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Chapter 26 - Orientation Gala

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 26: Orientation Gala

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    Ever Since Chen Fan defeated Si Yinxia, everyone’s attitude toward Chen Fan had changed significantly.

    Many people who didn’t like Si Yinxia and lacked the courage to stand up against him now gradually gravitated toward Chen Fan. Ever since Si Yinxia’s crushing defeat, he had become even less talkative than before. His reticent greatly worried his supporters.

    Many of his supporters remained on his side because they believed that except for Taekwondo, Si Yinxia was much more talented than Chen Fan in every other subject. Let it be basketball, grades, playing piano, and looks; Si Yinxia was the clear winner.

    One day, after the basketball training was over, Yang Chao patted Si Yinxia’s shoulder and said:

    “How are you doing? You seemed distracted.”

    Si Yinxia managed a smile. He couldn’t stop thinking ways of defeating Chen Fan.

    Ji Xingyu pipped up indignantly, “It’s all thanks to that transfer student. He had put on quite a show during the Taekwondo class. He had not only defeated me, but also Si Yinxia. He was as cocky as a hog on ice, thinking he was a bad-ass and all.”

    Hearing his comment, other teammates turned around and asked incredulously, “So the Rumor is true? A newly transferred student defeated Si Yinxia!”

    “Ji Xingyu, I heard that the new-boy had kicked the snot out of you! Haha!”

    “Buzz off!” Ji Xingyu shouted.

    “Boss Si and I have simply slipped up and let that kid gain an opportunity to get the best of us. If we have a rematch, I will kick his ass, you just watch!”

    He as such, felt indignant for the defeat; the new-boy had sneaked up on him while he was still getting ready. After he was dealt a blow, he passed out and didn’t know what had happened to Si Yinxia. Therefore, he was still convinced that the boy’s power was on par with his, and he had won because he had caught him by surprise.

    Chang Wen put in with an icy voice, “Ji Xingyu is right. No one knows who will win if they match again. He is just a brute animal anyways; what does he have to show for in terms of grades, family, or looks?”

    The cheerleaders joined the conversation, and they all nodded in agreement.

    In their views, Chen Fan was just a bad boy who stirred up trouble, and he simply couldn’t compare with the handsome and smart Si Yinxia.

    After a while, Si Yinxia finally spoke.

    “Although I admit that Chen Fan was much stronger than me physically, I believe that I will excel in other areas. ”

    Seeing that Si Yinxia had finally spoken up, Chang Wen beamed from side to side and plied Si Yinxia with more encouragement:” Of course! You should never have doubted yourself!

    “Tomorrow is the day of the Orientation Gala. That will be your second chance. I am confident that you will stun that boy with your skills.”

    Hearing Chang Wen’s encouragement, Si Yinxia’s face finally lit up with new found confidence.

    Yang Chao wanted to say something to his friend, but he thought better of it and only let out a sigh of resignation.

    He wanted to warn his friends to not to undermine this trouble maker. His run-in with the new-boy revealed a very dangerous side of him.

    However, Yang Chao wagered that the truth would diminish Si Yinxia’s budding confidence, so he decided to keep his silence.

    When Chen Fan arrived at school that day, Jiang Taniu spoke to him in an elevated voice, “There is an Orientation Gala tonight, my goddess Xu Rongfei will be performing!”

    “The Orientation Gala?” Chen Fan was surprised by the news.

    He remembered attending this gala in his past life. Xu Rongfei’s performance was the grand finale of the show. She delivered a stunning solo dance. Ever since then, more boys joined her fan club and considered her their dream girl.

    “I recall that Si Yinxia had played the piano for her while she danced. They were therefore dubbed as the Romeo and Juliet of the Ivy League High. Too bad that they weren’t able to stay together happily forever after.”

    Deep down, Chen Fan didn’t want to see Xu Rongfei with Si Yinxia, even though Xu Rongfei didn’t knock his socks off either.

    “Yes, the Orientation Gala, for the freshmen. We were supposed to have it a month ago, but it somehow got pushed back.” Jiang Tanqiu said.

    Even as Jiang Tanqiu spoke, Ji Xingyu came over to the two boys and grunted.

    “You think you are even worthy of fancying Xu Rongfei? She is out of your league, and she already belongs to Boss Si.”

    Jiang Tanqiu was embarrassed by Ji Xingyu’s words.

    He wanted to refute him but was deterred by the thought of the unbridgeable gap between him and Si Yinxia.

    Chen Fan cracked a smile and said, “Are you sure? I hear that Xu Rongfei only consider Si Yinxia, a normal friend.”

    Ji Xingyu sneered at Chen Fan and said, “Even if Xu Rongfei doesn’t like Boss Si, she would never even look at a country hill-billy such as you!”

    Chen Fan asked quietly: “How do you know?”

    “No kidding! How did you know that Xu Rongfei will not fall for Brother Fan?” Jiang Tanqiu stood up and flung back at Ji Xingyu. “You have already got your asses handed over to you, do you want to try it again?”

    Fear flashed across Ji Xingyu’s face as he turned on his heels with a grunt.

    Jiang Tanqiu sat down satisfyingly.

