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Chapter 37 - Fear Me

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 37: Fear Me

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    Of the three spells held in the Jade Talisman, the Arcane Bulwark of Thunder was the most powerful. It was able to ward off harm from Yin Soul, Spirit Entity, Malice Qi, and Immortal Will.

    As soon as Chen Fan summoned the thunder, the dark spirit in the mist let out a pained shriek before it turned on its heels. However, a cultivator’s spell could not be easily outran.

    Chen Fan held the lightning bolt and hurled it at the dark mist.


    The lightning bolt snaked through the air and hit its target. The dark mist was defenseless before such power and disappeared into thin air the moment it was dealt a blow. However, the lightning didn’t disappear; it passed through the mist and hit the clay urn clutched in Master Wu’s arms.


    Master Wu screamed and collapsed to the ground. The lightning bolt had pulverized the clay urn, turning it into a puff of dust.

    The roaring of the thunder swept through the room as windows and the glasses on the table shivered into pieces. It was as if a wild typhoon had just ravaged through.

    “The Thunder Art of the Heavenly Master Sect?” Master Wu exclaimed, his hair stood upright due to the static current; soot smeared all over his face and hands.

    Fear flickered in Master Wu’s eyes as they looked at Chen Fan like rabbits would to a tiger. Seeing another thunderbolt had already formed in Chen Fan’s hand, Master Wu ditched any plan of counterattack as he clambered onto his knees and started to kowtow to Chen Fan.

    “Master, master! Please, forgive me! I will never do it again. Please!”

    Master Wu was terrified by Chen Fan’s display of power and fear had rendered him defenseless. The only thing he could think of was to kneel and beg for forgiveness.

    Under everyone’s fearful eyes, Chen Fan took a step forward and said:

    “I have broken your spell; do you have a problem with that?”

    “No, no, no! I have no problem!” Master Wu said in a shaky voice.

    Chen Fan took another step and announced:

    “I have destroyed your Dharma Artifact. Do you have a problem with that?”

    “No! No Problem!” Master Wu nodded vigorously.

    One more step. Chen Fan towered above Master Wu and shouted down at him: “I have ruined your reputation, spoiled your business and forced you to beg me on your knees. Do you think you deserve that?”

    “I do! I deserve everything one hundred percent!” Master Wu’s forehead was already bleeding from kowtowing too hard. His voice was desperate and saddening.

    “Since you have realized your mistake, I will spare your life for now.

    “Now Fuck off! If I ever see you again in the Chu Zhou City, I will pulverize you just like I did to that clay urn!” Chen Fan said as the cracking lightning bolt in his hand finally disappeared. He looked down at Master Wu like looking down at a worthless worm.

    “Yes. Yes. Yes.”

    Master Wu pushed himself to his feet and fumbled through the exit.

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind him and looked to Xin Zhong and Boss Gu.

    Although Xin Zhong was a business tycoon in the northern bank of the Yangtze River, Chen Fan’s seemingly calm gaze unnerved him. He felt icy sweat slide down his back as both legs started to tremble.

    Master Wu was not just a nobody, he could kill people from afar, and his skills had earned him a great reputation. However, Chen Fan’s power had dominated Master Wu so completely that Master Wu didn’t have a chance to fight back. Xin Zhong was just an unenlightened mortal, and he knew he would be easily crushed by an opponent who could summon thunder on a whim.

    “Master… Master Chen… In a … civilized society, killing is against the law.”

    Blood drained from his face. Xin Zhong pushed against the table with both hands to support his body as he stammered out a few words.

    “What happened to Mister ‘I-am-so-full-of-myself’?” Chen Fan asked sarcastically.

    The question made Xin Zhong’s hairs stand on end, and he thought his swelling heart was going to jump out of his chest.

    “Master Chen, please forgive me! I will give you anything you want.” Xin Zhong lowered his head and pleaded for his life.

    A moment ago, Xin Zhong was still on his high horse, but a moment later, he was begging a sixteen-year-old high school student to spare his life. The sudden turn of events had filled the other attendees’ hearts with contradicting emotions.

    No one had taken Chen Fan seriously when they first saw him. When they had learned that he was just a high school student working in a Bar, many of them even laughed at him as if he was a joke.

    However, then and there, they saw Chen Fan command the power of thunder, defeat Master Wu and then forced Xin Zhong to beg him, yet, no one in the hall dared to speak out against Chen Fan.

    Despite the hundreds of millions of yuan each of these tycoons had, they were worthless before Chen Fan.

