finally learn a lesson.” Xiao Qian gave Jiang Tanqiu a look as she gloated at Chen Fan’s impending doom. Jiang Tanqiu’s face paled as hesitation gleamed in his eyes.

    Boss Yang struggled to his feet and hurried to clamber up to the second floor as if those three people on the landing was his saviors.

    “Brother Dong, help me!

    “This asshole had slapped me a dozen times. Look at my face!” Boss Yang sobbed.

    Displeasure etched onto Brother Dong’s hard face as he saw how much Bosses Yang’s face had swelled up.

    The crowd on the first floor filled with surprise when they heard Boss Yang call the man “Brother Dong.”

    “Is he Brother Dong?”

    “Brother Dong of the University District? He is the real boss of all business around this area.”

    “Shit, shit! What is going to happen to Xiao Fan?”

    Some waitresses who were friends with Chen Fan shuffled their feet nervously.

    “Sister Yin, It is all my fault, please leave Xiao Fan out of this,” Ziqi spoke out bravely after taking a deep breath.

    All of her friend’s faces darkened. One of them tugged her sleeve and said, “What are you doing? You are going to get yourself killed!”

    “Xiao Fan hit Boss Yang because of me. I can’t let him be responsible for everything. He is just a student.” Resolution flickered in Ziqi’s eyes, despite her shaky voice.

    Before Chen Yin could utter a word, Brother Dong spoke up.

    “Are you Chen Fan? I have heard of you from Sister Yin.

    “You see, If you had hit anyone else, I wouldn’t get involved since you have saved Sister Yin’s life. However, Xiao Yang is my inlaw, and also my man in the Coco Bar. He is your manager for god’s sake, how could you beat him up like this? Tell me, what do you think I should do with you?”

    Blood drained out of Sister Yin’s face after she heard Brother Dong’s words, she managed a smile and then said:

    “Brother Dong, Xiao Fan is still a kid; please give him one more chance.”

    “One more chance?” Sister Ding Ding said in a sharp voice. “Everyone knew that Boss Yang is Brother Dong’s man. Therefore, Chen Fan didn’t just beat up Boss Yang, but he also slapped Brother Dong in the face.

    “Am I right, Brother Dong?”

    After she was done, her body seemed to have melted into Brother Dong’s arms. An approving smile broke over Brother Dong’s face.

    Brother Dong’s name is Liu Zhengdong. He was well known for his revengefulness and inflated ego.

    Chen Yin’s heart sank once she saw the sadistic smile on Brother Dong’s face. She kept her silence and regarded Chen Fan helplessly.

    Although she owned the bar, without the “protection” of Brother Dong, she would not be able to run a business in this district.

    “Xiao Fan, just lower your head and apologize. That way, at least I can save your life!” Sister Yin screamed in her mind.

    However, the situation took a bad turn very quickly.

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and looked at Liu Zhengdong with a cold smile.

    “What should you do?”

    “It’s very easy, just apologize to me, Ziqi as well as all the other workers in the bar, and then get the fuck out of Coco. ”

    “What did you say?”

    Brother Dong thought his ear had played a trick on him. He smirked at Chen Fan incredulously.

    The girls around Chen Fan were terrified by what they heard. Ziqi threw herself at Chen Fan and shouted.

    “Are you crazy? That is Brother Dong!”

    “Xiao Fan, Apologize, NOW!”

    Chen Yin chastised Chen Fan immediately, and then she gave Brother Dong an imploring look.

    “No, go on. I want to hear what he has to say.” Brother Dong waved a dismissively at Chen Yin as he smiled at Chen Yin sarcastically. “What else? Do tell. I am a reasonable man, you know.”

    Everyone squeezed their eyes at Chen Fan, warning him not to fall for the trap.

    Chen Fan ignored the warning and played along.

    “Other request?

    “Why-of course! You can give up your shares in all the bars right now and sell it to me.”

    Chen Fan said lightly

    “You want to kick me out of the business?”

    Brother Dong pointed a finger at himself as he stared at Chen Fan as if he was looking at a deranged madman.

    “That’s right. You better do it before I change my mind. If I were you, I would get the hell out of the University District while you still can.”

    Chen Fan was already planning to quit his job, so he decided to give Sister Yin and all of his friends at the bar one last gift that will keep on giving.

    By then, not only Brother Dong but nearly everyone in the bar was convinced that Chen Fan had gone mad.

    Liu Zhengdong could no longer hold back the anger inside of him, so he slammed the railing of the landing with a giant palm and grinned.

    “Kid, I wanted to spare your life for the sake of Sister Yin. However, it appears that I will have to teach you a hard lesson after all.

    “I, Liu Zhengdong had never met anyone who dared to talk to me like this after I pledged my liegance to Zhou Tianhao.”

    “Yes, yes! Brother Dong, this kid is getting out of control, kick him out of here!”

    Boss Yang said vehemently.

    Seeing all hopes were lost, Sister Yin closed her eyes and didn’t want to witness what was going to happen next.

    That’s it, Chen Fan had asked for it himself. Brother Dong was never going to let it slide because it was going to make him look weak. He needed to make an example of the Chen Fan and let others know what would happen to his challenger.

    “Why are you so full of yourself?”

    Sister Yin lamented in her mind.

    Suddenly, Jiang Tanqiu stood up and said: “I can’t let Chen Fan do it alone!”

    Xiao Qian hurried to stop him from walking over to the commotion.

    “Sister Qian-Qian, he is my friend!” Jiang Tanqiu said with a pained face.

    Xiao Qian didn’t reply; she turned her head to look at Senior Qi.

    Senior Qi thought for a while and then shook his head. “I might be able to rescue your friend if he didn’t challenge Brother Dong openly. It’s too late now; no one can help him.”

    “Did you hear that, Xiao Qi? Sit down and shut up!”

    Xiao Qian put in. She didn’t like Chen Fan, and therefore she was relieved that Senior Qi was not going to get involved.

    Jiang Tanqiu stood still and was not sure what to do.

    Suddenly people heard loud din came from the entrance of the bar. A man pushed his way through the crowd and walked over to Chen Fan.

    He was an ordinary looking man with a buzzcut.

    Brother Dong hurried to the first floor and welcomed him.

    “Oh my, brother Xi, what has brought you here?”

    Seeing Brother Dong’s unctuous smile, everyone wondered who was this mysterious guest.

    Even as everyone wondered about the identity of the man, he pushed Brother Dong to the side, walked over to Chen Fan and then bowed deeply.

    “Mr. Chen, The Third Lord invites you to a banquet.”

    Brother Dong could only stare as his mind reeled.

    “What the heck is happening?”