    Chen Fan was amused after hearing Jiang Tanqiu calling him Brother Fan with a respectful voice; already, his would-be best friend was improving his reputation in front of everyone.

    Chen Fan gave Sister Yin a call and asked for a day off due to the Orientation Gala. Sister Yin approved as usual.

    “Look, look, look! There goes my goddess!” The stage was lit up with bright lights, and Jiang Tanqiu looked at the stage expectantly.

    The host of the gala was Chang Wen and a boy from the 9th grade. The gorgeous girl and the handsome boy had attracted many of the audience’s attention.

    Chang Wen announced, “Without further ado, the next performer Xu Rongfei from class number two of the twelfth grade. The name of her dance is ‘Swan Princess.'”

    After the announcement, a swell of cheers rose from the audience.

    This was the finale of the gala; the show that everyone had been waiting for!

    The floor-light dimmed and the spotlight beamed on a tall, and handsome young man, sitting right next to a white grand piano made by Steinway and sons. Chang Wen continued her announcement, but this time, her voice sounded bitter. “This is Si Yinxia; I am sure he needs no introduction. He will play the piano for Xu Rongfei. The two of them are long-time partners.”

    Chen Fan didn’t pay much attention to Si Yinxia as another beam of stage light grabbed his attention. In it was a girl wearing a ballet tutu that fit tightly around her body.

    It was Xu Rongfei who Chen Fan hadn’t seen for many days.

    The music started, and Xu Rongfei opened her dance with a sudden bend of the waist, and when she rose again, she was no longer the high school girl as she had transformed herself—both body and soul—into an elegant swan. Silence fell throughout the hall as everyone was gripped by Xu Rongfei’s powerful and affecting performance.

    Although Xu Rongfei was not a world-renowned dancer, the students were nonetheless shocked after seeing that one of them was able to deliver such a stunning performance.

    If the new students were going to leave the gala with something that would stay with them for the rest of their lives, it was the combination of Si Yinxia’s piano music and Xu Rongfei’s dance.

    As the music ended on a high note, cheers and applause erupted from the audience. Si Yinxia stood up from the bench, walked to Xu Rongfei, and held one of her hands as both of them bowed to the audiences.

    “Together! Together!” The audience cheered.

    Xu Rongfei managed to keep her smile, but she slid her hand out of Si Yinxia’s palm. The light in Si Yinxia’s eyes suddenly dimmed.

    After the two had finally retreated to backstage, the show was finally nearing its end.

    Jiang Tanqiu said hesitantly, “My goddess is the best! Look at that curves, that waist, and that gracefulness and elegance! She was not any less hot than those professional Ballet Dancer from Russia.

    “Urghh! How dare that greasy Si Yinxia touch her hand!” Jiang Tanqiu growled vehemently.

    “Alright, it’s time to go.” Chen Fan stood up, started off. He was here just for Xu Rongfei’s dance, now he had seen it, it was time to go home.

    Suddenly a swell of commotions arose from the front row. Jiang Tanqiu looked and immediately his eyes were lit up with glee.”Look! Chang Wen and my goddess are heading this way. ”

    Chen Fan turned around and saw Chang Wen heading toward him while trailing a boy and a girl behind her.

    The boy was wearing an elegant tuxedo; his tall figure complimented his handsome features. The girl was in a set of costume made ballet tutu, and her face was near flawless. The two looked like two superstars straight out of the TV.

    They waved at their fans as they walked forth. The boys and girls around them showered them with cheers and screamed.

    They were Si Yinxia and Xu Rongfei.

    The two exchanged whispers to each other as they walked. Their intimacy was displayed under broad daylight for everyone to see.

    Si Yinxia no longer donned his usual cool face. Instead, he beamed from side to side as he whispered something to Xu Rongfei. Xu Rongzhen seems to be amused by what he had said, a bright smile broke over her face, making it look like a blooming flower.

    “God damn you, Si Yinxia! He is going to steal my goddess!” Jiang Tanqiu said aggrievedly.

    “Come on; let’s go!” Chen Fan did not want to talk to Xu Rongfei; therefore, he patted his friend and willed him to start walking.

    Suddenly Chen Fan heard a female voice called to him:

    “My oh my! Isn’t it, Master Chen? Why are you leaving so early? Don’t you want to say hi to our stars?”

    Chen Fan turned around and saw Chang Wen’s cold sneer. Chang Wen, on the other hand, was enjoying the best moment of her life.

    She walked off from the stage like a star, letting her confidence soar on the wind of the scintillating aura that surrounded her. Her brilliance had made her rivals look all that much paler and weaker.

    Si Yinxia also regarded Chen Fan with a contemptuous look. The cheers and applauds had brought his confidence back and strengthened his ego.

    And then a musical voice gasped in surprise:

    “Chen Fan?”

    Then, to everyone’s surprise, a soft body threw itself at Chen Fan. Chen Fan opened his arms unwillingly as he was immediately surrounded by the breathtaking fragrance that invited more than just intimacy.

    Everyone was speechless by the turn of events.

    Chen Fan saw surprised faces all around him, Jiang Tanqiu’s eyes were wide open, and the confident look on Si Yinxia had also curdled.

    Chen Fan could not help but smile wryly.

    “Now the situation is finally out of my hand!”