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Chapter 29 - Chu Minhui

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 29: Chu Minhui

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    Attendants of the cocktail reception were divided into two groups. At the center of the hall were the real deals of the Chu Zhou City. They joined each other to discuss the coming government edicts and to make handshake deals that were in the millions.

    Around the edge of this main group were small congregations of teenagers and children who had tagged along with their parents to come to see the auction.

    Among all the young girls in the hall, Jiang Churan and Xu Rongfei were two of the most beautiful girls, and they had caught many people’s attention.

    The moment that Xu Rongfei started to talk with Chen Fan, many curious eyes peered at the two.

    “Who the hell is that boy?”

    “No clue, I don’t think he is a friend of anyone.”

    “An outsider? Oh my! It looks like they are very close to each other. Could he be Xu Rongfei’s boyfriend?”

    Everyone was perplexed by the strange development.

    Finally, someone who had recognized Chen Fan chimed in.

    “He is a student of the Ivy League High School, originally from the Si Shui County. He has a knack for fighting. Rumor had it that Xu Rongfei had given herself into his arms just a few days ago in public.”

    “Really? How would Xu Rongfei be interested in someone of his kind?”

    “No kidding! Look at that rag he is wearing; those are cheaper than what my servants wore.”

    “God damn it! How could we let an outsider come in and have his way with our best girl?”

    Most people’s eyes turned green with envy as soon as they heard that he was Xu Rongfei’s boyfriend.

    Xu Rongfei and Jiang Churan were two of the most popular girls among the rich kids. Many boys dreamed of becoming either one of the two’s boyfriend. Many older boys missed the two girls even after they had gone to university. They couldn’t stomach the insulting actions of the new-boy, making a move on one of the hotties and get away with it.

    “If Chu Minhui was here, that kid would be dead.” Someone said bitterly.

    It won’t be the first time that Chu Minhui had to do it. A couple of years ago, he had to chase after one daring competitor and beat him up so bad that his victim had to be bed bound for three months.

    As the tanagers concerned themselves with the drama, their parents were having a great time networking with each other.

    Li Yichen trailed behind a stately middle-aged man who had introduced one person after another to him. These guests might be insignificant outside of the city, but inside of the Chu Zhou City, they represented the leaders of their fields.

    Suddenly, Li Yichen noticed that his sidekick, Mo Hill was winking at him.

    Li Yichen excused himself and walked over to Mo Hill. He was not very happy for Mo Hill’s interruption.

    “Haven’t you seen that my dad is introducing the minister to me?”

    “I was at the food bar, and I saw that boy we met at the bar!” Mo Hill hurried a reply.

    “Chen Fan?” Li Yichen’s eyes glinted and then said curiously, “How could he even be able to get in here? A reservation is required for this event calls for a few dozen million yuan.”

    “That is why I suspected that he had sneaked in here.” Mo Hill agreed. “He is fast and strong, so I figure that it shouldn’t be too difficult for him to sneak in here. ”

    “It’s not impossible.” Li Yichen nodded. “But what does that have anything to do with me?”

    Although Li Yichen was wary of Chen Fan, he didn’t think that the new-boy would pose any real threat to him.

    Lou Xiaoxiao had been standing next to the two, and she cracked a smile and then said proudly, “I have sent a text to Chu Minhui and told him that Xu Rongfei was here, but who would think that the trouble maker is here as well. If Chu Minhui ever saw him with Xu Rongfei…”

    Li Yichen was taken aback by the news. He knew that Chu Minhui’s short temper would very likely prompt him to start a brawl with the new-boy on sight.

    “Speaking of the devil! Look, isn’t that Chu Minhui?” Mo Hill gasped.

    The other two looked over toward the entrance, and they saw a brawny young man in a gym suit storm into the event hall, pushing people out of his way as he went.

    “And so it begins… anyone want some popcorn?” The dramatic development amused li Yichen.

    Even as Chen Fan and Xu Rongfei were gleefully sampling the ensemble of deserts on the table, a man came over to them with a few large strides.

    “Fei-Fei, come here for a second, I need to talk to you.”

    Chu Minhui didn’t even spare Chen Fan a glance as he fixed his eyes on Xu Rongfei.

