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Chapter 11 - Zhou Tianhao

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 11: Zhou Tianhao

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    “Fuck! I was out there taking a leak, and I saw this damn hot bitch.” The middle-aged man collapsed into the sofa and poured himself a glass of wine.

    “I think to myself, “hey, what a piece of nice young meat,” so I went for it. I was just going to say hi and what not, but guess what? She slapped me in the face! And then her pretty boy came over and kicked me hard. That prick told me his name was Ding Junfei, never heard of him before.”

    “Ding Junfei? Isn’t he with that group of youngsters in the Queen’s Hall?” Sister Rouge put in.

    “Yea, that sounds right. He said he was in the Queen’s Hall. He is fucking full of himself, that one.” The fat man ranted.

    Zhou Tianhao furrowed his brows and looked to Sister Rouge sitting next to him, “Do you know him?”

    “I know of him. He used to be one of the regulars. His dad had a small factory, owns a few dozen million of assets.” Sister Rouge crossed her long legs and puffed a cloud of smoke.

    Zhou Tianhao pondered a moment and then said with a half smile, “Bring him to me.”

    When Yang Chao and his friends made it to the Emperor’s Hall, They were astonished by Zhou Tianhao’s impressive entourage. There was an imperious demeanor in this man that suggested that he was a force to be reckoned with. That being said, almost everyone with Yang Chao came from a powerful and wealthy family, so they were unfazed by the man’s overbearing stare.

    “Mister, I have heard that you are looking for my brother Xiao Fei?” Yang Chao said with as much calm as he could muster..

    “Yes, but who are you?” Zhou Tianhao was amused by the group of children playing adults.

    “My name is Yang Chao. My dad is Yang Yifan of the Tiansheng Hotel. You have my sincere apologies if my friends offended you earlier.” Yang Chao said.

    “Yang Yifan?” Zhou Tianhao snorted.

    “Even your dad will have to bow to me if he were here. So why should I forgive you?”

    “You are?” Yang Chao’s face paled.

    “Why didn’t you ask who I am when your friend beat up my guest? ” Zhou Tianhao sneered.

    Yang Chao’s friends were playboys and valley girls who had never the grittiness of life. They were sons and daughters of the businessman who had to bow to Zhou Tianhao just to make a living.

    Yang Chao swallowed hard and looked at his friends around him; to his dismay, he saw only fear in their eyes.

    When he heard the man’s name: ‘Zhou Tianhao,’ he knew it wouldn’t end well for him if he didn’t tread carefully from here on. He had heard of the name before and what he had heard when that name was spoken frightened him right now. None of his friends stood up with him, so he had to carry on alone.

    “Mister Zhou. I am sorry for what my brother had done to your guest. I sincerely apologize.”

    “Fine, I have met your father a couple of times, so I will let the matter rest.” Zhou Tianhao said with a sly smile.

    Before a smile broke over Yang Chao’s face, Zhou Tianhao said, “I can let you leave, but those two hotties will have to stay.”