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Chapter 30 - Kick Him Out!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 30: Kick Him Out!

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    Seeing that Chu Minhui and Chen Fan’s conversation was going nowhere, Jiang Churan furrowed her brows and said, “Chu Minhui, we are at an auction reception, if you want to blow off some steam, I suggest you do it somewhere else, and Fei-Fei is not going with you.”

    “Hehe” Chu Minhui didn’t even spare Jiang Churan a glance. He closed in and gave Chen Fan a hot glare.

    “Kiddo, you are the first person who dares to challenge me, and you will be the last as well.”

    Chen Fan smiled. Even as he was going to utter a reply, an imposing middle-aged man walked over to them and asked hotly, “What’s the meaning of this? Who are you, and how dare you stir trouble at our event?”

    “Shit, Manager Zhu is here; someone is going to get hurt.” An older teenager who recognized the middle-aged man murmured.

    Zhang Yumeng sneered and said, “I hope he kicks both Chu Minhui and Chen Fan out of here; I don’t like either of them.”

    “Manager Zhu, My name is Chu Minhui.”

    Chu Minhui took a step back and look to Chen Fan. “I suspect that this man has sneaked into the reception without an invitation. I want you to kick him out right now.”

    Manager Zhu paused for a second and realized that it was Chu Minhui who he was talking to. He changed his harsh tone into that of a placating one, “Yes, Young Master Chu.”

    He then turned around to Chen Fan and then said, “Sir, please show me your invitation.”

    Xu Rongfei piped up indignantly, “Why does he have to show his invitation? Why don’t you check Chu Minhui’s invitation?”

    Manager Zhu was unfazed by the question. He said calmly, “Because I know Young Master Chu is a good friend of my boss.”

    But I can’t remember who this young gentleman over here is even though I have written all the invitations by myself. May I ask who you are? ”

    “His name is Chen Fan, a no account from Si Shui County.” Chu Minhui snorted. “I really don’t think that he is on your invitation list.”

    As soon as Chu Minhui fished his words, Xu Rongfei’s mind raced.

    She had been wondering the same question. How did Chen Fan get into the auction even if he didn’t have any connections in the city? Even she almost didn’t make it if not for Zhang Yumeng. Only those who owned tens of millions of assets would have received an invitation.

    “I don’t think he has one. He must have snuck in.” An onlooker jeered at Chen Fan.

    “I bet you are right! Look at all the garbage that he is wearing. I can’t believe that they let him in.” Another one took a jab at Chen Fan.

    “He is in knee deep trouble! The owner of the Fang Sheng International Group was not someone he could mess with. Plus he is on Chu Minhui’s bad terms too. He is as dead as a doornail.” Someone heaved a sigh.

    “Sir, please show me your invitation, or else I will have to call the security.” Manager Zhu’s bleak face was as hard as a rock, and his voice was final.

    “I don’t have an invitation.” Chen Fan paused a second and then confessed.

    A swell of surprise rose in the hall.

    “I told you so!” An arrogant smile appeared on Chu Minhui’s face. He looked down on Chen Fan like he would towards a defenseless insect under the tip of his toe.

    “How did you get in without an invitation?”

    Manager Zhu’s was shocked by the answer. He knotted his brows and looked at Chen Fan suspiciously as if he was a thief. If his supervisor knew that someone had snuck into such a high profile venue, he would be blamed for not doing his job right.

    Already, he felt cold sweat slide down in between his shoulder blades. Fortunately, he had intervened before the big wigs in the room caught wind of it.

    “Awesome! Now Chen Fan is dead!” The development sent Chang Wen reveling in her mind. Revenge could not have been any sweeter.

    Ji Xingyu shook his head and said, “Man, why do you get yourself into shit like this. They are out of your league man; you should have stayed out of it. Otherwise, you will make yourself a laughingstock.”

    Even Si Yinxia was disappointed to find out that the rival he had cared so much about couldn’t even make it past the entrance of the event without cheating. He lamented the fact that he had cared so much about someone who was so worthless.

    A hint of disappointment flashed across Jiang Churan’s face.

    Shocked by the turn of the event, Xu Rongfei stomped the floor anxiously as she pointed a finger at Chen Fan. “Brother Chen Fan, how could you— ”

    “I am not done yet.” Chen Fan cut her short.

    “I don’t have an invitation, but the person who invited me does. Just check your guest book, and we can clear this out.”

    “You are invited to come here?” General Zhu murmured doubtfully. “Only the biggest bosses had the privilege to invite others, such as our boss and his son.”

    “My boss has only one son, are you sure he invited you?”

    Chen Fan was at a loss for a second. He didn’t recall Wei Ziqin mention that she was the owner of the Fang Sheng International Group. Plus, Manger Zhu had said clearly that his boss had a son, not a daughter.

