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Chapter 27 - I Never Explain The Same Thing Twice

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 27: I Never Explain The Same Thing Twice

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    Xu Rongfei quickly realized her faux pas and ran away, but many people in the hall had already witnessed the brief intimate interaction between the two. Si Yinxia’s face turned red with anger.

    It happened just when Xu Rongfei and Si Yinxia had finished their performance, and everyone’s attention was still on them. Countless senior and junior students had watched as the goddess threw herself into the arms of someone other than Si Yinxia.

    The news quickly went viral, and by the second day, nearly everyone at the school had heard about it.

    “Xu Rongfei is with a transfer student; she had thrown herself into his arms? ” Li Yichen was stunned by the news.

    He had been courting Jiang Churan, and therefore, he knew very well that Jiang Churan’s BFF, Xu Rongfei had very high standards. She didn’t even care for Chu Minghui nor Si Yinxia, how would she be interested in an ordinary transfer student?

    “That’s right; he is the one we had met at the bar.” Lou Xiaoxiao said with a smile.

    “Princess Xu Rongfei acted like she is too good for anyone, but in the end, she settled for someone who works at a bar. Haha! That’s rich!”

    Li Yichen furrowed his brows slightly at the mentioning of Chen Fan. He still remembered the look on Jiang Churan’s face when she met that boy. It was a look that he had never seen before.

    Ever since then, Li Yichen became even warier of Chen Fan.

    Lou Xiaoxiao’s eyes rolled as she asked, “Why don’t we tell Chu Minhui about it? I want to find out what Xu Rongfei is going to do with her pretty place.”

    Lou Xiaoxiao was the leader of the Arts Interest Group, and she and Xu Rongfei were not on good terms for a long time.

    “Hmm…” Li Yichen paused to think.

    Seeing Li Yichen’s hesitation, Lou Xiaoxiao knew she should not press him further, and therefore, she changed the topic and started to talk about the student council.

    When Chen Fan arrived at the classroom on the second day, he was greeted with many strange looks.

    Even as most students had only thought he was just an ordinary transfer student who happened to be a solid fighter, he had surprised them by making the goddess of the school throw herself into his arms. What else was he capable of?

    “If I tell you that I really have only met Xu Rongfei once before. Do you believe me?” Chen Fan said candidly.

    “Of course not!” Jiang Taniu gritted his teeth and looked at Chen Fan jealously.

    “But since you have embarrassed Si Yinxia, I think I can forgive you once.” A smile suddenly broke over Jiang Taniu face as he laughed gleefully. “Did you see Si Yinxia’s face? He was so mad and stunned that he glued himself to the floor and didn’t move for ten minutes. His friends had to basically drag him out of the hall!”

    “Anyways, you have my wholehearted support! I wish you could start officially dating as soon as possible. I really want to see that angry face on Si Yinxia again.”

    It was evident that Jiang Taniu and Si Yinxia had some bad blood in the past.

    Chen Fan shook his head.

    There was really nothing between him and Xu Rongfei. He knew that Xu Rongfei had hugged him out of sheer surprise from seeing him. However, he knew that any explanation he offered would be in vain since no one would believe what he said.

    “Xiao Qiong is still waiting for me in the city of Ji; how could I waste my time on this girl.” Chen Fan thought to himself.

    The mood during the class was unsettling for Chen Fan. He kept on noticing Si Yinxia’s shifting glance on him from time to time. At every break, many students of other classes would stop by the window, trying to take a peek at the boy whom Xu Rongfei was purportedly dating.

    However, everyone who saw Chen Fan left with disappointment.

    As soon as the last class was over, Chen Fan packed up his books and hurried to get out of the school.

    Seeing that the new-boy had left the classroom, Chang Wen spoke in a cold and contemptuous voice, “I bet Xu Rongfei is blind. Why would she choose a loser such as him? He has neither the looks nor the grades, a piss poor country boy!”

    After she finished her remarks, she glanced at Si Yinxia and found no expression on Si Yinxia’s face. However, she noticed that he had clenched his fists tightly as if he was still grappling with the humiliation last night.

