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Chapter 39 - Reunion

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 39: Reunion

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    Old Man Zhen’s words suddenly reminded everyone of the reason they were here in the first place.

    The fraud had been exposed, but what’s next? What were they going to do with the Eight-Trigrams-Plate?

    They came here to bid on the Dharma Artifact, and so they did. Xin Zhong had purposely jacked the offer to forty-five million yuan: it was enough to buy an entire residential community or a three-star hotel back in 2007.

    However, it turned out that the Eight-Trigrams-Plate was not exactly what they were hoping for, and it was on the last leg of its shelf life. Although it contained magical power, the power was nearly depleted; in other words, this plate was just one use away from being useless.

    Chen Fan said lightly: “At most, it could be used twice.”

    Hearing his words, everyone heaved a sigh of disappointment.

    Everyone had felt the magical effect of the Eight-Trigrams-Plate first hand, and they all agreed that this type of effect was more palatable to businessmen than Chen Fan’s combative art.

    “Xin Zhong is an asshole! How dare he fool us with such a piece of junk!” Third Lord of Wei slapped his thigh and complained vengefully.

    Of all the people that attended the auction, he was the most determined to claim the “piece of junk.”

    Although he had just celebrated his fortieth birthday, over drinking and debauchery and taken a toll on his health, by then, even the sixty year old Zhen looked healthier than him.

    “It’s alright.” Chen Fan said calmly. “The Dharma Array in the Eight-Trigrams-Plate was hastily made, and its effects are mediocre at best. I can create a much better version of the Dharma Artifact.”

    Everyone gaped at Chen Fan after he had dropped the bomb on them.

    Boss Yan almost shouted at him. “Master Chen, Did you just say that you can make a Dharma Artifact?”

    Chen Fan cracked a smile and unhitched the jade talisman from his belt and placed it on the table.

    The Jade Talisman had immediately caught everyone’s attention. They knew that it was the tool that Chen Fan had used to defeat Master Wu. This was the real deal.

    Guests had noticed the tiny inscriptions that sprawled over the surface of the jade gleamed with a golden luster. The golden glow brightened and dimmed repeatedly like waves in the ocean. It was as if the jade was alive, and the flashes of the golden glow were its pulse. When Chen Fan initiated the Spirit Gathering Array, a white mist permeated the entire courtyard and was getting thicker by the second. Slowly, those guests who were surrounded by the mist felt exhilarated as if their body was being recharged with energy.

    “This jade talisman was made from one of Boss Wei’s collection. I spent a few days to refine it into its current state.”

    Chen Fan spoke.

    Everyone was deeply shocked by what they have heard. They looked toward the Third Lord of Wei and were perplexed as to why this idiot would let such a treasure go. More importantly, where did he get it from?

    Uncle Lin stepped in and explained in detail what had happened at the auction.

    Everyone was very impressed by Chen Fan once again after they have heard what Uncle Lin had to say.

    Even though Chen Fan had demonstrated that he could control lightning, the rich tycoons of the Chu Zhou City conceded that they would rarely have a use for Chen Fan’s violent ability. Plus, without learning the abilities themselves, they could not directly benefit from Chen Fan’s art. However, it was an entirely different ball game if Chen Fan was able to produce these artifacts so that they, too, could benefit from his spells.

    “Master Chen, please tell me your offer. I want no more than a replica of the Eight Trigrams Plate.” Boss Yan was the first one to speak up. He looked at Chen Fan expectantly as if his life rested on the boy’s decision.

    The other businessmen also joined in as they topped each other’s offer. Soon, it had turned into a bidding war, and Chen Fan didn’t have to wait long before the offer reached five hundred million.

    “Well, I don’t need your money. If you can find me a top-quality jade, I will create a Dharma Artifact for you for free.” Chen Fan finally broke his silence and interrupted the squabbling businessmen.

    After hearing Chen Fan’s decision, they all nodded appreciatively.

    “Don’t worry, Master Chen. I promise I will find you the best jade the world has to offer!”

    The other wealthy gentry of the Chu Zhou City chimed in to boost their determination to find the jade. A piece of perfect jade would be an insignificant price for a magical Dharma Artifact. Even The Old Man Zhen joined in and swore that he would be the first person to bring Chen Fan the jade.

    Chen Fan cracked a smile.

    Money meant nothing to him. However, a supreme-grade jade was extremely useful. Even if he had the money to buy one, most of these jades were locked up in the safe of the rich families and would never be sold on the market.

    However, most of the attendees were business tycoons, and therefore, they knew where to look and could reach their hands into places where others couldn’t.

    When Chen Fan started creating the jade talisman, he thought of making a few more for his family. However, that was impossible without crafting material. He would be very pleased if this group of rich men were able to help him solve the problem.

    After Chen Fan had made a deal with the local gentry, he left the banquet. As soon as Chen Fan was gone, the guests started making calls to solicit for the supreme-grade jade.

    After a few days, The October 1st National Holiday arrived. Chen Fan decided to go back to Si Shui County and visit his parents.

    However, after he talked to his dad, he was told to stay at Chu Zhou City and focus on his studies since neither mother nor Sister were going to be home during the holiday.

    Chen Fan then received a phone call from Sister Yin. Sister Yin wanted him to work at the bar due to a large number of customers visiting the bar during the holiday.

    He had been thinking about quitting his job at the bar since he had already secured a few hundred million yuan plus a mansion in the mountain.

    However, before Chen Fan officially gave Sister Yin the resignation letter, Chen Fan had to work.

    The Coco bar was jam-packed during the holiday, and one night, when he was delivering a bottle of wine to a customer, he heard a familiar voice calling out to him.

    “Chen Fan?”

    He turned around and saw his desk mate Jiang Taniu staring at him with surprise.