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Chapter 13 - Wei Family Of The North Bank

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 13: Wei Family Of The North Bank

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    Chen Fan’s brows drew together as he took the phone out of his pocket.

    “Xiao Qi?”

    The name reminded Chen Fan that he had agreed to meet with Mr. Wei to treat his injury. Having distracted by the incident between Yang Chao and Zhou Tianhao, he nearly forgot about the appointment.

    Only with the slightest hesitation, Chen Fan answered the phone.

    “Hello, is that Mr. Chen? I am Xiao Qi. I am right by your house, are you ready to go?”

    Chen Fan heard Xiao Qi’s respectful voice drifted out of the cell phone.

    Xiao Qi had been enthralled by Chen Fan’s power ever since he witnessed the boy turned the willow leaf into a deadly weapon. He was a professional bodyguard and respected strength and power the most among other things.

    “Ah- Sorry! I am not at the Lakeside Community at this moment.” Chen Fan was a little embarrassed for having the young man drive all the way to his house for nothing.

    “Oh- where are you then? Is there anything I can help with?” Xiao Qi asked haltingly, feeling uncomfortable for poking his nose into the boy’s business.

    “I am at the New District. I ran into a little… trouble.” Chen Fan sat calmly and didn’t pay any attention to Zhou Tianhao.

    “You are in trouble? Is there anything I can do?” Xiao Qi asked eagerly.

    Xiao Qi paused a second to make sure that his words didn’t come out wrong. Then he explained:” I just don’t want you to be late for the old man’s treatment. Although I am just a bodyguard, I am more resourceful than you think.”

    “Ok, appreciate it! It’s nothing serious. I was here at the KTV, and I ran into this businessman named Zhou Tianhao.” Chen Fan told Xiao Qi about the incident. Since Xiao Qi was just a bodyguard, Chen Fan didn’t expect him to be able to help him with the situation.

    As soon as Chen Fan mentioned the name Zhou Tianhao, he heard Xiao Qi gasped on the other end of the line.

    “Do you know him?” Chen Fan asked curiously

    “Yes, I will be there in ten minutes.” Xiao Qi hurried a reply, “Tell Zhou Tianhao to keep his pants on; I will be there right away.”

    Chen Fan hung up the phone and was confused by the Xiao Qi’s last few words.

    It sounded as if Xiao Qi was not only an acquaintance of Zhou Tianhao, but the two also seemed to have a special connection.

    Since Xiao Qi knew Zhou Tianhao, it made Chen Fan hesitate to do away with his problem there and then; therefore, he decided to wait until Xiao Qi was here.

    Zhou Tianhao watched as Chen Fan finished the phone call. He didn’t interrupt the boy thinking there was no need to do so. Seeing that the boy had hung up his mobile phone, he finally spoke with a smug smile on his face, “Well, did you find any helper? ”

    “Go on; I will not interrupt you. Why don’t you call everyone you know and see who would come to your rescue?”

    “Well, this friend of mine said that he would be here in ten minutes. He told you to keep—to wait for him” Chen Fan was going to repeat Xiao Chen’s words, but then thought better of it.

    It was all for the better if Xiao Qi could solve this problem since Chen Fan was not ready to reveal his real power yet.

    “Let me wait?” Zhou Tianhao said incredulously. He nodded with his jaw tightened, and then he said, “Ok, I will wait for ten minutes.

    “I want to find out who dare cross me in the Chu Zhou City.”

    And then they waited; no one spoke a word, dragging out the silence.

    Chen Fan felt that the quietness in the room was similar to the stifled air before a violent summer downpour. Anger mounted inside of Zhou Tianhao by the second.

    In less than ten minutes, they heard a loud commotion coming from outside of the door.

    Everyone turned toward the entrance, and they saw a fit young man stormed into the room.

    He cast around the Imperial Hall with a placid expression. Afterward, he walked to Chen Fan and greeted him respectfully

    “Mr. Chen, are you okay? Did they hurt you?”

    “In their dreams.” Chen Fan cracked a smile and then shook his head.

    “That’s what I thought. I apologize Mr. Chen. I didn’t mean to undermine your strength.” The young man cracked a smile awkwardly and said. He wrenched his head toward the group of people sitting on the sofa and shouted, “Zhou Tianhao! Are you out of your mind?”

    Zhou Tinghao’s face paled as soon as he realized who the young man was. Hearing Xiao Qi’s hot castigation, he jumped out of the sofa and fumbled a reply:” Brother-Qi, how-how, are you doing?”

    Zhou Tianhao reckoned that this young man was the bodyguard of the old Don: Mr.Wei.

    Xiao Qi sneer at Zhou Tianhao and then answered sarcastically, “I could be better if you didn’t threaten the Old Man’s friend! ”

    “Fri-friend? You mean, this boy is Don’s friend?” Zhou Tianhao looked incredulously at Chen Fan and then back at Xiao Qi.