    “No kidding! Xu Rongfei wouldn’t even choose Boss Si, why would she be interested in a hillbilly from the middle of nowhere?” As Ji Xingyu lamented, but then he suddenly burst out laughing.

    “Chen Fan’s good days are numbered; Chu Minhui will return to school in a few days. He is not going to let that prick get away with it!”

    Chu Minhui was recommended to this school for immediate admission without admission tests due to his exceptional grades and talent. He spent half of the semester away from the school training. Meanwhile, he was one of the most ardent admirers of Xu Rongfei. If he had learned the two’s intimate interaction in public, he would not sit on it and pretend nothing had happened.

    The promise of Chu Minhui’s ire made many male students gloat at Chen Fan’s impending doom in their minds. Chen Fan’s sudden rise to power didn’t sit well with many students, and therefore, they were eager to see Chu Minhui teach him a lesson.

    At work, when Chen Fan was delivering a bottle of water to one of the customers, Ziqi came up to him and said, “there is a hottie on the second floor, table number three; she is looking for you.”

    Ziqi said as she winked at Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan rolled his eyes and plodded toward the second floor. He saw an elegant girl leaning over the rail on the landing and was looking down at the singing stage.

    On the stage, Sister Ding-Ding was singing a popular love song. Her voice was so affectionate that it evoked cheers for her audiences.

    “Why did you come here all by yourself? Where are your friends?” Chen Fan walked over to the girl and asked.

    Jiang Churan was wearing a long maxi dress that brought out her innocence and beauty to the fullest extent.

    However, Chen Fan’s gaze was candid and devoid of lewd intent. He clearly appreciated the girl’s beauty, but he wanted nothing of it.

    “They didn’t come.” Jiang Churan said thinly. “I came here alone, just for you.”

    “For me?” Chen Fan was taken aback. “Did Auntie Tang tell you to come here?”

    “No. I am here to talk to you about Xu Rongfei.” Jiang Churan turned around to hold Chen Fan’s gaze.

    “I want to tell you to stay away from her. She is a nice girl and full of potential. Her future is in Yan Jin, on the world’s most prestigious stage. She doesn’t belong to you, so please don’t drag her down with you while you waste your life in this scanty little bar.”

    Chen Fan’s face hardened. “So, you came here to give me a warning?”

    “Indeed. I am here to warn you.” Jiang Churan’s voice was firm as she locked her eyes onto Chen Fan’s. “I am very grateful for your help that night. But please, don’t take advantage of my appreciation. Xu Rongfei had always been under her mother’s protection so she might not have realized that you are taking advantage of her.

    “She is out of your league. Don’t you see? At best, you can get into a second-tier university, but what good is that? How are you going to provide for her and give her happiness in life?”

    Seeing Jiang Churan was convinced that she was on a moral high ground, Chen Fan couldn’t suppress a smile.

    “What? Did I say anything wrong?” Jiang Churan was not very pleased by Chen Fan’s levity.

    “Jiang Churan, you think too highly of yourself. You have no idea who you are talking to.” Chen Fan said aloofly as he suddenly transformed into a cultivator that looked down on every living being on earth.

    He had finally removed his mask and revealed his true persona. As a Celestial Lord, he lived vicariously through the body of Chen Fan as if he was in a role playing game. He couldn’t care less about the petty drama that his alter ego was involved in. If he really wanted to, he could have broken the fourth wall and outright eliminated a person, like a programmer would go to an NPC in an RPG game.

    Chen Fan continued speaking, but his mouth was not moving. His voice simply drifted into the girl’s ears.

    “I have tolerated you because of your mother. Remember, your life is no more significant to me than that of an ant.

    “Regardless of what happened between Xu Rongfei and me, it was none of your business.

    “I don’t like to explain myself to others, and I never explain the same thing twice.”

    After that, he turned around and left Jiang Churan in shock.

    After a while, Jiang Churan finally gathered herself, and she murmured.

    “Chen Fan, talk is cheap, and lies are expensive. You won’t be the first person to be squashed by the weight of reality.

    “I don’t care where you have got your confidence from, but you need to go over my dead body if you want to date Xu Rongfei.”

    As she thought that, resolution start to glint in her eyes.