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Chapter 10 - KTV

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 10: KTV

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    Yang Chao lifted the wine glass and said, “Brother Chen, how do you like this venue?”

    “He is from Si Shui County. How would he be interested in our little squalid venue in the Chu Zhou City?” Jun Shao jested sarcastically.

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows and put down his glass. His lips thinned into a smile.

    “Yang Chao, are you looking for trouble?”

    “How dare I! You are the boss here, just crash our party and eat and drink.” Yang Chao said sarcastically.

    “Drop it!” Jiang Churan glared at Chen Fan and turned to Yang Chao. “Today is your sweetheart’s birthday, can you please watch your mouth?”

    “Fine, fine, I will stop, madam.” Yang Chao raised his hands above his head.

    After a while, Jun Shao’s pretty girlfriend said she wanted to use the washroom.

    She didn’t know a lot of people at the party since most of them were her boyfriend’s friends. However, In order to impress everyone, she had put on her sexiest club dress and had spent hours in front of the mirror putting on makeup.

    As soon as she walked out of the washroom, someone put a hand at the nape of her neck. Frightened, She screamed loudly.

    Jun Shao was just outside, waiting for his girlfriend. Hearing the scream, he rushed to the girl immediately.

    He saw a fat middle-aged man pulling his girlfriend’s hair with one hand, and he slapped her face with the other. “Stupid bitch! Who do you think you are? How dare you slap me!”

    Jun Shao’s real name was Ding Junfei, and his father ran a clothing factory and was a very resourceful and well-connected businessman.

    For most of the time, he and Yang Chao had never met any real troubles since most people knew to stay as far from them as possible. The sight of his girlfriend being attacked made him bursting with anger. He rushed to the middle-aged man and kicked him, sending the latter reeling back and fell to the ground.

    “To hell with you, fat ass pig head!.” Jun Shao stomped on the head of the fallen man.

    The plump middle-aged man struggled to his feet and shouted, “Who are you, boy? Tell me your name; I will make you pay for this!”

    “Name is Ding Junfei; I am in the Queen’s Hall. Come find me if you dare!”

    Ding Junfei felt lighthearted after having avenged his girlfriend. He took his girl’s hand and started back to the Queen’s Hall.

    When Jun Shao got back to his friends, he was surrounded by his friends asking what the commotion was about. He plastered on a nonchalant look and then said, “A fat pig had his hand on my girl, Xiao Xin. His accent was from the western side of Jin Province. I kicked his fat ass before he could run away.”

    Xiao Xin was his new girlfriend. He was extra protective of her while the flame of new love’s passion was still hot inside of him.

    “That’s badass!” A friend next to him punched him in the chest. The comment sent Ding Junfei’s ego high above the clouds.

    “It’s better to be careful. We are not on our own turf. We could end up with a hot mess in our hands.” A rich child warned everyone.

    “Touche. We are almost done here, anyway; let’s move.” Jiang Churan got up and willed everyone else to do the same.

    Like many girls, she hated troubles.

    “What are you so afraid of? Yang Chao’s dad can get us out of any shit. His dad owns a five-star hotel. That shit isn’t for show, you know.” Zhang Yumeng held onto Jiang Churan’s waist and said proudly.

    Yang Chao smiled, also proud of his father’s resourcefulness.

    He held up the glass and said, “There’s nothing to be afraid of! There are so many of us here, anyway. Come on; let’s party!”

    Everyone loosened up a bit after hearing Yang Chao’s reassurance. They raised their cups for a toast. Seeing that no one wanted to leave, Jiang Churan simply stood there and was not sure what to do.

    This was a group of spoiled rich brats who had never been denied anything. Fueled by alcohol and hormones, they quickly forgot about the incident and started partying like there was no tomorrow.

    Chen Fan furrowed his bows as he finally remembered the incident he had heard anecdotally during his past life.

    He had heard that Ding Junfei had ticked off the wrong guy and had to learn his lesson the hard way. It had to be that fat man he had just ruffled feather with. He reckoned that he should leave with Jiang Churan as soon as possible before the matter spiraled out of control.

    He stood up and said, “Ran-ran, It’s getting late, Auntie Tang is waiting for us at home. Should we head back?”

    Hearing this, Zhang Yumeng’s face suddenly hardened. “What do you mean? Do you want to take Ran-ran away? My birthday party hasn’t started yet!”

    “Who the heck are you? Why are you so controlling ” Another girl piped up.

    Yang Chao shook his head and grunted, “Hey-Man, that’s lame. Am I not being a good host to you? Well, the door is right there if you want to leave. But she is not going with you unless she wanted to.”

    Yang Chao had put Jiang Churan on the spot, forcing her to choose between Chen Fan and all of her friends. She soon felt everyone, including Chen Fan’s eyes, fell on her.

    Jiang Churan cursed in her mind, but her choice was clear. After all, she was not going to ditch all of her best friends for someone who she barely knew.

    After some awkward moments, a faint smile finally broke over her frowning face, “Of course I will stay with you guys.”

    Then, she turned around and gave Chen Fan a sidelong glance. “Please let my mom know that I will be late when you get back.”

    She had made her decision, and Chen Fan knew he wouldn’t be able to change her mind.

    Zhang Yumeng slapped Jiang Churan’s shoulder and gave her a hug. She kissed her on the cheek and cheered, “I love you, bitch!”

    Zhang Yumeng then gave Chen Fan a contemptuous glare, “What are you waiting for? Do you want me to point you to the door?”

    Zhang Yumeng’s scathing words had made everyone burst out laughing. They sneered at the dorky loser who dare rise up to challenge the popular kids.

    “No one wants you here, dork! Even Jiang Churan had ditched you. Get out!”

    Xu Rongfei nudged Jiang Churan’s elbow, but the latter wasn’t going to change her mind.

    Jiang Churan would be lying if she said she didn’t feel the slightest remorse for Chen Fan. However, if she changed her mind and left with Chen Fan, Zhang Yumeng and Yang Chao would never forgive her for it. She knew that staying was her only choice.

    Chen Fan stood still amidst the jeers and sneers. He shook his head in resignation.

    It is what it is; he can’t fix stupid.

    Even as he was about to turn around and head for the exit, he felt a strange sensation inside of him, so he paused. The feeling was a mixture of curiosity and satisfaction.

    “what the heck, I am already here anyways. Might as well figure out what will happen to them.” He thought to himself.

    Meanwhile, the middle-aged man pushed opened the door of the emperor’s hall; he was panting heavily and bursting with anger.

    The Imperial Hall was spacious with luxurious interiors: Persian Carpet, 60inch LED TV and Italian leather sofas.

    Sitting in the middle of the sofa was a man in a suit.

    Everyone else sat around the man in a suit; it was evident that he was the center of power and wealth in this room.

    The man in the suit was startled when the fat middle age man stormed into the room.

    “Boss Zhang, what the hell is going on?”