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Chapter 31 - Princess Of House Wei

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 31: Princess Of House Wei

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    Everyone looked towards the voice, and they saw a beautiful girl with a cold and aloof face walking toward the commotion. The crowd split into two halves as people made way for the girl.

    The girl was in a white Qipao and a pair of stiletto heels. She looked to be one meter and seventy-eight centimeters or above. A sense of pride and dominance emanated from her wild and gleaming eyes, making many less confident men and women lower their heads. It was as if the girl was a queen from a world of ice.

    “Who is she? How dare she speak up for Chen Fan?” One of the onlookers asked with disdain.

    Those who had already recognized the girl were shocked by the onlooker’s daring question. One of them hurried to cover the onlooker’s mouth and said, “Are you crazy? That’s the princess of the Wei Family.”

    “Princess of the Wei Family?” The onlooker murmured, and as realization finally dawned upon him, his face turned paler than a piece of parchment paper.

    She was Wei Ziqin.

    “My Lady?”

    Manager Zhou felt a strong nagging sensation of impending doom the moment he saw Wei Ziqin.

    He managed a smile from his overwrought face and said, “Welcome, welcome! why didn’t you tell us ahead of time that you would be here?”

    “Buzz off; I am not your lady. I want nothing to do with you and your boss.” Wei Ziqin snorted. She was well known for her cold and aloof character and rarely did she show her emotions on her face. However, anger was written all over her attractive face right now, making it look like a piece of frosted rock in the middle of a frigid winter.

    “Mr. Chen is my guest; why are you doing this to him?”

    Manager Zhu suddenly shriveled a little after hearing Wei Ziqin’s words. A curdled smile hung on his face.

    Was this kid a guest of Miss Wei?

    It’s impossible! So powerful was Miss Wei that even Young Sir had to tread carefully and talk politely while he was with her. How could she be a friend with this… bum?

    He hurried to improvise an excuse for himself. “I didn’t know he was invited by you. Otherwise, I wouldn’t dare raise my voice at him.”

    Wei Ziqin’s cold face didn’t warm up the slightest after hearing the manager’s excuse. She turned to Chen Fan and smiled apologetically.

    “I am sorry, Mr. Chen. I am late.

    “I apologize for the ill-treatment. I will make sure that these servants learn their lessons.”

    Even after her apology, the anger on her face didn’t recede completely.

    Chen Fan was not just an ordinary man; he was a Martial Arts Master who was on the same level as Ye Nantian and Mr. Wu. Even her grandfather wanted to get on his good side. Therefore, Manager Zhou had committed a significant sin by trying to kick the boy out of the event. Fortunately, she had arrived just in time before everything was too late. She wagered that if master Chen left the venue in a fit of anger, all those efforts that the elderly man had put into cozying up to the master would be all but wasted. Who in their right mind would offend a Martial Arts Grand Master?

    Chen Fan remained calm, and it was as if those accusations and scornful remarks thrown at him had all slid off his mind.

    “No big deal, just a bunch of clowns.”

    He gave Manager Zhu a sidelong glance and then said, “Manager Zhu seemed to dislike me a lot. I told him that I was invited, but he just wouldn’t listen.”

    Manager Zhu’s heart sank after he heard Chen Fan’s castigating words

    He still managed to maintain a smile on his face as he pleaded, “Miss Wei, please, I can explain.”

    “Save your breath.”

    “I will inform your boss of everything that had happened here, and I will see to it that he fires you.” Wei Ziqin said lightly. Manager Zhu thought that he was going to faint.

    He looked towards Chu Minhui imploringly, hoping the Young Master Chu, the real instigator of this mishap would help this cannon fodder.

    However, little did he know that Chu Minhui was too scared of getting in the way of Miss Wei to say anything.

    He was shocked the moment he saw Wei Ziqin; when the princess of the Wei Family apologized to Chen Fan, he couldn’t even believe his ears.

    She was Wei Ziqin! The granddaughter of the elderly Man Wei and the daughter of Wei Changgeng!

    Even his father dare not defy Wei Ziqin, much less Chu Minhui himself.

    Although their families were equally wealthy in the Chu Zhou City, Chu Family only dealt with business locally, while the Wei Family could even exert influence to all other metropolia in China. Plus, the Wei Family’s roots ran deep in Chu Zhou City, no one in the city were able to challenge their position.

    However, seeing Manager Zhu’s desperation, Chu Minhui decided to give it a try.

    “Sister Ziqin.”

    Wei Ziqin turned around and saw Chu Minhui. She asked coldly, “What’s up? Is there anything you want to tell me? Save it. I know what you want to say!”

    Ziqin’s refute lit up the anger in Chu Minhui; he protested, “Well, this ass hole had stolen my girlfriend and — ”

    “Shut up!” Wei Ziqin shouted at the boy.