    “Now, that is what I call a powerful man.”

    Old Man Zhen clutched the chair as he was deeply impressed by the boy.

    He had seen people with more illustrious achievements on paper than Chen Fan —some of them were even on Forbes’s List—but none of them had Chen Fan’s bearing and demeanor.

    Only those who had the real power at their disposal would have those imposing and overbearing qualities about them. The real power was beyond money and politics since, during the crucial moment of life or death, neither of those could be counted on.

    Han Yun gaped at Chen Fan. A minute earlier, Master Wu was swollen with arrogance and thought he could never be defeated. Then, he was on his knees and begging for his life. Even the Kingpin of the Tian He City had lowered his head and pleaded to Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan swelled with pride, and no one dared to look at him directly in his eyes.

    “I had always thought that it was your friendship with Wei Ziqin that lent you your courage to stand up against Chu Minhui. But I finally see your real power. You didn’t need a protector at all!”

    Han Yun exclaimed in her mind. She could not believe that the ordinary boy stood before her, was the same lightening wielding immortal who she saw just a moment ago.

    With such power, no wonder he dealt with Chu Minhui and Li Yichen with such a degree of levity.

    No wonder he didn’t even show the slightest concern before powerful magnates such as The Third Lord of Wei, Old Man Zhen, and Boss Yan.

    No wonder he was able to remain calm when Master Wu was swelling with arrogance and contempt.

    It turned out that his protector was his power. With the lightning bolt in his hand, he held the life of his enemy in his palm. By then, Han Yun felt that Chen Fan was more charming than the most handsome looking boy she had ever met.

    “It is true that fortune favors the fools. That silly girl, Xu Rongfei, had somehow stumbled upon a piece of real gold. Why didn’t I see through his facade and snatch him before Xu Rongfei could sink her claws into him? Nonetheless, I still have time, and there is still hope.”

    Han Yun lamented. She knew that after today’s event, Chen Fan would no longer live as an ordinary teenager; he would become one of the most influential people in the Chu Chou City.

    His power was under full display before the tycoons of the Chu Zhou City. The amazed looks on their faces was a telltale sign that they were already enthralled by Chen Fan’s incredible abilities.

    Chen Fan turned around and asked Boss Gu:

    “What is the highest bid for that, Eight-Trigrams-Plate?”

    Boss Gu’s lips quivered uncontrollably and failed to form a single word. Boss Yan finally answered for him.

    “Master Chen, the highest offer is forty-five million.”

    “Forty-five million?” Chen Fan murmured.

    “Give me that forty-five million, and I will spare your life.” Chen Fan said to Xin Zhong.

    A pained expression flashed across Xin Zhong’s face.

    Although his assets were in the billions, most of it was locked up in one way or another. Therefore to spit out forty-five million cash right away meant he would have to make some financial sacrifices.

    However, he realized that he had no other options.

    The thought of Chen Fan’s lightening pulverizing him into dust sent a chill down his spine.

    “Yes, yes! I will give you the money!”

    Xin Zhong said reluctantly.

    “Very well; now get lost.”

    Chen Fan waved and dismissed Xin Zhong as if the latter was a fly.

    Both Xin Zhong and Boss Gu heaved a sigh of relief, and they turned around, hurrying for the exit.

    Han Yun gritted her teeth and walked over to Chen Fan. She batted her lashes at the boy, making herself look docile and cute and then she braved a question:

    “Master Chen, are you letting them off just like that?”

    Han Yun paused for a second and continued: “I am not worried about Xin Zhong and Boss Gu, but that Wu looked like a conniving and heartless person. The Dharma Spell he had used can speak for itself. Aren’t you afraid that he would seek revenge?”

    Chen Fan answered lightly: “It’s all right, I have scared him, he won’t even think of making a move.

    “Instead of revenge, he would fear me like he would a god.”

    Despite Chen Fan’s calm voice, the words carried immeasurable confidence.

    Han Yun’s heart skipped a beat as her desire for the young man became even stronger.

    Suddenly, a gleeful voice chimed in.

    “Master Chen, I knew you were mighty and powerful. Defeating that Wu dude was just a piece of cake for you!”

    The Third Lord of Wei emerged from behind the bodyguards and hurried to Chen Fan. He stared at Chen Fan with the admiration of a lap dog to his master.

    “How could someone as successful as the Elderly Man Wei have such an idiot son?”

    Chen Fan lamented in his mind.