    Seeing Chen Fan had kept his silence, Manager Zhu became hesitant to take any action.

    Finally, he decided to ask someone to check the guest book like the boy had suggested, thinking it was better to be safe than sorry.

    Suddenly, another voice came out from behind him.

    “Although I am not sure if anyone invited him, I had seen this boy just a few weeks ago, and he was working at a bar as a Fruit Boy.”

    The crowd looked toward the speaker, and they saw a gorgeous girl wearing a painted face and a dazzling dress.

    “How could a young master of the Fang Sheng International Group be friends with a Fruit Boy?”

    The crowd boiled over as soon as the girl finished her words.

    Most people had thought that Chen Fan was just a foolish boy got caught for sneaking into somewhere he didn’t belong, but no one had expected that there was so much more than what met the eyes.

    “The owner of the Fang Sheng International Group and his son were both influential people in the city; they would never waste their time befriending a laborer, much less inviting him to their event.”

    “His claims are so blown out of proportion that even a blind man would know he was lying.”

    “What a shame that Xu Rongfei would fall for someone like him.”

    By then, everyone looked at Chen Fan with contempt and disdain.

    If Chen Fan would have admitted that he had snuck into the event just to see his lover, people might have more sympathy for him. However, his poor lies had made people question his integrity, and by then, no one was on his side.

    Chen Fan didn’t mind the accusations, but he looked at the girl who spoke up.

    “That is Lou Xiaoxiao… So the person who is behind all of this should be…” Chen Fan calculated his situation in his mind.

    Manager Zhu asked the girl in a serious tone, “Young lady, are you telling me the truth?”

    “I can vouch for her. ” Another voice spoke up.

    The speaker managed to give Jiang Churan an apologetic smile before he continued, “I had met Mr. Chen in the bar where he worked. But who knows, maybe he has some connection that we are not aware of. I suggest Mr. Zhu check the guest book just in case. But yes, the young lady told the truth.” Li Yinchen said.

    “The person behind all of this is Li Yichen!” Realization finally dawned upon Chen Fan.

    Jiang Churan furrowed her brows as she wondered if Chen Fan had —unbeknown to her—offended Li Yichen. However, Jiang Churan conceded that Li Yichen didn’t need a “casus belli” in this case since it was Chen Fan that had lied from the beginning.

    She looked at Chen Fan and then heaved a sigh of resignation.

    “Is this all you got? You sounded so ambitious while we last spoke at the bar, but it seemed that was just empty talk. I was right about you after all.” Jiang Churan was very disappointed with Chen Fan.

    “Since Young Master Li had put it this way, I don’t think there is any need to check the guest book any longer.” Manager Zhu smiled at Li Yicheng.

    Li Yichen was the most influential young man in the city. If he had vouched for the girl, Manager Zhu was in no place to doubt him.

    General Zhu didn’t even turn around to look at Chen Fan when he gave the order:

    “Security! Remove this young man out of this establishment.

    “How dare you sneak into our private property, you will regret this!”

    Everyone finally started to feel a shred of sympathy for the young boy.

    Even if someone wanted to speak up for him, they would have to deal with the combined wrath of Chu Minhui, Li Yichen, and the Fang Sheng International Group. And that would make even the most powerful man in the room think twice of their actions.

    Although Chang Wen had kept her silence, her face lit up with satisfaction.

    Lou Xiaoxiao snorted lightly as he looked at Xu Rongfei who was already on the verge of breaking down into tears.

    Si Yinxia shook his head; he knew that no one would be able to save Chen Fan tonight.

    Li Yichen didn’t event grace Chen Fan with a glance. He looked away and took a sip of the red wine from his glass.

    It was a simple if not lazy move from him, and it was enough to destroy Chen Fan’s life once and for all.

    All the friends of Xu Rongfei, such as Zhang Yumeng and Han Yun shook their heads in dismay. They thought maybe this was for the best, the relationship between Xu Rongfei and the new-boy would never lead to anywhere anyways.

    Xu Rongfei was the only person who pleaded with Manager Zhu to not to kick Chen Fan out. However, her effort yielded no result; Manager Zhu turned on the radio and called for the security.

    Chu Minhui stood proudly and sneered at Chen Fan: “Hey, kiddo, I told you so!”

    You have messed with the wrong guy, man! I told you I would get you kicked out of here! What can you do now, huh? Are you gonna cry?”

    Someone shouted behind Chu Minhui, “Kick him out!”

    Chen Fan stood still and didn’t move. No one knew what he was thinking at this critical moment.

    However, even as Chu Minhui, Ji Xingyu, and Lou Xiaoxiao were convinced that they had avenged their defeat, they then heard an icy voice rise behind the crowd:

    “Don’t touch him!”