    She looked at Chu Minhui resentfully; she had expected much better from him.

    “I thought that after Uncle Chu had sent you into the training camp, you would have shed your delinquency and grew up, but it seems that it was just wishful thinking! You are even worse than before!

    “If you could have forced someone as easy going as Mr. Chen into a corner, I can’t imagine how you interact with other people.

    “I will talk to Uncle Chu about what happened tonight, and you should reflect on it too.”

    Without even sparing Chu Minhui a glance, she turned around toward Chen Fan and said, “Mr. Chen, the auction is about to start. Why don’t you follow me to the pre-show exhibition to go over the items? ”

    “Very well.” Chen Fan nodded.

    Chen Fan shot Chu Minhui a glance and smiled before he followed Wei Ziqin out of the reception hall.

    Manager Zhu’s legs finally gave in and brought him to the ground. Chu Minhui gritted his teeth and clenched his fists, tiring to suppress the fire burning inside of his belly.

    The last scornful glance that Chen Fan gave him was a sharp jab at his self-esteem.


    He waited until the two were gone before he allowed himself to be seized by anger. He wrenched a half-empty wine glass on the table and smashed it on the floor.

    “Mr. Chu, please watch your actions.” Another manager who was called to deal with the emergency said to Chu Minghui with a scowl.

    Chu Minhui looked around and realized that he had become a laughing stock. He stormed out of the room with the taste of defeat in his mouth and anger in his belly.

    “How is it possible for him to know Wei Ziqin? ”

    Li Yichen was shocked as soon as he saw Wei Ziqin.

    “Councilor Li, who is Wei Ziqin?” Mo Hill asked curiously.

    Despite her influence, Wei Ziqin had always been very lowkey in public. Very rarely did she show up at public events, and therefore not a lot of people had even heard of her name. She wouldn’t have attended the auction if not for Chen Fan.

    “Elderly Man Wei’s granddaughter. Wei Zipin’s sister.” Li Yichen said as his lips twitched a little.

    “WHO?” Mo Hill gasped. Even Lou Xiaoxiao was shocked by the revelation.

    Compare to Wei Ziqin, Wei Zipin was a much more well-known name.

    His dad was the youngest son of the Wei Family. People like Mo Hill would never even have the chance of meeting with someone as powerful as Wei Zipin.

    Since Wei Ziqin was Wei Zipin’s sister, they wagered that Wei Ziqin was at least as influential as her Uncle.

    “I remember that the Old Man Wei’s youngest son is the least successful. Who is father Wei Ziqin’s father? The oldest son or the second one?

    “She is the Daughter of Wei Changgeng. ” Li Yichen said.

    “Oh, shit! We are done, we fucked up. What should we do now? What if Chen Fan wanted to get revenge on us?”

    Lou Xiaoxiao said regretfully in a trembling voice.

    Who would have thought that a country boy had a connection with the Wei Family of the North Bank? How did that happen?

    Li Yichen’s face was placid, but he cursed at Chen Fan in his heart.

    He had thought that the new-boy was just a worm that could be easily squashed by him, but it seemed that Chen Fan was going to be a thorn in his side for a long time.

    Meanwhile, Zhang Yumeng and other girls watched the development unfold with disbelief.

    They watched as Chen Fan turned the situation around after being forced to his last leg.

    “Who is that woman? She looks like some kind of a big deal. Was she really powerful enough to overtrump the combined force of Chu Minhui and the Fang Sheng International Group?”

    “No kidding! Didn’t someone just say that he worked at a bar?”

    “Yea, as a Fruitboy!”

    These girls were not well connected and therefore they might have never heard of Wei Ziqin’s name much less seeing her in person.

    Han Yun was the only one among those girls who had recognized Chen Fan’s rescuer

    “That’s Miss Wei from the Wei Family.”

    Everyone was so shocked by the revelation that their faces paled.

    Wei Family of the North Bank was the most prominent household in the City if not in China. As the granddaughter of the family, Wei Ziqin had an unimaginable amount of resources at her command and family influences at her disposal. She must have lived a life that most girls didn’t even dare dream of.

    “That loser is a friend of Wei Ziqin? They didn’t even talk like friends! Maybe there is more than what meets the eye.” Someone suggested

    By then, the girls no longer lamented Xu Rongfei’s choice. Instead, they marveled at her ability to spot the real gold.

    Everything happened so quickly that Xu Rongfei was still disheveled. But after a while, she finally gathered herself.

    Jiang Churan came up to her, tugged her hand and said, “He is gone; why are you still standing here?”

    Despite Jiang Churan’s even voice, her heart was filled with contradicting emotions.

    “So is that your protector? The Princess of House Wei.”

    No wonder you dare look down on Chu Minhui. ”

    Jiang Churan thought to herself and then sighed lightly.