    The old Don was almost eighty years old. How could he be friends with a sixteen-years-old kid?

    “The Old Man asked me to bring him to the banquet we have prepared for him. I have my car parked downstairs.” Xiao Qiyin said, “Are you questioning me?”

    “No-no, not at all!” Zhou Tianhao was already drenched in cold sweat. He knew that the old Audi A6 belonged to the Old Man. It was the first thing he bought after he earned the first pot of gold many years ago. Since it holds a special meaning to the Old Man, he only used it on special occasions. Also, the Old Man rarely asked his personal bodyguard to give anyone a ride unless the guest was of significance to him.

    Finally, realization dawned upon Zhou Tianhao: he was messing with the wrong guy. He looked at Chen Fan sheepishly and then said with a pleading voice.

    “I didn’t know you are the Old Man’s guest. Stupid me! I sincerely apologize.”

    The other guests in the room were stunned by the turn of the event. It was such a surreal scene: the big boss of the city apologized to a 16-year-old no account boy.

    They wagered that the boy had to come from an extremely powerful family. Otherwise, Zhou Tianhao would not be so afraid of him.

    Seeing the combat suit that Xiao Qi was wearing, everyone kept their silence and dared not to speak a word out loud.

    Sister Rouge felt her heart swell in the chest as her body was almost paralyzed by fear.

    She had been thinking about calling Zhou Tianhao’s boss if the situation got out of control, but never had she expected Zhou Tianhao’s employer to show up unasked-for.

    “What a mess! Who would have thought that this kid knew the Old Man Wei?”

    Hearing Zhou Tianhao’s apology, Chen Fan frowned his brows. It occurred to him that he had underestimated the authority of the Old Man.

    What a mysterious old gentleman!

    “Mr. Chen, what do you want me to do with this guy?” Xiao Qi asked circumspectly.

    Xiao Qi didn’t want this matter to escalate further, and therefore he had chastised Zhou Tianhao in order to placate Chen Fan. If he really wanted Zhou Tianhao dead, he could have done it swiftly and quietly. However, since Zhou Tianhao also worked for the Old Man and therefore Xiao Qi tried to protect him without siding with him.

    Xiao Qi’s intention didn’t escape Chen Fan. He thought for a second and then said:” Since we all know each other, let’s just let the matter rest.”

    After all, Zhou Tianhao did not harm him. Instead, It was he who had wounded one of his men.

    Chen Fan turned to Zhou Tianhao and said, “This is a misunderstanding, let’s just call it off. But I don’t want you to harass those girls. If I have hurt your feelings, we can sort it out between you and me.”

    “Yes, yes. I will never touch those girls. I promise!” Zhou Tianhao apologized as sweat ran down from his forehead.

    After Chen Fan had left with Xiao Qi, Zhou Tianhao finally heaved a sigh of relief and was able to straighten up his back.

    The fat man who was the instigator of this ordeal finally braved a question, “Zhou Tianhao, what just happened?”

    Zhou Tianhao shook his head with a wry smile.”Boss Zhang, I am sorry, but I really can’t help you this time.”

    The fat man’s shiny forehead puckered as he asked, “Who is that kid? Why are you so afraid of him?”

    Zhou Tianhao did not speak; he looked around him and then glanced at Sister Rouge.

    Sister Rouge picked up the cue, and she ordered everyone else to leave the room until only four were left in the room: the fat man, Zhou Tianhao, Sister Rouge and another girl in a white dress.

    Zhou Tianhao sat on the sofa and sipped a cup of red wine poured by the Sister Rouge. It took him a while to gather himself and then he said slowly, “I don’t know who that kid is. But I know the person who came for him. He works for my boss’s boss.”

    “Oh? May I ask which family did he came from” The fat man asked curiously.

    Zhou Tianhao paused a few cautious moments and then said, “Wei family.”

    “Wei Family?” The fat man murmured to himself, and then suddenly he seemed to remember something:

    “The Wei Family of the North Bank? The mighty martial family?”

    “That’s right.” Zhou Tianhao nodded and smiled wryly. “That young man who I called ‘Brother Qi ‘ was the Old Man’s personal bodyguard. I have only met him twice.”

    As reality set in, the fat man felt that his hair stood on its ends.

    The Wei Family of the North Bank was a powerful family that hailed from the Hu Dong Province. Their money was old, and so was their family history. He was just an overnight-rich from a small coal-mining village in Shanxi Province. Even the thought of meeting a member of the powerful family gave him the chills.

    The fat man had never been so scared while he was out and about in another province. He could always run back to his hometown. However, the Wei Family’s power extended all the way to his home province. There was nowhere he could run.

    “Shit!” The fat man cursed.