    “What’s up? Why can’t you just tell me here?” Xu Rongfei fumbled a reply.

    “Here?” Chu Minhui scanned around him and then turned to Chen Fan and Jiang Churan and then said with a commanding voice, “Get out, I need to talk to her privately.”

    Before Jiang Churan could protest, Chen Fan said with a frown, “Why would we leave?”

    “Who are you?” Chu Minhui was not used to people disobeying him. So he studied the boy in front of him with a great measure of displeasure and curiosity. Finally, he put the two and two together.

    “You are Chen Fan?”

    “Yes.” Chen Fan replied lightly.

    “I have heard of you.” Chu Minhui said disdainfully. “I have heard that you are quite a fighter, and you defeated even Si Yinxia.

    “But I hope you know that Si Yinxia is just an amateur in Taekwondo. His moves might look fancy, but they are useless in a real fight.”

    “Is that so?” Chen Fan said distractedly.

    Chu Minhui smiled contemptuously. It was evident that he didn’t take this rival in love too seriously. Chu Minhui turn around and spoke softly to Xu Rongfei, “Fei-Fei, can we find another place to talk? I really need to speak to you about something.”

    When he finished, he reached out to grab Xu Rongfei’s arm.

    Xu Rongfei was startled by Chu Minhui’s sudden move. She ran behind Chen Fan and shivered. “Chu Minhui, what do you want?”

    Chu Minhui was going to get closer, but he was stopped by Chen Fan cold in his track. Chen Fan said coldly, “Please stay away from her. ”

    “Fuck off!” Chu Minhui growled as he pushed Chen Fan. To his surprise, the boy didn’t move an inch.

    Chu Minhui gave Chen Fan an ugly grin and then said, “Hey kiddo, are you sure you want to mess with me?”

    “Are you sure you want to mess with ME?” Chen Fan asked calmly.

    “Do you even know who I am?”Chu Minhui seemed to be amused by Chen Fan’s determination.

    “I started my official training when I was only twelve and was recruited into a high school team at the age of fifteen. A year later, I was guaranteed admission to a university. ”

    He glared at Chen Fan scornfully, “Now, I am going to ask you one more time, are you sure you want to mess with me?”

    “Yes.” Chen Fan said firmly.

    This corner of the room had caught the attention of many even before Chu Minhui joined in. By then, it was practically under the spotlight.

    “Isn’t that Chu Minhui? Why is he here?”

    “Shit, it looks like he and that new-boy are going to butt each other’s heads!”

    “Oh, it doesn’t look good for the new boy.”

    The crowd started to conglomerate around the commotion as everyone wanted to see what was going on.

    “Who is Chu Minhui?”

    A new member of this small circle asked curiously.

    “He is the superstar of our school, also a die-hard fan of Xu Rongfei.”

    The crowd started to fill the new member in on Chu Minhuil’s illustrious achievements.

    The new member was shocked by what he had heard. If the rumors about Chu Minhui were true, Chen Fan’s fate would have been sealed.

    The promise of a fight kept everyone on their toes, and many wanted to see Chen Fan get served by Chu Minhui.

    Meanwhile, Si Yinxia and Chang Wen were chatting with a few friends at the other end of the large hall.

    Si Yinxia’s handsome features were a rare sight even among the well dressed rich kids. He had attracted many girl’s attention, and some of them even came to flirt with him.

    “Boss Si, guess who I saw?”

    Ji Xingyu rushed to him and asked excitedly.

    “Who?” Si Yinxia knitted his brows and asked.

    “Chen Fan. He is here as well.” Ji Xingyu answered elatedly.

    “And I saw Chu Minhui right beside him, and he was arguing with him.”

    “You know how bad Chu Minhui’s temper is. They two are going to ruin the event. Oh, oh, and Xu Rongfei is right next to them as well.”

    “Really?” interest flashed in Chang Wen’s eyes. She grabbed Si Yinxia and urged him, “Let’s go and take a look at what’s going on.”

    And then she cursed under her breath, “Chen Fan that ass hole must have snuck into the party. Finally, he is going to get what he deserves; it’s been long overdue.”

    Si Yinxia followed Chang Wen without saying a word.

    Although he didn’t openly resent Chen Fan, he was pleased after hearing Chen Fan had gotten himself into trouble.